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As I have been writing this book and putting the hundreds of pieces together that I have gained through many, many sessions, I was beginning to get a glimpse of the underlying message that "they" wanted to impart. It was too big to come through any one person. In order to get the story, theory, concept, whatever you want to call it, through to me in its entirety, it had to be given piece by piece through many people. I was the one who had to put the puzzle pieces together. Individually, they are interesting, but together it forms an amazing picture. There definitely is a plan to save mankind, and it is bigger in scope that anyone can imagine.

After the development of the A-bomb and nuclear power in the late 40s and early 50s, a call went out throughout the universe. This was evident from the influx of UFO sightings at that time. They have said the development and the explosion got their attention, and they had to come and see what this primitive planet was up to. They knew we wouldn't be able to handle it. And with our violent tendencies, we could very well end up destroying our planet. This could not be allowed to happen. It would cause a ripple effect that would be felt throughout the universe, and would disrupt other planets and dimensions. But how to stop it and control it without going against the prime directive of non-interference?

The planet was becoming more and more negative, caused by people living here for hundreds of lifetimes, piling more and more karma on top of themselves. They were not working it out and were stuck. If they couldn't solve their own problems, they certainly couldn't work out and stop the violence and wars and ecological problems of our planet. As long as we were going along our own way and no harming anyone but ourselves, they had no reason to interfere. We had free will and they could only watch helplessly as we sank deeper into negativity. It was our choice. The invention of atomic power pushed the panic button and something would have to be done. But that something could not go against the prime directive of non-interference. Even if it was for our own good, they could not just come in and stop it.

The decision was made. If they couldn't help from the outside, they could help from the inside. The call went out for volunteers who would be willing to come and live in a physical body as a human, because these had not lived on Earth before, they had not accumulated karma. They had a pure and powerful positive energy that came directly from God, from the source. They would have to be very careful not to get caught up in the world and create karma. Many are shielded to protect them from a very real danger. They wanted to do their job of introducing and spreading positive energy to counteract and dispel the negative. Then they could return to their "home." I have already reported elsewhere in this book about the three waves of volunteers that I have discovered in my thirty years of working on this.

Time is of the essence as we approach the coming of the New Earth. Now, there is no longer time to wait for the volunteer to grow from a baby to an adult. Thus, I found they are entering the bodies of living adults, mostly at the time when they have Near Death Experiences. This is not possession, but is done with the consent and knowledge of the existing soul. It is a very different version of a traditional walk-in experience. Very clever. "They" are determined to save us and our beautiful planet in spite of ourselves. And excellent way to get around the prime directive. They are not interfering if they have the cooperation of all souls involved.

The Earth is a living being that is crying out to be saved. It is trying to rid itself of the invaders by cleansing itself: floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. They all are cries for help. It is as though the Earth is ridding itself of its own karma, before it reincarnates in another existence. A pristine, beautiful, perfect new environment where it can start anew, and taking along with those who are capable of adjusting to the new vibrations and frequencies to create a new world. The old world is headed for destruction. However, it cannot be total physical destruction of the planet itself, because that would cause disruption in the vibratory fields of other planetary bodies and dimensions in the universe. So the Earth has chosen to split off into two worlds leaving those who want to continue to live in fear and violence to continue on the "old" Earth. And creating a "new" home environment for those who want to progress and evolve. The two types can no longer live side by side on the same planet. Things have changed too much. So the vibration and frequency had to be changed.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating at different frequencies. Even rocks, furniture, etc. are vibrating, only at a much lower, denser frequency. As long as everything and everyone on the Earth is vibrating at the same low, slow frequency things will stay the same. The frequency has to be raised so the Earth can split off and enter a new dimension. It is the same thing that happens to our own Earth bodies. As we learn the lessons of the physical plane we can "graduate" to another higher dimension on the spirit side, and hot have to return to the Earth school. We can progress, because we will have outgrown this earthly school. Thus the Earth itself is getting ready to "graduate", to leave the familiar, the status quo, and progress into something much higher.

Yet the new Earth without human beings and life in its many diverse forms would be as an empty house. Just four walls without a soul inside. There had to be a way for the humans to also evolve so they can go with the Earth. The humans would have to also raise their vibrations. This was easier said than done, considering how many eons mankind had been trapped here. Then I understood. The karma they had before coming into this world will be left with the "old" Earth. That is where karma will continue to exist. It has no part in the New Earth.

These volunteers have come from a place that has never known violence, hatred and fear. They are bringing that vibration of positivity to the Earth at this time. It is like the "hundredth monkey syndrome". If we can get enough humans carrying the positive vibration, it will overshadow and diminish the negative vibration. It will wipe it out or lessen its effect by sheer numbers alone. In one session I asked about the current disasters when thousands of people are dying and leaving the planet en masse. I was they had finished their work here, and had volunteered to leave in order to make room for the new ones coming in. Then I understood. They are making room for more of these volunteers with the positive energy to come in.We can conquer by sheer numbers alone. When the critical mass has been reached, and enough people have succeeded in raising their vibrations and frequencies, then the new Earth will be born. This is the plan that will save the world. The people themselves, of course, have no conscious memory of their reasons for coming at this time. And that is the way it should be. They will play their role well. Those that are still steeped in negativity will remain with the old Earth with what they have created. By the time they realize something is occurring, it will be too late. They cannot change their frequency and vibration quickly enough to follow. It has to be a gradual thing, otherwise it would be too traumatic for the physical body to handle. Thus the seperation occurs, the two Earths seperate and life goes on its separate ways: positive and negative.

I have discovered many of these volunteers live quiet unassuming lives. They do not create attention. They influence in quiet subtle ways. During the session many of them are told they are here just to "be". They influence others only by their presence, and the aura they exude. It links with others through no effort on their part, and many are helped by being in their presence, or by their physical touch. It is very simple and yet very profound. There will not be any heroic dramatic efforts to save our world. It will happen by the simple presence and touch of loving, unselfish individuals.

~ Dolores Cannon, 'The Convoluted Universe' book 3.

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Comment by Nightfable on November 20, 2009 at 11:03am
You're welcome John! There's also 'Keepers of the Garden' by Dolores Cannon that's available to read online, which has made me want to order her books. Here's the link: I've ordered her three books of 'The Convoluted Universe' and I don't regret it one bit! :-)
Comment by John Morawa on November 20, 2009 at 12:42am
Fabulous thanks for posting! I just heard Dolores on Coast to Coast and really enjoyed the show. After reading this and your other post I just went out and ordered book 3. Can't wait to start reading it!


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