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~Halfway Back to the Beginning~ -- Draco (part one)

~Halfway Back to the Beginning~ -- Draco (part one)

~Some have said your writer was not raised by the Illuminati. Rather he was raised by dragons.  Draco and another family of Dragons.~

The Draco will be the focus here.

There is a king. Two princes. Many queens.

There are white Royals. Red and green and various shades and mixtures of those make up the rest.

At the top of them all is the King. Anu.

He had many sons.  Two are known to you surely, as Enki and Enlil.

 - Your writer will not be typing their names again.  Take what you know about them (one cared for us, one did not) and reverse the names as you've learned them. Please. -

Your writer is quite sure what he will say next will upset many and cause others to start ranting.  Your writer will be told he has his facts wrong and such.  He welcomes this.  It could only hurt his feelings if he was incorrect.

The Draco have lived on this planet before us.

You may take a minute if you need..

Albeit a much different planet than it is now, as much has occurred since then, The Draco were brought up on this planet.  As is often the case they lived parallel to another race which was evolving at the same time and as is always the case,  there were other races - at a different stage in their evolution - who were making a mess of this planet.

As a result of that mess, the Draco felt the need to abandon ship.  They received some help in removing several of their kind off of the planet, catching a lift on a moon which was orbiting nearby, at the time.

From there, with some technology advice and help from an older race the Draco built up their own culture and civilization and quickly became able to travel to other planets on their own and with great and powerful technology.  Eventually learning to exist without the assistance of the race that had assisted them.

They waged wars. Established colonies. Began traveling far from their home to seek resources of various kinds.

Quickly they became one of the most powerful races in their area of this galaxy. Expanding and taking what they wanted.

After some time what they wanted was Earth.

At the time they arrived humans were in a highly traumatized state having witnessed a vast amount of destruction in their skies and on their planet.   There were not many, but they were desperate for help.

Humanity had an appointed a group formed long before this time, who had survived and were still the appointed leaders of humanity.

When the Draco arrived they offered a deal.  They would help humans, and humans would give them the planet. (Skipping some terms and conditions for now)  That simple.  No one laid claim to this planet besides humanity.  This appointed group given the power of this claim, and in light of their weakness,  gave their power and this planet away to another.  The Draco.

Perhaps this group and the humans of earth at the time did not understand what they were giving away.  Mirrored in not understanding what we are giving away when we sign many contracts in society.  The reality is that humans were faced with standing on their own, or being carried by another, and they made the easier choice.

They were not, however, carried by another.  They were forced to crawl.  The choice was already made.

Today we all live with this choice we would never make today.


For a while the Draco gave us things we desired and a large civilization full of wonderful technology and comfort.

Draco are continually at war with someone.  One of their enemies attacked them here on this planet, causing the destruction of this comfortable civilization we knew.

The Draco simply started again, this time deciding to take a new approach.

To be as direct as possible: They decided to turn our planet into their own energy source.  Not the type of energy that powers their technologies but energies that power them as living beings.  We call this "loosh" energy (spelling will vary) which is basically a form of spiritual energy that living beings produce with their vibration.  Your writer should not have to explain these principals to you readers.

Genetic experiments began, mixing various DNA with humans, trying to create a race that would be able to generate this energy without being aware of it.  That was the hope anyway.

What's more is they went on to create a group (The Parents > Covens > Illuminati) who would be charged with forming and maintaining a civilization that ensures the ultimate levels of this energy is created while also ensuring the batteries do not find out they are batteries.

The energy they steal is not all.  They can also feed on humans in a more traditional way.  Food.  This planet is full of resources both physical and energetic they can also use as they will.

Oh, and they have the absolute funnest pets.  The best reality TV shows.  All the action and drama they could need.  A major trophy for their mantle.  A very valuable bargaining tool.

They have used us as slaves in every conceivable way.  They have furthered the trauma we have already suffered over and over again.  From the physical trauma to the abandonment complexes that have ingrained themselves in our psyche.

They have kept us on a very short leash all the while continuing with other business all over this part of the Galaxy.

Why haven't they been stopped?

Unfortunately no one besides us have the right to stop them.  Their violations of free will and natural laws are handled by the universe not a galactic police force or legal system.  In those courts what they are doing with this planet would be considered frowned upon but still technically legal.

Gaia, the universe, and humanity all disagree. All have taken steps to correct what has occurred.  This rhythm will stop the flow and change the direction of the waters. 

Gaia has sent us her love and reminders.

The universe has enacted its karmic results which are never predictable.

Together they have given us an open window to look through.  Soon they will open doors and we will make a choice.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on June 27, 2015 at 2:07pm

The Elders (Part One)

Due to not having a proper name to use for this group, your writer has decided to create one.  So, we will can this group The Elders.  He has called them The Oldest Ones in the past but this isn't true, as they are not the oldest anything.

Oral tradition is ancient and still the most commonly used way of recording and passing along history.

Some groups and even some entire races exist to experience and witness history unfold on various planets, during various times, for many different reasons.

