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Has anyone read the book "The Lost symbol" by Dan Brown? It is a book you all would find very interesting. I find it ironic he decided to write it at this time. There may be some truth about the universe and life in this book. The thing I am having trouble figuring out is which side he is on. He makes the masons look like the protectors of the earth and of the universe.

I have done a lot of research on the masons way before this book came out and it is hard to decide what to believe. After doing a lot of reading on the masons I have found 3 different versions:
1)The masons are good and are the protectors of something sacred.
2)The masons are evil and running the new world order.
3)The masons were originally good and were penetrated by the evil and are now evil or partly evil.

Either way I believe this book has some truths in it. Like I said i am not sure who's side he is on I just find it funny this book comes out in the interesting times we are living in now. He is either trying to tell us something or mislead us. Anyway I recommend you guys read it because its a good read and anyone who is a member of this site is going to be interested in the subjects in this book.

I would be interested in hearing any comments by anyone who has read this book or who has any ideas/comments on the Free Masons.

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Comment by Simmy on April 26, 2010 at 1:34pm
"Nevertheless, a small body of resistance carries on in defiance of this restricted view. With every unorthodox question asked, with every unlikely answer, frontier sciences such as those featured in my books - and now Dan Brown's -- remake our world. May they and their ilk light our way."

Hear, hear!!
Comment by Ravi Raju on April 26, 2010 at 12:52pm
Why Dan Brown's Science Fiction Is Mostly Fact

Source :

The most vehement criticism of Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol concerns the view of many reviewers that while the material about Freemasonry may be based on fact, the science is more akin to science fiction.

Katherine Solomon, one of the main characters, is a scientist particularly interested in 'mind over matter': the power of thought--or intention--to affect and change the world.

The 'big idea' in Dan Brown's book is that science is only now providing evidence of what ancient traditions have traditionally espoused: that thought has a tangible power, enabling human beings to be creators of their own world.

I'm in a unique position to comment on this as I have extensively studied all the science Brown includes in his book, written two bestselling books on the subject and I facilitate these kinds of experiments all over the world.

In fact, Brown prominently singled out me, my book, The Intention Experiment, my research and my website for special mention in the blockbuster, claiming that one of his main characters was 'fascinated' by my work and my web-based global laboratory, testing the power of thought.

Although Solomon is solidly fiction, the vast majority of her work is based on solid fact.
In a sizeable body of research exploring the nature of consciousness, carried on for more than 30 years in prestigious scientific institutions around the world -- Princeton and Stanford Universities, the Universities of Arizona and California, and, in Europe, the Universities of Freiberg and Edinburgh --thoughts directed at targets in the laboratory have been shown capable of altering machines, cells and even complex organisms like human beings. This mind-over-matter power even seems to traverse time and space.

In my own web-based experiments, we involve thousands of participants in 90 countries around the world, sending thoughts to targets created in rigorous laboratory settings at the University of Arizona, Pennsylvania State University, University of California at Davis, and other prestigious universities in Europe.

Of our 19 experiments to date, 16 have shown significant positive results, six of which have been published in a scientific paper.

These studies go well beyond spoonbending tricks. This central idea, that consciousness affects matter, lies at the very heart of an irreconcilable difference between the world view offered by classical physics - the science of the big, visible world - and that of quantum physics - the science of the world's most diminutive components. These discoveries offer convincing evidence that all matter in the universe exists in a web of connection and constant influence, which often overrides many of the laws of the universe that we used to believe held ultimate sovereignty.

At least 40 top scientists in academic centres of research around the world have demonstrated that an information transfer constantly carries on between living things, and that thought forms are simply another aspect of transmitted energy. Hundreds of others have offered plausible theories embracing even the most counter-intuitive effects, such as time-displaced influence, as now consistent with the laws of physics.

Ideas about the power of thought are no longer the ruminations of a few eccentric individuals. They now underpin many well-accepted disciplines in every reach of life, from orthodox and alternative medicine to competitive sport.

Medical scientists often speak of the 'placebo effect' as an annoying impediment to the proof of the efficacy of a chemical agent. It is time that we understood and made full use of the power of the placebo. Repeatedly, the mind has proved to be a far more powerful healer than the greatest of breakthrough drugs.

Frontier science is the art of inquiring about the impossible. All of our major achievements in history have resulted from asking an outrageous question. What if stones fall from the sky? What if giant metal objects could overcome gravity? What if there is no end of the earth to sail off of?

All of the discoveries about the power of thought and remote influence have similarly proceeded from asking a seemingly absurd question: what if our thoughts could affect the things around us?

True science always begins with an unpopular question, even if there is no prospect of an immediate answer - even if the answer threatens to overturn every last one of our cherished beliefs. The scientists engaged in consciousness research must constantly put forward unpopular questions about the nature of the mind and the extent of its reach.

In our group Intention Experiments, we have asked the most impossible question of all: what if a group thought could heal a remote target? It is a little like asking, what if a thought could heal the world?

It is an outlandish question, but the most important part of scientific investigation is just the simple willingness to ask the question.

Mainstream science has grown ever more fundamentalist, dominated by a few highly vocal scientists who believe that our scientific story has largely been written. Nevertheless, a small body of resistance carries on in defiance of this restricted view. With every unorthodox question asked, with every unlikely answer, frontier sciences such as those featured in my books - and now Dan Brown's -- remake our world. May they and their ilk light our way.
Comment by Ravi Raju on April 26, 2010 at 12:48pm
Hi Ian,

The book has fiction coupled with scientific research on noetic sciences which was initially published by Lynne McTaggart in her books called "The Field" & "The Intention Experiment".. here is what he wrote..

“…human consciousness, as Noetic
author Lynne McTaggart described it, was a substance outside the confines of
the body. A highly ordered energy capable of changing the physical world.
Katherine (Solomon) had been fascinated by McTaggart’s book ‘The Intention
Experiment’, and her global, Web-based study – -
aimed at discovering how human intention could affect the world.”

- Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol (Random House, 2009)

Her website :

You need to read these books to understand the depth of scientific research thats gone into coming out with the data thats being showcased.

Comment by nonya on April 25, 2010 at 8:19pm
I am of the belief that the illuminati/masons et al have been brought to us packaged well and delivered harshly to wake us up. I sense that at some point, those who have taken the job of evil doing will be able to pat us on the back and say, job well done. If it werent for them we all wouldnt be talking right now about how to make things right.
Comment by Simmy on April 25, 2010 at 3:15pm
I really loved this book. Especially the part about Noetic sciences!
I don't know what to think about the masons. in my life I only met two masons. One was a friend of our family and he was a nice person. His wife used to "play" with some type of "black magic". Very weird. I only remember that he was jobless for some time but always had lots of money (not from inheritance). He once told my dad that the masons help each other big time.
But what really goes on inside this masonic circle...who knows!
Comment by ian on April 25, 2010 at 1:49pm
Yes, my gut feeling from putting all information together is that the masons have been penetrated by evil. I still think there is a lot of good with them but most of the masons in office could be evil. Anyway there is a lot of symbolism in the book patricia. I think you would enjoy it. Dan brown is a great writer. I still find it too funny he puts this book out in the interesting times we are living in now.
Comment by JIM4HOPE on April 25, 2010 at 10:00am
I believe your # 3 is the right one

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