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Today I give myself the gift of taking deep breaths, knowing that bringing fresh pure air
and life force energy into my body, into my cells, will filter out the remains of what needs to go;
knowing that in receiving this ever-present in every moment gift from the Universe,
I am nurtured and made new.

Today I give myself the gift of sight. I choose to see my day with God’s eyes,
through the lens of beauty and light, knowing that all is well,
knowing that I am fully cradled in His supportive arms.
In this, I see Truth, and I allow for all possibilities to unfold
rather than needing them to match criteria or perspective.

Today I offer myself the gift of being free. I release all attachments, all restrictions,
all inhibitions, all fears. I ride the wave of wisdom that is love,
dancing to the rhythm of my heart song in bliss and honor of the sacred uniqueness that is me.
I delve into my radiance, exemplifying my ever glow and redefine what it means to BE.

Today I give myself the gift of grace. I call on my angels and my God
and my own brilliant loving highest self to expand me in ways that I knew
not that I was capable of, to overlap me when I feel I can’t possible be stretched further,
and to whisper to me the secrets of peace especially in the moments that I’m sure I have been broken.
I open to grace to guide me through my day, to lighten my step and broaden my perspective,
and to wash me clean in the ever-flowing, all-knowing light.
Today, I give myself the gift of a warm embrace.
I open my arms wide, and my heart wider, allowing pure love to pour forth,
unhindered by anything that seeks to block, anything that holds me back,
as I exchange my need to protect for a new way of living.
I open to receive, knowing fully that I am worthy of every ounce of love that is longing to complete me.

In this essence, I pour forth everything I AM as a radiant Being of Light-
in one full spectrum of splendor and magnificence,
knowing that my love is my light and my light is here to shine along side
all of the other beautiful bright stars of the Universe.

Today, I give myself the gift of peace. I do not limit my capacity for this vortex of oneness
that ensues the truth of the ages.
I choose now and in every moment the gracious surrender that allows for the flow to enhance
and direct me, releasing expectation, letting go of the burdens of the past,
knowing that the indwelling fountain of contentment never runs empty
and is free-flowing to me in every moment of my existence, despite any obstacles,
inner or outer conditions, or resistance to go within and remember my Truth and my essence,
my sovereign and sacred I AMness
that brings me back to a simpleness and a clarity,
and restores me to the perfection of my sacred Being.

Today, I offer myself the gift of choice.
I distill the need to worry or limit myself through excessive contemplation or thinking
and respond to life from a conscious perspective, giving myself permission to tap into, fully,
the well of wisdom within me.
I follow the guidance of my heart as it leads me gently to every next thing,
and leads me gladly back to myself.
I release the need to be victim, or to blame. I recognize where I have and do give my power away
and I reinstate myself eternally as creator of my reality, as authority of my life, as captain of my soul.
I honor and respect my choices and decisions, never looking backward
or giving credence to the pervasive power of uncertainty or doubt.
I know with total and complete certainty that I am led, that I am cradled and supported,
that I am completely capable of bringing to this world my greatness through my
conscious creation of heart-based living and ever-growing peace of mind.

Today I offer myself the gift of five-star living.
I recognize that I am worthy of every want and desire I have ever dreamed of.
I cast aside the limitation of what appears to be in my life and what does not.
I open to the fullest potential of possibility for me to live in abundance in every aspect of living,
showered by the wonder and beauty of the world and all it has to offer,
unabashedly giving of the gifts I have received.
And in this, I am set free to the ebb and flow f creation as it pours forth into
every aspect and corner of my existence.

Today, I give myself the gift to re-creation.
I allow myself to be born anew in all of my Greatness and glory, meeting life with freshness
and implicit gratitude as I welcome and receive the fullness or every opportunity,
embracing every blessing that is every moment, that is each thing,
if I should choose to see it that way. And I ask that I may walk my days forward in this light
Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating.

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