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Nancy was put under deep hypnosis...

D: Is there a way we can find out about one that is important? One that has bearing on the life you're going to go into as Nancy?

N: I'd rather ask someone.

D: Is there someone around you could ask?

N: I don't know but I just hear "Yes."

D: All right. Then ask, "Is there an important past life that Nancy needs to see that will help her in her present life?

N: Yes and no. The plus sides are important for karmic lessons. However, we're moving it to the non-karmic necessity. So that's why he gave a yes or no answer.

D: Then she doesn't need to see her past lives?

N: Not necessarily. They don't matter.

D: What about karma?

N: Karma is virtually canceled as we move to the new Universe.

D: Then that means she doesn't have karma to worry about?

N: No, I do have karma, but it's not going to be important. He just says it's not necessary to fulfill the mission of this life or to move into the next life.

D: That's why Nancy was not allowed to see any of her other lives?

N: It's not that I wasn't allowed. It's just that it wasn't necessary. It would cause confusion. The human mind would get hung up on what it was seeing. But it couldn't release or relinquish the judgment in what you wanted me to see, or what you normally would show.

D: Many people relate to things that happened in other lives so they can move forward.

N: But because we're in this pinnacle of-- going to go this way-- all this doesn't matter anymore. Because there will no longer be reincarnating into the Earth the way that we know it. To look at other lives would only be more confusing, because ideas and tools that were necessary and helpful in the old world are not going to be needed in the new world.

D: I still get many people whose problems come from other lifetimes.

N: But all that is discharged. Your work is important because there are some energy tools that need to be released in this lifetime. Energy tools of more or less health issues. It's things of the now that are not related to moving forward, because the moment you move forward, that will all be discharged and relinquished. We never know when the new Earth will appear, but it is coming. It's going to be here. It's just a question of when the vibration and energy will reach the level to almost... pop and create the second world. So you help people with their physical ailments, so they don't have to be uncomfortable till whenever this is going to occur -- more sooner than not. So if these people come to you, then I guess they have a discomfort that there's no reason for anyone to have.

Nancy wanted to know her purpose (just as everyone else who comes to see me). The subconscious answered, "This isn't the answer she wants, but her purpose is not revealed as yet, because the new Universe has not been created. Everything is still in the planning, moving, facilitation stages, and it can still all change. We can see a plan, a big picture, but it still can change."

D: Can't you give her any idea of what she's supposed to do, because she wants to help plan.

N: Almost instantaneously, the thought will come.

D: Is there anything you want her to work on to get ready?

N: None of it's necessary at this point. She's going to go to the new Earth, and will immediately know -- because the new energy and vibration will be higher -- what it is she will be doing. The effort is needed here, but it's already crossed the marker where you're either going or you're not going.

D: I've heard it's already been decided, because the vibrations can't change that quickly.

N: No. So once you've crossed the marker and you're going, then it's almost like a respite period. And when you get there, it will just be so different that all the things we think we need to do now, and were appropriate in the not so distant past, in the new world will not be needed.

D: She said she wants to make a difference in other people's lives, and to help the world.

N: Which would have been necessary if the Earth had stayed in the same vibrational dimension that it is now, but it's almost life you're waiting for it to happen. It's going to happen, but you won't know what it will look like until it happens, because it's a group participation and joint effect. And all we can say is, it is going to happen.

D: I've heard that some people won't even realize that anything has happened.

N: I think that thought is even changing, and most definitely the ones that move forward will know what's happening. The ones that are left behind, it's still not determined -- devastation's not an appropriate word to use, but I can't think of another one -- who will really realize it or not realize it. It's still changing.

D: But she's wanting to do something to help now. She has studied healing and Reiki, and studied working with angels.

N: But everyone will have the same gifts and tools and the new energy.

D: Everyone will be doing the same thing?

N: Well, not the same things, but it will not be necessary. The reason why we do all these things is to bring the energy up to that level. But when you're immediately all on that level, there's no need for healing, because we'll all be healed. You can still continue working with people and helping them until the transition. But when everyone transitions, it's almost like you're all at the same rate. You're all on the same page and your veil is lifted, so it's the big "ah-hah!" moment.

D: There are still people out there that need her, aren't there?

N: Right. There are people that, minute to minute, you're pulling over to the new world. They're almost in a holding pattern, but they're pulled over and they're waiting. They''l be waiting there to move forward.

D: So she will never know among those she comes in contact with.

N: No, nor will they. She should always focus her energy on a sanction of all the energies of everyone on Earth to move forward. And as each person increases their vibration, it's a chain reaction, and it resonates and bounces off the next person to the next, to the next. Until it's an entire huge crescendo that becomes the vibration of Earth in total. If everyone stopped doing what they're doing, it would just become a dim hum. But because we all go and move forward and we're all working at our own pace, it just raises it higher and higher until it's just going to disperse into the cosmos. So you can't really say not to do any work. Just keep doing what you're doing, but the focus is changed. To be bored is great, because it will just instantaneously create all knowledge, all the things we strive for here. But, "Give me Reiki, so I feel better" or Take away this," it won't be necessary. Everyone will have the tools. And once you have the tools, you don't have the aches or the pains. It's almost like a "human clause" that will no longer be in effect. It's always good in human form to, as you say, have goals and dreams and aspirations. It's very difficult to put into words, because we think it's coming more quickly than you think, and you are spending a waste of time. But that doesn't sound right either, a waste of time. But I think the best thing that anyone could do is have a good intent. Always express your willingness to help, and never turn anyone away that comes to you. Any lessons she needs to be learning now, have to do with the karmic wheel, and it's going to be dispensed soon. Once your vibration gets to a certain level, you're beyond the, "Have to pay karma back." That's why it's not important to pursue questions about past lives. That's her human mind, and all the human minds having curiosity about things. It's almost child-like "Why, why, why? How come?" So you could just feel guaranteed, or rest assured that if you have awakened, you will move into the new Earth.

~ 'The Convoluted Universe' book 3 by Dolores Cannon

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