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The Ongoing Ascension Portal of Truth – November 11 – 21, 2014 by GEORGI STANKOV posted on NOVEMBER 17, 2014

The Ongoing Ascension Portal of Truth – November 11 – 21, 2014 by GEORGI STANKOV posted on NOVEMBER 17, 2014

Halfway through this huge portal of truth that has knocked down mos..., the light warriors of the first and the last hour, I would like to make an important clarification about what is currently happening energetically with Gaia as a multidimensional conglomerate of numerous timelines and their populations as soul fragments existing simultaneously on these various timelines.

As already reported and widely discussed by the PAT, we, the light warriors of the first wave of ascension, opened as wayshowers of humanity and active Logos Gods in a major, .... This happened when Carla and I visited the Radiant Rose Academy (RRA) in Downtown Vanc.... In a powerful alchemical reaction we opened directly with our physical presence the 4th heart chakra of the participants of the RRA, which played the function of a representative sample for the millions second wave ascending candidates in preparation for their transition to the new 4D worlds in the new Galaxy. It is important to stress that most probably none of them will ascend to 5D with us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, when the MPR will come.

Let me explain why and how the energetic situation unfolds at this present moment in the final stage of the Ascension process in this particular manner. As I have repeated on many occasions in the past, and also recently, I opened the 4th heart chakra of all light warriors of the first and last hours belonging to the PAT on November 22, 2011. Shortly thereafter their 5th throat chakra was also opened. Both chakras work together and are indispensable for the perception and expression of unconditional truth.

The heart discerns beyond any doubt what is true and what is a lie and the throat chakra works in rapid synchronicity with the heart chakra to express this truth vocally and mentally. The truth is thus a profound complex energetic manifestation of uncensored reality at the level of the incarnated human personality, where both, the fully opened 4th and 5th chakra, are involved and carry any truthful insight on the wings of unadulterated, genuine feelings.

This may be indignation or even genuine wrath, when one is confronted with the horrible crimes of the bloodthirsty ruling cabal that is regularly feeding in savage demonic rituals on the sacrifice of innocent children, as this website reports in great detail

Or it may be compassion and unconditional love for the plight of all humans. All light warriors of the first and the last hours are driven by such genuine feelings and motives when they have decided to take on their shoulders the hardships of being planetary ascension helpers and cleansers of immense dark human dross at the expense of their health and lack of any feasible quality of life. This aspect of human life of the light warriors of the first and the last hours is a leitmotif of this website, in particular in our regular energy updates.

True love and compassion can be experienced only with an open heart chakra. And here comes the greatest revelation of all for us as careful observers of the world events on the ground. Until October 29th all light workers and New Agers, who did not belong to the small and exclusive group of the PAT light warriors of the first and the last hour, had a closed 4th heart chakra. This fact was revealed to us today by the Elohim and explains the vast array of negative experiences and observations we have made with this group of derailed star seeds in the last three years and discussed in many messages and articles posted on this website. In this context I would like to make you aware of my comprehensive overview on the ten major reasons why the New Age pro....

All the stuff you have heard and read so far from these people how they discern the alleged truth from the fulcrum of their heart after they have shut down their brain and mind, as was the case at the beginning of this website when many light workers felt compelled to teach me and the PAT what “unconditional love” is, based on their unprocessed prejudices and all too naive earthly beliefs (go back to 2011 and read all our discussions on this website), were made in a state of fully closed 4th heart chakra and thus in a complete inability to discern the truth. Period! I knew this and discussed this issue, but I did not have the unequivocal proof at that time. Now I am happy to present you this proof retrospectively. Better late than never.

What does this extremely important revelation really mean? First, it explains all the painful and prolonged delays of the ascension process in these last three years due to the fact that the small selected group of star seeds that was supposed to lead humanity to ascension did not awaken and did not actively participate in the LBP, which is the drving force behind both, the personal and planetary ascension. As they were closed for the truth – in particular with respect to the full enslavement of humanity by the dark archons from the Orion /Reptilian empire – they were also unable, in a deep and honest introspection, to realize that also the whole New Age scene and most channelers were thoroughly contaminated and compromised by these dark forces. In other words they became an easy prey to the dark masters of this planet, from whom they were supposed to liberate humanity by presenting the unvarnished truth to the masses and contribute decisively to the ascension of Gaia.

