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"The Bridge People" living the realm of 2 worlds - 3D + 5D = 8D first realm of Infinity. HOME for some

"The Bridge People" living the realm of 2 worlds - 3D + 5D = 8D first realm of Infinity. HOME for some.






      The "Earth Experiment" is nearing its completion..


      Those "seeds" that were deposited here so long ago have mutated and sprouted, and with their maturation comes a wealth of expansion in consciousness which transcends anything even our original "donors" expected..


      Humankind has bestowed such dignity and grandeur to the idea of hybridization that a whole new philosophy and life purpose has emerged around it -


 a Multiversal Celebration of what it means to be the "connecting link" between two or more (divergent) forces, thereby bringing peace to All as One..


It is this blossoming "Connection" or, shall we say "Re-Connection," which gives birth to what our Guides and Teachers refer to as


                                                                                                                       "The Bridge People"..


       It was once written: "No man can serve two masters.. He will either love the one and hate the other, or he will hate the one and love the other.." (Matthew 6:24) And so a world of polarization continued for a little while longer.


       But nowhere in that passage did it say that two masters cannot serve the one man..


      To meet each other, within him, and lift him high above his world of "normalcy" into a place of combined expansion and continuous joy for both sides - indeed, for all sides - is an act of transcendent nobility and eternal worth..


      It is an at-one-ment of purpose, and a synchronization of resource that enriches all who participate and all who observe..


     Bridge People are, first and foremost, individuals who manage to keep a firm grasp on their connection to their 3D physical world as well as allowing themselves to regularly pass through the Gateway of their Imagination so they can ponder what could also be true, if mass consensus ever agreed it to be so..


             Currently, humanity perceives the world through a perceptual "grid" that is made up of the words "I am.."


   We say: "I am (this), and you are (that).." We look at objects and we declare "It is this (or that)," and we believe what our eyes tell us..


   Above 3D, moving into 4D and beyond, a person's perception operates on a different premise..



  Instead of saying "I am this (or that)", the operative terms become "Suppose I were..."


        Those who truly, sincerely allow themselves to ask a "Suppose I were" question ("Suppose I were this instead of that")........


       .who dare to REALLY believe in that possibility... have power to cause something wonderful to happen..


          Our sense of reality can split open, like the Red Sea opened for Moses, anchoring our body on one side of the water,


 while inviting the mind and heart to go somewhere else..


          The part of us which remains in the middle is called The Bridge..


It serves as a grounding line to keep the body safe, even as it also provides wings to help the mind and heart take to the sky...


       Bridge People are a force of nature,


  a divine gift that was designed and sent here to set humanity free


 from self-imposed attachments to Limitation Consciousness..




       As The Bridge gently opens before us, it also contains a Guardian Spirit which ensures that we do not become so "heavenly minded" that we are no earthly good..


        It allows for passage both ways, back and forth, between 3D and the Expanded Realms...


   Two Masters, serving the one man


  Darkness and Light...


 Creation and Destruction.. 


 Time and Eternity..


  If we can name it, we have the capacity to BE the Bridge that connects it, back into the One.




  All essences, all polarities, eventually find their way home to the ONE..



 And in each created universe (and only if you choose for it to be so) that Bridge.

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