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I've always been bothered by the phrase "down to Earth". Since I was young, I have never used it in a positive way, and I have always taken it as an insult (usually quietly) when directly towards me. It is the perfect verbal summation of all the limitations and problems that I see on this planet and with Humanity. However, I feel there is a difference between being "earthbound" and "of the ground". It is not correct to blame the planet Earth for anything. Humanity, perhaps Earth itself, is a test…the wild frontier for the Soul to gain strength and advancement through trials and tribulations. The Earth has marvelous aspects to it, as many planets have. If has spawned miraculous creatures on and below it. It has a special place in all of this Universe. We must all strive to see All of Reality, not just the mundane of the day to day life. To not be "bound", but to be symbiotic. To use the Positive aspects of the Earth, being "of" it and not just "on" it, is the key.
For those who consider themselves Lightworkers, Bridges, Indigo/Crystal Children/Adults, the "Ground Crew", etc., their mission is by necessity one of duality. They must keep a handle on the 3rd dimensional reality they live in, while working towards the 4th and higher dimensions. The best advice that I can give to those valuable souls who's Intent is focused on only the Positive is to not forget to keep at least a part of yourself "anchored", so that you will not forget what and how is here and now.

I've read and heard much well intended advice to use discernment against those who would illicit Fear in their messages; who push the agenda of the "dark cabal"; who seek to spread disinformation; to control other beings. But what I do not read or hear is a call to use any caution, any discernment whatsoever, towards those who spread the message of Love as the Only acceptable Path. Be aware of the blissful final state, one without Individuality or Progress, that is mandated as the only Path to be taken, and ask yourself if this "nothingness" is truly how you want to spend Eternity. Personally, there is simply too much it is my responsibility to accomplish to worry about pursuing Love at the cost of all else.

I heard a highly motivational audio recently from a gentleman called Zingdad who channeled a being called Adamu, who I believe was part of the Galactic Federation of Light. While I cannot argue that what he presented wasn't a positive path for humanity, I did find certain of his statements highly offensive. To paraphrase, he referenced the possible appearance of a spacecraft on Oct. 14, 2008, and how it would be a (glorious example of a living light craft radiating Love, etc, etc.) and not a (horrible 3rd dimensional tin can). Now, I understand why this being Adamu would be so blatantly crass. Its really quite simple, but rarely pointed out: He doesn't care. From the research I have done, and the encounters I am aware of, those who are "ascended" are basically (to borrow a psychological term) pathologically incapable of caring about anything that relates to the "individual". More specifically, he (and most other being who consider themselves "ascended") has lost the need to care about anything that is "beneath" him, from his perspective. Now, I am not saying that seeking "ascension" is a bad thing, but one must be careful to remain enlightened to where they have been, along with where they are and where they are headed. As someone who is aware of several specific beings who traverse Space in these "tin cans", living and dying to make the Universe a better place, I reject Adamu's surface assumption that anything 3rd dimensional (craft or people) are somehow unable to assist in the betterment of Humanity. And as I have previously blogged, bring a solid, material mothership into the atmosphere for all to see, and I personally guarantee you will see change.

Here, in my opinion, are some Universal Absolutes…
All beings have the responsibility to constantly Judge themselves and others, and the responsibility to seek Logic, Order and Progress for themselves and others. If this can be done coupled with Love, then that is fine, but it should Not be considered dark, evil, or negative if Love is not always at the forefront.
Life is only as valuable as the Progress it accomplishes. Do Not assume you have any right to it if you are not using it for Progress.
Free Will is only worthwhile if there is Positive Intent behind it. If you have a chance to override misdirected Will or Intent in another being, it is your Duty to do it. Do Not view this as Control, but rather Direction.
There are many beings watching Earth and Humanity. Make sure you reach the potential that you are capable of, for yourself and your race. There are many that will help you find Enlightenment. And some whose job it is to "recycle" those who reject it.

I Am With You.

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