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June 24, 2015

Dear Glenn Greenwald

Would the Intercept be interested in writing an article about Hampstead Research?

We are a leaderless internet campaign that has sprung up in support of two children from Hampstead, London UK. The children allege that their father is the head of a large cult that is operating through the local schools and churches: he and others are sexually abusing them and other children and trafficking babies internationally for ritual slaughter and blood drinking.

The children’s video testimony and the names of addresses of alleged cult members were leaked onto the internet. The testimony is so compelling that nearly everybody who watches them believes it. It can be viewed here:

Hampstead research is conducting what might be called a “concerned citizens’ investigation”; hundreds of people from all over the world are digging out evidence to substantiate the children’s allegations (such as possible proof that their father was sharing child sex abuse videos online) and sharing this and much more via a WordPress blog.

The children’s loving mother and her partner are in hiding overseas and a previous member of their legal team is also in hiding in Germany, being framed by the UK police and judiciary.

Of possible interest to Intercept is the extreme trolling Hampstead Research has generated. Trolls have hacked the email address of the administrator of the blog and passed it on to alleged cult members (we believe they were passed the email address by an insider at the BBC). They are sharing details of her private life on the internet. This has been reported to the police; still the online harassment continues.

Evidence has been collected that the trolls are watching child sex abuse videos; this has also been reported to the police.

One of the alleged cult members, who could only have been passed the administrator’s private email address by the trolls, emailed her by accident from work, thus strongly suggesting that the UK government’s leading PR Agency, Munro and Forster, is also involved in the cult. A few hours after Munro & Forster were contacted about the childrens’ allegations, they shut their website down “for re-designing”.

The trolls have started a counter-blog (Hoaxstead Research) from which much of the online harassment is dispensed. They are using fake Twitter accounts and YouTube channels and are at work in the online forums – a hugely expensive and time-consuming disinfo campaign is at play.

All this has led to Hampstead Research supporters setting up a counter-troll site;

We believe that this is the first time in history that this phenomenon has occurred: an article about Hampstead Research by Intercept could be considered a genuine exclusive.

I hope you will consider passing this lead to one of your editors. Thank you,

Jacqui Farmer

(Blog Administrator, Hampstead Research)

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