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The Planet and The World

For us to communicate effectively, we need to make sure we understand the terms we're using in the same way. For our expanding Consciousness, an expanded vocabulary is extremely useful in communication. I'm going to give you what may be new ways of looking at the words planet and world, though the ways I'm using them aren't necessarily outside of the dictionary's boundaries. Usually, people don't consider any difference between the Planet and the world, and use the terms interchangeably, but let's really look at what people mean.

Now, imagine a map of the world. It's got the natural boundaries of the oceans and the land, but it's also got something you wont find on the actual Planet, lines dividing up the map and the names of the places. The world contains different nations, different states, different seas, and different oceans. Everything divided up and categorized so people can believe they understand it. Now think of an image of the Planet taken from space. Looks a lot different from the map of the world, doesn't it? First, there aren't lines on the Planet dividing up the land telling people who owns what. Nor are the lands and the oceans named, they simply are. And the really big difference between the Planet and the world is that the Planet is a sphere, while the world is flat. The world is something you can transcribe onto a flat piece of paper, you can't really do that with the Planet.

This may not seem very important to most people, yet this difference is enormous. It means the world doesn't really exist, while the Planet does. It's a simple fact that people's view of the world can vary greatly. There are still many countries that don't agree on the names of the countries, where the boundaries between countries should be drawn, or whether certain other countries exist at all . The variables that make up the world aren't even agreed upon by the people who make up the world, yet how can a person deny what makes up the Planet? Really, just about every person on this Planet lives within a different world, yet we're all together on the same Planet.

The world of a homeless man on the street varies greatly from the world of a millionaire CEO. Yet the Planet they live upon is still the same. The world is only an illusion people project upon the Planet. They even try to alter the Planet, putting up things like fences, trying to bend the Planet to fit their image of the world. Yet the Planet is still beautiful and free, while the world can be a very ugly thing. The world divides, while we're all here together on the Planet. People can each have their own world, yet the Planet we all share together. In the world you can be totally alone even though you're surrounded by people. The world can be hell, the Planet is Heaven. The Planet is a Living Consciousness, the world is dead.

In the world there's wars, terrorism, corporations, and television. The Planet has different seasons. Who's to say the beauty of the aspen's golden hues in the fall is any less important than the Dow Jones Industrial Average? There's the difference between the Planet and the world. The stock market is chaos, the world is chaos, the Planet is sublime peace. The world tries to deny the validity of the Planet, the Planet can't even see the world. The world doesn't really exist, it's an illusion in people's minds. They try to hold onto the Planet within their illusions and miss the Planet altogether. When people let go of the world, they'll realize their Oneness with the Planet, and the rest of Creation for that matter.

Will, Mother & Father God

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Comment by Simmy on January 31, 2010 at 12:34pm
So true! Thanks Will.
Comment by Trudy on January 29, 2010 at 4:12pm
Well spoken, you put in words what lives in our minds ...
Thank You Will

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