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For your consideration, I feel compelled to post a cautionary entry about what is called Geopathic Stress. By way of an extremely simple definition, this is the affect of energetic forces generated by the planet on the lifeforms that reside on it. While there are detectable physical effects this phenomenon can have on a person, it is also held that there are "mental/spiritual" effects that may occur. I firmly believe that the seeming increase in random mass acts of unprovoked violence by an individual that have occurred in the United States are an aspect of this stress finding the "path of least resistance" in being expelled from the planet. I am particularly concerned about the incidents that have included Asian nationalities as the aggressors, but anyone who's mindset is weak and succeptable to chaotic thoughts is at risk.
Whether you believe in "total package" of The Shift around 2012, the fact is that the Earth will be in a astronomical location that has the very real potential to cause some type of affect on a planetary scale. Lightworkers are working towards the energetic/vibratory aspects of what para-science/spirituality says will be an entry into an enlightening/ascending period for the Human race. But regardless of whether you believe in a more 3D, or 4D+, effect, we Are heading into a period where everything affected by the electromagnetic spectrum may see some type of change, and more than likely one that will cause negative consequences, and well as long term positive ones. So, my fellow beings on the path of Order, Progress and Peace, while you are working towards the positive future we have the will to create, be observant for chaotic forces, and seek to protect yourself and others that are seeking the positive evolution of Humanity, for its own sake as as part of the Galactic Community.

I Am With You.


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Comment by Mark Baker on August 12, 2009 at 12:35pm
Hello Simone, thank you for your comments. I will try to answer your questions.
This message is not a channeling. These are my words, my analysis, my opinions.
While I was born on this planet, I have always felt strongly that my soul still identifies with a non-Earth-based pattern of existence. When I attempt to express ideas that I feel are important, this pattern tends to show itself in what you read as an "alien/3rd person" perspective. It is merely a reflection of what I believe to be my true nature.
I believe that Earth is in a period of great change, and that the positive energies of Light/Love/etc. have the power to protect and guide Humanity towards a wonderous future. And I personally feel it is my duty to provided as much support as possible to raise awareness and to help "stabilize" the 3D realm during the time of this transition to a higher vibratory level. While other Lightworkers would say that "Love conquers All", I feel compelled to offer more "solid" advice, hence, my use of terms like cautionary. So, yes, I do think we all need to be wary of chaotic outbursts/energies, in ourselves and others.
I would be happy to provide you with whatever additional data I can.
Take care.

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