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Possible important Information

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well. I have some information that may be important or it may not. I usually don't post stuff like this because i do not buy into the doom and gloom story and I do not think about it because this earth is a wonderful place and I am doing my best to change it. My mother and I are very close and what she told me frightens me somewhat because she does not do this often if at all. Either way I am going to share it because I care about you all and the
rest of the world.

My mother is a shaman and has been practicing for years. I however am not. Either way, through out my life she has told me some amazing things that I could not believe. She told me things that would happen before they actually happened and she told me names of girlfriends before i introduced them to her. My mother has been doing readings and what not for people as her only job, self employed. She speaks from the heart and only speaks truth to people weather they want to hear it or not. She seeks neither fame or fortune. I know this because she can hardly live and yet somehow she does. I am not saying she is always right but here it is for what it is worth.

First thing is she has a friend who is an engineer working out where the spill is. They don't talk often anymore simply because of their busy schedules. He called her out of the blue and told her that the pipe holding everything up can't take the pressure anymore and is seriously about to go. And when it goes this could get very very bad. He said we don't have any idea how to handle a problem this serious and are out of options. He told her within the next month the pipe is going to blow and that is it (could be a few weeks).

The second thing is a week before he called her she had a vision while meditating and saw the pipe blow and everything went nuts. She doesn't always tell me the things that she sees until she is absolutely positive. I am concerned because she actually told me and a week later her friend called her. So coincidence or not an engineer out there is very worried. Also she says she feels we do not have the technology to stop this problem. She believes the only way we can stop this is to send love to mother earth and do it energetically or get outside help from other beings.

Now for my two cents. The future can bee seen but also can be changed by deciding which path to follow. So I believe we need to do something now for this beautiful planet and if we are not capable yet then we need to ask mother earth and others in the universe, with much love, to help and heal.

blessings to all.

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Comment by Besimi on June 19, 2010 at 3:14pm
thnx Ian for sharing this ,bro .
Namaste & much love,to You and Mom.
Comment by Free Spirit on June 18, 2010 at 8:25pm
Thanks for sharing Ian and thank mom too .I feel they have no way of stopping this but if we all join together energetically we would be one powerful bunch. This did need to happen for more to wake up. We need to let the pain, fears and worries flow through and send the love,light,& blessings to Mother Earth.Let her know we are here to help and we are sorry for doing this to her. We need to try to change the minds and hearts of the ones pushing the buttons.The ones in charge and at ground Zero.I feel this is where we need to start because if we don't start there it could get worse.We know who we are and what we are now is the time to let everyone else know . Just remember one thing if internet goes out we are still connected we are all one we will find each other again no dough That is all part of believing and faith Love to all of you .
Comment by Ullan on June 18, 2010 at 2:41pm
(Advisory: As I was writing this reply, I felt control over my words being taken from me and compelled to write differently. I am not a channel in the sense that most members here would know it, and I haven't felt this clear a 'guidance' in well over a year. In fact, as I write his advisory, I can still feel the urge to write in a certain fashion, and use certain phrases which I commonly never use. The start of this reply is mostly mine, but further down control was taken away nigh completely. Mind you that I allowed this to happen, willingly, and hope that wisdom may be gleaned from these words.)

We dig too deep and build too fast. Driven by greed, avarice and contempt for nature, which we consider to be 'conquered'. It always takes blood, suffering and catastrophe before mankind listens.

So this is how it is, but not how it should be.

There are two options for a resolution to this spill: A mechanical solution that plugs the gap and renders the oil field impossible to exploit in future, or a contrived capture mechanism that pollutes the oceans and leaves us with toxic sludge we cannot safely dispose of. So far, every respected scientist looking over the issue, every engineer and ever person with common sense has said the same in a different way: Seal it, plug it, blow it. BP is unwilling to do that, because that will cost them the oil field, and future profits. As long as the potential financial damage of the disaster does not exceed the projected profit margin of the field's exploitation, they won't try to permanently seal it.

A friend of mine, an engineer working on high pressure natural gas lines, has been worried about this from the start. The original BOP sunk into the well head was not designed for this kind of pressure. It's going to go, one way or the other.

