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Aligning with our New High-Frequency Self

Aligning with our New High-Frequency Self
By Terry Andrews
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We’re beginning to see our new high-frequency selves. This is who we’ve been integrating with and aligning with as we’ve worked to raise our frequency these last few years. This new self is within us in our heart center and solar center (the location of our 3rd and 4th chakras). As our frequency becomes high enough thru everything we are doing, the integration will complete.

We’re in the thick of transformation right now. We are being made new. Our high-frequency selves are in the process of coming into full alignment with our physical vessel. It’s amazing to see this, and to see that new being who is preparing to step forth. You are probably feeling this in many ways, not the least of which is the release of so much of our past. It doesn’t apply in the new.

As we transform completely into our newness, the world around us is transforming as well, and this is in evidence too. Truth is emerging everywhere. The shift is in progress. Literally, things we are thinking about are coming into being as we move into our creator roles.Truth is emerging everywhere. The shift is in progress....+

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