This is the main and only reason why we had to wait for so long the long-expected epoch of revelations. There can be no effective revelations in this 3D reality as long as most light workers have closed 4th and 5th chakra. I will elaborate below in detail on this issue.

This is all basic esoteric knowledge that any enlightened human being should internalize these days as to understand what is happening with this planet at this very moment, and this is what we have discussed intensively and repeatedly all these years on this website. It is all there as written testimony and as a chronicle of our efforts as Planetary Ascension Team to awaken and ascend humanity.

The PAT is therefore the only group that has confronted all these truths with open hearts and minds as their 4th and 5th chakra were opened as early as 2011 and then as late as January 2012, also their left brain portal of the 6th and 7th chakra was fully opened. Some of us had opened this portal much earlier. Thus the whole group was connected to their 8th to 12th chakra of the higher I Am Presence and from there to the Source. This enabled you to become the new Logos Gods this summer and also the Guardians of the New Galaxy. To quote Jahn’s sources, never before in the history of Gaia has there been so many ascended masters with such an awesome quality on this planet, while the profound failure of most star seeds sent here to contribute to the ascension process exceeded the worst-case scenario of the HR.

The 4th and 5th chakra carry the sacred flame of ascension that consists of the pink-rose flame of love of the heart, the blue flame of divine God’s will of the 5th throat chakra of human intelligence in association with the gold Christed light of Illumination, which the PAT received in 2012 (go back and read the articles on this key process). In all light warriors of the first and the last hours, these two chakra are reinforced by the left brain portal of the 6th chakra of spirituality and the 7th chakra of divine ecstasy,through which the gold Christed light of the Source enters our bodies and multidimensional fields and builds the divine Unity mind of All-That-Is.

As I have written as early as 2000 in my book “The Evolutionary Leap fo Mankind“, all ascended masters in human body such as the PAT have fully developed a unified chakra of all seven body chakras that has in the meantime expanded multidimensionally and encompasses all 3D and 4D timelines of Gaia and since this summer the whole energetic structure of the New Golden Galaxy. In other words, the warriors of the first and the last hours have now expanded their fields to encompass numerous galaxies and even universes as Creator Gods coming from the Source.

While at the same time the second wave of ascension candidates are barely making their first baby steps in the LBP, after we activated their 4th heart chakra on October 29th and since the beginning of the portal 11.11, their 5th throat chakra, as reported by  myself last week.  Before that we anchored the angelic energies into the template of Lemuria as pa.... I hope that you can follow the red thread which I am now unwinding in front of you in order to comprehend the true relationship between you as Logos Gods and the rest of humanit....

Over the past week I had some very profound discussions with Carla about the light qualities of this particular New Age group. We both agree that, aside from their complete lack of any intellectuality and critical discernment, this group as presented by its website on the Internet lacks any true love and compassion, as this can be immediately observed and truly felt when one compares it to the love and compassion that emanates from the energy updates of the PAT or their personal reports regarding our ongoing struggle with this dire 3D reality under the constant onslaught of the interminable ascension and cleansing waves.

This is not an idle self-praise but a genuine recognition – and in my personal case with a lot of pride for your incredible achievements on behalf of Gaia and humanity – of the true sincerity of the PAT, your ability to open your hearts, minds and psyche and to share your precious experience with other people, while disregarding in a sovereign manner as Creator Gods, all the petty considerations of ill-understood privacy and Orion-tainted “political correctness”. This is unconditional love and compassion in purest form – for oneself and for all others – as young Travis has shown in a paradigmatic manner in his latest hones....

Why am I telling you all this? Because this is the energetic background, upon which you should analyse and evaluate the coming Big Events. Until now it was impossible to begin with the final revelations that will lead to the MPR and our ascension prior to it, because the 4th heart chakra and the 5th throat chakra of truth were closed in most light workers. This comparatively small fraction of the human population is however indispensable for any true and sweeping revelations as they must come in the End Time.