Worse, however, consider that an oil field is normally stabilized by pumping sea water and mud into the field as oil is extracted. At the moment oil is spilling out, but nothing is entering the cavity to replace it. In short order we'll start to see subsidements as the soil on top of the field begins to settle, no longer held in place by the oil pressure underneath it. And when it goes, it'll be spectacular.

I'm not a prophet of doom, but I have a nasty habit of extrapolating a situation into the next adjacent within the phase space of future possibilities. The pattern is there for all to see, but you need to look long rather than stare at the past moment. The spill is there, it won't go away by itself. We do not have the technology to deal with a spill at this depth, and we never had. Drilling at this depth is a risk oil companies take, knowing that if anything goes wrong they /cannot/ deal with it. This is known to them, they don't bother to share this with the world because every sane mind would scream at them to stop and think. Yet here we are.

This is how it is, but not how it should be.

This is not how it can be.

Be centered, observe and heed. Alternatives abound, explore them and stop harming this planet. Nothing is written, nothing is set. This need not be. As the problem is of your making, so must be the solution. Be stronger for it, be the catalyst. The choice, as ever, is yours.
Comment by Trudy on June 18, 2010 at 2:25pm
Salusa says : At present, where the Gulf Oil spill is concerned it has awakened the public to the dangers of drilling for oil on the seabed. As a result the call for it to be stopped is growing, and as we have so often pointed out, you have power if sufficient of you get together. The positive energy arising from it will find a way of manifesting what is called for, even if it shall take a little time. We are on one level ready to respond to that request, and are well equipped to clear up the mess quite quickly. First however we see the likelihood that BP will be given more time to rectify the situation. However, it must not take much longer as the environment is already badly affected. So let us see what the outcome is, and as we do we will be waiting in the wings for our call.
Comment by Trudy on June 18, 2010 at 2:16pm
Okay it is time to come together !!! ... in thought ofcourse ... read the message from Salusa 18 /06 :)))
Comment by Simmy on June 18, 2010 at 11:44am
Blessings to you and your mother Ian. I will keep sending my love to Mother Earth.
Comment by ian on June 17, 2010 at 10:32pm
Thank you all very much. We have the power to accomplish anything. I have made some amazing accomplishments when I had no Idea how I was going to do it. You really can draw what you need to you by being positive and putting the energy out there. Lets get the whole world on the same page :). So I thank everyone out there who is trying to make a difference, even in the littlest way.

I love you all. Be well.
Comment by FM on June 17, 2010 at 9:36pm
"She believes the only way we can stop this is to send love to mother earth and do it energetically or get outside help from other beings."

Indeed Love heals all, Love conquers all. Those species in the Gulf of Mexico sacrifice themselves so that more and more people of earth awaken, a friend says the longer the oil spill stay the more people going to awaken. But I guess as an awaken individual it is time we did our part, sending love to heal mother earth, focus on Lighter side of the story rather than pointing fingers to others., work within to let work out.

Comment by simpleman on June 17, 2010 at 9:29pm
Thank you, Ian. This is definitely a world changing event and could go either way. I do believe human kind does not have the knowledge or the resources to reverse the situation or even stop the rupture from flowing. Love to Mother Earth energetically would work if enough people willing if not all, but the world is still consumed with fear, so asking for help is our only hope. We should send out a distress signal to our neighbors. If we ask, and they help, they would not be interfering with our evolution because if we diidnt know they were there we wouldnt ask. So this is a opportunity for contact. Lets open the door and welcome our galactic family. Would they walk through the door? Are they waiting for us to ask for help? I think they would. The only other thing would be to contain it in the gulf by building a dam from the Yucatan Peninsula to the southern tip of Florida. It would be a big tar pit but it would be kept from the worlds oceans.
Comment by CrystalClear2313 on June 17, 2010 at 9:19pm
Thank you Ian, I see the two time lines and want to believe in the good ending...
I think if we all do this, send love and healing energies to our Mother Earth we can do this!!!!
Also we could all send the SOS message to our ET friends.
We have the power to choose which path we would like to follow the only problem I see is that people is not on the same page some want disclosure now! some want Ascension now! and others want Armageddon or whatever their own mind and ego are telling them is the best scenario to save ourselves and our planet.
Don't get me wrong I respect everyone's beliefs but we need to live those things on the side and act together as one big giant ball of LOVE TO MOTHER EARTH and send it...
Just my thoughts
Love and Light

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