Some writings are done.  Often in such a way that they are not obviously historical accounts.  Most of the time, these writings appear written as one would write a fictional story and not in the style we traditionally write our history.   The writings are usually created for the groups membership, to share experiences between themselves.  The true history is retold by those who live through it, when required or deemed useful.

When Atlantis arrived and the beings inside of it began to share their culture and create their first city, they also created a group for this purpose of witnessing history.  The group they created are the group we will call Elders.

The Elders were selected by the Captain of Atlantis and eventually the acting Queens as time went on.  Those selected for this group were chosen from the Human population of the time.  They were all taught a singular method for prolonging their physical lives which they kept secret amongst them.  They were meant to live through the rest of human history and witness all events as they happen.  For the purpose of experiencing new occurrences and sharing them with future generations of humanity.

Thirteen were made in total, but the number of members the group was meant to maintain was eleven.  Nine still exist to this day.

During the time of Atlantis they would travel everywhere they could, talking to people, lurking in popular places.  Witnessing and sharing with others what they know and had learned.  They spread the teachings of the Atlantian culture far and wide for those who wanted to learn them.

They also acted as a sort of council who the Atlantian Queen would share ideas for furthering  the culture with.  The Elders became representatives of humanity, doing their best to ensure the interests of the majorities and minorities were heard by the rulers of Atlantis.  Any decisions that needed to be made would be agreed or disagreed to,  by these Elders.

When Atlantis left, and the culture was in ruin, humans turned to the Elders for guidance and leadership.  Which they attended to for a long time.

Until the Draco arrived.

It was the Elders who made the deal with the Draco.  They were acting on behalf of humanity because humanity asked them to.  They advised against the deal with the Draco but allowed humans the choice.

We can all see what choice they made.

This is not unlike the choice you will be making now.

Comment by CHRISTINA on June 20, 2015 at 1:25pm

The Beginning: At Least For Now - Atlantis (Part one)

~This is for the retired cult member readers mostly.  Most of your beliefs are based on fragmented stories that stem from the period of time this blog will focus on. You've been taught this was something it is not and most of your friends in programs think you're nuts. -in jest-  They have part of the story you do not or were taught to disbelieve. ~

This will be a quick and generalized summary.  The details that are important we will return to another time. (And you will be able to fill in yourself, you've heard all the stories) Let's first see what we can start to remember:

Atlantis was the name of a ship.  A space craft, that arrived on Earth.  There are different date ranges, most believe this was about 150,000 years ago.  (Strong second opinion seems to be 300,000 years - doesn't matter - a long time ago.)

This craft was the size of a large city and several stories high.  It was home to a very diverse mix of beings.  They had traveled very far, how far exactly is debated.  The occupants came from various planets along the path this craft had taken through the Galaxy.  The majority came from the same planet, which they claimed was destroyed, and also called Atlantis.  (Although this claim was found to be false, the true planet is also debated.)

What is known for sure is this craft landed and the beings inside decided to stay, introducing themselves to the various races (mostly humans) living on this planet at the time.  The craft Atlantis would become the city of Atlantis and the culture of Atlantis.  In the end it would again be known as a city.  (many researchers have guessed at this already)

These humans would seem primitive to some perhaps, living very simply and off of the land. They were however very in tune with the planet and themselves.  Enjoying several psychic abilities and strong intuition. They could actively communicate with the flora and fauna of this planet.   Full of grace.  This version of humanity enjoyed long happy lives unconcerned with anything else out in space. (Not to say there were no other visitors who used the planet during their time, just that they were unaware of, or have forgotten, or paid little mind to these things)

Until Atlantis arrived and changed everything.

The beings aboard the craft who we will call Atlantians were very technologically advanced whereas the beings on this planet at the time lived in harmony with nature.  The Atlantians began to replace the common practices of humans with technological substitutes. (They did so without the blessing of the many of the beings living here at the time however.)  For thousands upon thousands of years this planet became a technological marvel mixed with much spiritual understanding.  Harmony between the two was achieved but this balanceseems to rarely last long.

Competition grew between human groups and resentment between Atlantians and Humans.  This society spawned various classes of citizen and the power of the elite classes developed into a lopsided structure not unlike what we see today.  Powers abused and slaves created.  The culture fell out of balance and corruption took hold.

Some lived outside of this civilization with the non human beings on the planet.  Some (re)formed a second, and third independent civilization which either rejected the technology and chose to stick to the "old ways" of living, or decided instead to use little technology along with their old ways.

Wars broke out on the planet between different groups and all of this action caught the attention of other races nearby. (This was all very complicated and dramatic so we will skip the details.)  The Atlantians were recognized by some passing by and word returned to where they came from.

The Atlantians were running away from a broken and dying world.  Also running from some very powerful enemies.  The noise made on earth, found its way to the ears of this enemy, who made an attack on the Atlantians here on earth.

A war developed which involved not just our planet, not just Atlantians and humans, but also beings on nearby planets. (Much more complicated and much more dramatic)

This battle destroyed an entire planet, and all life on another.  Badly damaged bases on moons and the refugees of all of this destruction ended up either departing the solar system, or on earth.

Mid-war,   Atlantis left.  Abandoning the civilization they had created in the wake of the damage of their war.