It is noteworthy to reiterate at this place that the vast majority of humans will remain with closed 4th and 5th chakra and will not participate actively in these revelations, but will be the victims of them. These incarnated souls will simply experience the End Time calamities as external fateful events, as a kind of God’s wrath to use a common religious concept, which will bring death experience to most of them.

None of these people is able to open to the truth as discussed on this website and fully internalize it. They are not that much evolved at the soul level as they are predominantly baby, child and young souls at the beginning of their incarnation cycle and need many more dreadful and painful experiences in full separation from the Source and their HS, before they can open to such truths as the star seeds and old souls from the second wave of ascension are capable of. Actually the latter should have started with these revelations much earlier according to their initial soul plan for the End Time.

These star seeds will be the actual carriers of these revelations at the societal level. Some of them are in the entertainment business as Jim Carrey and their popularity will help them promote these truths to the masses. Others are politicians and they will come up with their hidden truths as whistle blowers and accusers of the ruling cabal. Many journalists who are now censored by the Zionist cabal that fully control the Western MSM will emancipate themselves from the yoke of the current Orion censorship and will begin to publish true stories as many alternative journalists now do, including myself. There will be bearers of the truth in science, culture, arts, finance and in any other aspect of human and social life.

One does not need many people to trigger an avalanche of revelations in the current blind and enslaved humanity. One truth-teller among a thousand will be more than sufficient to unleash this process. During the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe, there were only a few true dissidents, but they were sufficient to trigger the abolition of this rotten system and the fall of the Iron Curtain. This is a good historical example as to what one should expect in the coming days.

And what will be the role of the PAT in this epoch of sweeping revelations? We do not need to participate actively and directly in the discovery of the truth, as we, the current Logos Gods, are the divine force that opened the 4th and 5th chakra of truth in all second wave ascension candidates, who must now fulfil their mission, for which they have incarnated on this planet. They are the second echelon of enlightenment and the fifth column within the ranks of the ruling dark cabal that will topple down this rotten system. Because they failed to participate in due time actively in the LBP and the ascension of Gaia and humanity as a result of their prolonged slumber, they will now have to compensate this omission with their fervour in revealing the truth to all other people.

Some light warriors of the first and the last hour as myself, who are active since many years as journalists and beacons of truth and light may continue contributing to this avalanche of revelations until we ascend. But altogether this is not necessarily your duty as Logos Gods to engage too much in these final 3D events. You may if you wish, but it is not a prerequisite for personal ascension, as you have already ascended.

I am telling you this in advance, so that you do not develop some stupid inferiority complexes in front of these second wavers who still carry a huge, unredeemed ego and spiritual self-esteem and may pretend to be the big revelators of humanity. They are not! The truth is that you are the Great Souls who have enabled this breakthrough from the fulcrum of your HS and you will be the Guardians of the new humanity in the Golden Galaxy. Anything else is gross misinterpretation of the truth.

The opening of the Portal of Truth (the 4th and 5th chakra) will continue till November 21 and after that anything is possible. The revelations will begin all of a sudden, like an eruption of a vulcano and will bury underneath this old order as this happened in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell within one week and the communist system collapsed for ever.

However, you must consider thereby one very important aspect of the End Time. The time of revelations will be very short and this process will not lead to a full disclosure of the truth. This is not possible within this 3d overlay of the old Orion matrix and has never been planned in this way for the End Time. The avalanche of sweeping revelations will only reach the necessary threshold of menacing the existence and power of the dark cabal, so that they resort to a major crime against humanity.

This event will then trigger the MPR as it is not planned that the dark ones will gain the upper hand in this final mortal battle. But they need to make the first fatal step in destroying this planet and humanity in a futile attempt to preserve their dwindling power, before they can be eliminated and sent to lower timelines or die in the cataclysmic events of the MPR.

We, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the PAT, will ascend shortly before that as to trigger the separation and ascension of this uppermost timeline from lower timelines and its merging with the new 4D worlds in the Golden galaxy.

