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Wings of Gossamer
Via Gloria Wendroff
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God said to me:

I befall you. No matter what else befalls, I befall you. I AM.

You are never without My protection, My guidance, My attention, and yes, My love. You are not certain about this because you believe you are your physical manifestation, and you go by that. You go by your prowess in the world, as if that is My blessing on you, as if you need your body and the physical world in order to be blessed by the God Who made you, as if you are unblessed in what you call death or woe.

You believe in death and woe more than you believe in anything else. But death of the body and woe are small potatoes next to eternity.

What is this endless eternity, you wonder. What is so wonderful about it, you ask. You cry out, Why should eternity be considered more than the constant perturbation of regular life? You feel that stress and strain in life are eternal, and you would just as soon turn them in. Well, you can be done with them.

Furthermore, you might even trade reversely, eternity for security and success in the world right now. You might give up eternity for time-out now...+

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