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Greetings all, I hope that you are doing well in these chaotic but exciting times.
I feel compelled to write about some on the concerns that have been voiced recently, regarding the nature of the messages and discussions I have seen in internet groups.

There is much talk about messages, channel or otherwise, being based in Fear. I would offer that this is due to the fact they are only being viewed through the subjective and narrow filter of Love.
From monitoring several wonderful groups (i.e. on Yahoo) concerned with making the most of the momentous times which we are now living in, I have compiled a great deal of vital and enlightening information. To best facilitate this, ALL the information presented was viewed as raw Data, first and foremost. Obviously, some messages resonate such Truth that they require little discernment. Some Truths Are black and white. But others, such as those about political, religious, apocalyptic, sexual, etc. matters warrant more objective analysis to find the uses and Truths.

Know that Love is an Option, but NOT the only Positive Path. Consider Logic. Consider the goal of Creating something Material. If all Matter is Energy, who is to say the "solid" is better than "light" in All cases? Material is relative. Dimensions are Relative. If you are 3rd dimensional, strive to bring to that Reality as much Order and Progress as you can. If you chose to use Love to accomplish this, that is fine, but do not be bound to it only. Your Intent is All the matters. If it is Good and Orderly, you should proceed as your Soul guides you. Use discernment when judging the advice or mandates of beings with "nothing to lose", either Physically or Spiritually. And yes, JUDGE, Everything and Everyone, And Yourself, Constantly, through the filter of the Positive. Seek to form solid networks, and give/get solid answers. Have Faith and Hope in the Future, but use all your resources to work towards Progress, Here and Now. When someone comes to you whose Heart and Soul is reeling from the chaos of the Human Condition, offer them more than empty Compassion; hold them, let them know you are With Them, let them know You care about Them. Support Them. Love Them. And most importantly, let them know they are Not Alone. If their Path is chaotic, or they have strayed, Guide Their Will. Your Focused, Positive Soul will show you the direction(s). Your Pure Intent will help Them and You See a meaningful Path.

May We All Fare Well.

I Am With You.

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Comment by Trudy on August 12, 2009 at 6:59pm
A M E N * }{ *
Comment by KigreTheViking on August 12, 2009 at 6:51pm
"Your Pure Intent will help Them and You See a meaningful Path."

This i know to be true!!! :) Love to you all.

Be in joy, allways.


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