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The Heart of the Matter; or, this is the Great Reset

The Heart of the Matter;
or, this is the Great Reset
By Steve Beckow
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Archangel Michael: You are wanting to describe what it feels like, what it looks like, how it operates to be free. (1)

Yes! That captures the heart of the matter.

I am wanting. I feel this internal pressure accompanied by a smile. I desire. I want.

“To describe.”

Yes, it comes out as wanting to put it in words, to describe something.

“What it feels like.”

Let’s face it. How we feel is what usally concerns us, is it not? It doesn’t matter if you squeal with delight at a coffee milkshake (like I did as a seven-year-old child) or at a new car or a proposal of marriage. It’s squealing with delight, with glee, that we enjoy.

It isn’t the evening breeze from our hotel room on Waikiki Beach that we treasure. It’s the feeling of release and delight we experience in that setting. But we could have drawn that feeling up from our very own hearts from our very own living rooms – and ....+

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