Only after that the revelations will continue for those souls, who have ascended to these new 4D worlds under much more favourable conditions. This holds also true for the full opening of their 4th and 5th chakra – the sacred space of ascension which includes the pink rose flame of the heart, the blue flame of the throat chakra and the gold Christed light (threefold flame) – which will continue on these new 4D worlds. This may take some linear time – years to decades – for this second wave of ascension candidates. Their ascension will be carefully guided and coordinated by us as Logos Gods of these 4D worlds and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.


Important news: Tomorrow I will publish the Elohim message, which Carla received yesterday, that gives us more information on the ongoing Portal of Truth, November 11-21, 2014.

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Comment by Besimi on November 18, 2014 at 10:30pm

Comment by Darren 4 hours ago

Hello George!

People are waking to the fraudulent MSM owned by the Bush / Cohen cabal.

Danny Cohen head of BBC TV BBC false reporting - War Crimes by Poroshenko - Extensive war crimes in Donbass have been committed by Poroshenko and his Ukraine army of murderers from July 27 to August 14, 2014. <br / Kiev’s warmongers are involved in acts of genocide directed against the civilian population of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. 
Most of the footage and interviews you will see in this documentary film have never been shown on mainstream media of any country including Russia and Ukraine - West fascism.

Photo: Internet" src="" border="0" /> BBC head Danny Cohen

British is a Hebrew word that means "contracted man". The British Empire is a 7 tiered hierarchy. Groom, Yeoman, Squire, Knight, Lord, Monarch, Crown. The crown is a committee of 13 who govern the City, the inner 1 mile square of London.

It is privately owned.

No wonder this court case scares the heck out of BBC and the Fake NWO:

The information proposed by this website is not so far fetched anymore? Shapeshifting timetravelling sorcerers?

Comment by Besimi on November 18, 2014 at 10:30pm

he Western Dark Ruling Cabal Are Shitting in Their Pants – The Crash Is Coming

by GEORGI STANKOV posted on 

Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your care – I do feel much better today but Carla has another relapse and feels very ill.

You are absolutely right – the dark ruling cabal are shitting in their pants now and the stench can be felt from Brisbane till Europe and even here at the Pacific coast. They know too well that the West is financially ruined and this is what Putin told them on the G20 summit with regard to their idiotic sanctions (Putin asks: “Was something switched off in the brains of the Wester... .

As there was nothing more to discuss, he left this funeral of the dying Western dinosaurs, because he has better things to do at home – for instance, expand Russia’s influence in Asia and the rest of the world, where the BRICS countries have already surpassed the infamous seven in their BSP and are now eager to also dump the paper dollar that cannot even be used as toilet paper and is hence of less value than the latter especially when the angst diarrhea of the Western cabal reaches gargantuan proportions.

The whole shebang of the Western MSM that the G7 heads of state have “humiliated” Putin is such a bullshit that I wonder how imbecile a person must be (most probably a brainless Internet troll) to believe such a distorted presentation of reality, especially in these auspicious days when the portal of truth is fully opened and all the lies are immediately revealed.

I am following this story with the old nefarious “bail in” of the Western bankrupt banks by robbing the savings of the citizens as they did in Cyprus very closely. Cameron, this pathetic juggler, has every reason to freak out as the British economy is in worst shape among all big European countries, very much like Spain and the national debt has skyrocketed in the last years. The policy of austerity he preaches is no longer accepted even by the docile dumbed down citizens of this darkest former “Empire” and he is now Downing at No 10 with rapid speed.

The financial crash is inevitable as I predicted in my chart-technical analysis of the major equity indices and will come parallel with the full unfolding of the new energies of the portal of truth which will end on November 21. After that the stage is open for the “Bear dance” (bear markets) and the Russian bear will have its say in aggravating the plight of the rigged, inflated, free-fall, free of ethics, free of real assets economy of the AAA, which has nothing to do with the ridiculous ratings of “Moody, Jerks and Thugs Co”, but is an acronym for the broken Anglo-American Axis of Evil.

None of the decisions made at the G20 summit by the decrepit G7 will have any chance of realization as they are running out of time and they know it all too well. That is why the light gestalt Putin left the sinking ship in due time. This is no longer his company – it is the company of losers and no serious politician wastes his time with such people.

With Love and light


SoE Visitors



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