Our planet had to respond to the damage done to her and so,  great changes occurred.

Humans and the refugees of other races were left with a badly damaged and wobbling planet.  Water fell from the sky,  followed by fire.  Even the Sun responded with vicious force.  The technology most had come to depend on was destroyed or unusable.  -Some humans and some groups from the other races as well, were removed from the damage, and taken elsewhere, but that is another story entirely.  One that repeats very often.-

For hundreds of years humans and other beings who remained on earth existed in this traumatized state. Constantly adjusting and adapting to the changing planet as she attempted to heal from the wounds inflicted. Generations went by and oral traditions were all we had to preserve the history of events.  Groups of humans and other races spread out to all the areas they could live, often trying to get as far away from each other as possible.

Enough time passed that most of this history -  was lost.  Broken up into fragments.  The perfect situation for another advanced race to exploit.

This is when the Draco returned.

~Do not believe, consider.  Remember and know what is already a part of you~
Comment by CHRISTINA on June 20, 2015 at 4:27am

Draco (Part Two)

The Draco steal energy.  All types.  We all know love is more powerful than fear.  They do too.  They would feed on this type of energy, not for physical sustenance, but to feed their spirit.

What they use this energy for is actually multiple purposes, and this type of energy is a commodity in our galaxy for several reasons as well.  Not the least of which is that it makes them feel good, and powerful.  Just like drinking in cosmic energy does for us, or the same way a psychic vampire would when they manipulate fellow humans.  It makes the attacker feel stronger and the one attacked feel weaker, which allows for all sorts of advantages to be taken.

As a side effect, they FEEL the emotional signature too. This has caused some to change their minds on many things.  One such thing,  is us.

They do not have the heart to rectify their mistakes.  They do have the mind to know when to let something go.  The will to turn their backs.

For those wondering the Illuminati are absolutely thrilled by this.  They have for several years now built themselves up to a point where (they believe) they don't need the Draco at all.  That they can do a much better job of running planet Earth.   The Parents have a party planned for when the last of those leaving fade into the distance.  The fewer "not human" beings around, the better, in their mind.

An aside from your writer:  "Balls bigger than Brains" is exactly how the parents are more like them, and less like us.

These Draco have a special kind of arrogance.  They love to lie, just to see if we can tell.  They also love to rewrite history and paint themselves as the Hero.  Claiming the deeds of others to gain the glory, and then turning around and diminishing the events of history in order to cloud the past and demonize their enemies.  Illusions and impersonations.

What does this mean?  A being rises above the crowd and reminds humanity of the power they have.  The people remember.  The Draco then step in as a mask of the same being who had reminded us, and corrupt that message.  Oh, and they freaking wrote history as we know it today.  Straight across the board.  Yes, the truth is all there, spread far too thin over countless sources.  This is where the very fact that you already know everything you need  to somewhere inside of you comes in.   Remember.  Trust yourself and focus on commonalities.

They have played every character at some point,  if only just enough to distort texts and oral traditions.

Anu has even done this with his own parents to a point where all across our part of the Galaxy, records of them have been distorted beyond understanding.  He has even been known to tell some he created himself, he was the first, and born to lead his race.  All lies.

Their structure is equally distorted even amongst themselves.  Cultists know all about this.  The "Ranks" are part of their military structure and this is what humanity knows the best.  The Draco military encompasses everything operational much like the Illuminati have done for them, acting as the representative of beings above them.

Their Royalty, are mainly females, with the level beneath them being male Royals who run their military operations.

So this is not confused, all of their physical operations are considered part of their Military(not writing the Draco word for this - it basically equates to our military structures).  This is intelligence, science, force, exploration, or anything in between.  The point?  This is what most of you have seen.

Above these lower level Queens are the (reptilian equivalent of) Queen Mothers.  (Sound familiar?)

The King has his own staff, so to speak.  He will create beings to act on his behalf.  He also has some sons, two of which you know quite well.  He had three daughters, who have no titles in our world.

He makes all decisions, and he is well respected, despised, loved, feared and envied.  In this part of the Galaxy he is one of the strongest individuals and his acts have been terrible since his own birth.

The Draco are one of the most influential races in this part of the Galaxy, and are very active even beyond.  There are three main races who represent the governance of this area, and they are one.

What they have done here, they have done other places too.  Believe it or not, your choice, but, they do worse.  They also do better, although the foundation of control always seems to remain.

There is a method to their madness of stealing energy from developing races and generally f#*king with their very development.   Nothing excuses their actions.  Why they are allowed to continue is beyond your writer.  Many other races do see this as "part of the universe". It seems, none of our ET brothers or sisters have it all figured out either folks.  It's all backwards and makes no sense.

A change in opinion has occurred over the past several hundred years.  When they change their opinion they often change their path.  The changed opinion, is of us.

The Draco have finally proven to themselves that their soul exists.  We will continue when your internal dialog with your writer regarding that statement concludes.  As this is why they will not be focused on us anymore.  Their farming will continue elsewhere but for now, here, it will end.

~Respect, is their current word for understanding and appreciation of someone or something.~

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