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Psychic Attacks

Okay first, the basic definition of a psychic attack, sending negative energy at another person. This is supposed to be the realm of witches, voodoo, and black magicians yet it's really quite common in most people's everyday lives. In fact, every time you judge another person, every time you get angry at another person, every time you hate another, it's a psychic attack against that person. Aren't these things all sending negative thoughts at another person? Psychic attacks are supposed to be something done secretly, but how much worse is it when you actually tell another person things like they're worthless or you hate them? In abusive and controlling relationships, there's an energy exchange just as destructive, if not more destructive, than what's usually considered a psychic attack.

In so many jobs the manager tries to dominate the employees and the employees resent the manager for it. It's psychic warfare in every sense of the word, and both parties succeed in dragging each other down. People are often concerned with some negative entities or demons going after them, yet they barely acknowledge the wars raging within their “normal” lives that are far more damaging, and real. A preacher may give his fears away to his followers, and yet the people blame Satan for making them afraid. The most effective psychic attack is to spread your fears to another person, and yet when a parent does this to a child, as nearly every parent does, it's not considered a psychic attack at all.

There's a war raging in the collective unconsciousness just as bad as the physical wars. In fact, the physical wars are just a manifestation of this psychic warfare. How could there be any wars between countries if there wasn't fear and hatred running rampant behind the scenes? The psychic warfare may not kill people physically, but it certainly kills them spiritually. It kills their love of Life and without that people might as well be physically dead, they aren't really Living.

Yet there are no victims here. Everything you do to another, you do to yourself as well. You can't hate another without having that same hate present within yourself. So the victimizers are really the victims as well, which means neither really exists, except the Being within. The hurt people cause each other is only within you if you accept it. When you see there are no victims, you stop being a victim, and you see that nothing outside of yourself can harm you. When you're Present within yourself, you're Conscious of what's moving around your energy field and then why would you make another's negativity your own?

Will, Mother & Father God

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Comment by Trudy on February 2, 2010 at 6:33pm
Do not walk in the shoes of the one who's suffered ... if your heart is free of blemishes ... watch the suffering ... they are no promises of an easy way to go for the relief of your being ... Be the survivor by each breath you take ... in true belief of a humble relief that you can lead them the way ... the way to your heart ... an open place without any smart ...
Comment by Will on February 2, 2010 at 5:30pm
Perhaps you mean something else by "fight", but it certainly implies some sort of struggle and strife, which is at the core of why people see themselves as "victims".
Comment by Will on February 2, 2010 at 5:29pm
There's plenty of examples of people who are very much in the victim-consciousness even though they "fight back". Take Palestine and Israel, the fighting back has only created more victim (un)consciousness.
Comment by Will on February 1, 2010 at 5:48pm
Actually, I've experienced plenty and I know precisely what you're talking about. I've been attacked enough times it doesn't phase me anymore. I don't fight back, I just let it go and return the energy back to sender. Fighting just reinforces the anger and "dirtiness" you say you feel.

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