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Arcturian Group, May 30, 2011
Krystal288 Channeler:

Marilyn Raffaele
Greetings dear ones.
We are here once again to tell you of the great light we see flowing
ever more powerfully from your earth.
You are doing a fine job of adding light to the darkness of the old energy.
It may seem as if there is nothing being changed, as if the world is instead growing worse
because of all the chaos you see,
but we can assure you that the chaos is a part of the cleansing and clearing process.
It is time for the many to re-evaluate their priorities and move forward.
Everyone is being given the opportunity at this time to change;
to change rigid ways of seeing and being and doing,
and in the process release themselves from the old beliefs that have held them in bondage to
"this is the way we have always done it, so this is how things must be done".
Many of those who have lost everything are now experiencing a void.
Having lost everything that they depended upon to define themselves and their lives
they now find themselves floating in a space of "no-thing-ness"- a psychological void .
The human mind has a difficult time computing within this void because it works with what it knows.
You call it shock and it is; the shock of suddenly finding that everything you held
as the definition of who you are has suddenly disappeared or changed.
Those who take advantage of these experiences to grow and evolve will be richly rewarded
by a leap into deeper and truer states of consciousness.
Those who simply hold to the old and and place all their effort in to recreating their lives
exactly as they have always been, will find that this doesn't work quite as they hoped.
One cannot go back, these are not physical experiences, but spiritual ones.
You are graduating as individuals and as groups.
Events may seem harsh, but it is the only way that many can learn
to change their thinking and their belief systems. All is on track.
Send white light to those dear ones suffering the shock of losing so much for
the Light contains within it all the colors and energies
of healing and change as needed for each individual.
We continue to say that you are doing a fine job in spite of how it may seem,
and add that you will soon see us making an appearance.
Time is drawing short for disclosure of the many Galactic Groups ready
to help earth ascend physically as well as spiritually.
Many of you already see and know of us,
but there are also many who will respond with great denial and fear.
If you can gently help those who do not believe in us, to have at least an idea that
there may be benevolent beings from other planets, this will plant a seed within them
and when disclosure happens, they will not go into as much fear.
The darker elements are still working to cause fear among you
with regard to the presence of those from other planets.
We say to you dear ones, that you will soon see more earth changes,
which are a necessary part of Gaia's ascension process.
She is trying to release pressures in areas that
need to flow more easily with the sacred energies she is bringing in.
There are many new energies flowing into earth at this time;
high frequency energies resonating with light and love, energies that have not been able to
express on earth before this time because of earth's density.
These new energies are helping to awaken even the most un-evolved states of
consciousness by virtue of their highly resonating light frequencies.
As energy surrounds the individual, it dissolves and lifts those denser energies present
within the individual's energy field by virtue of the nature of Light to illumine.
New ideas and information are now coming to many and are not simply from
the individuals themselves as they believe,
but are coming from the higher realms on these new currents of light energy.
These new frequencies were heretofore unable to enter in to the heavy three dimensional energy.
Most cannot see these things we speak of, but can feel them,
so be open and aware that the Light is now manifesting as new ideas
and new ways of living in the world.
This is evolution dear ones, and the more light entering,
the more higher and better ways are able to manifest.
Keep the way open for more to come, for Grace is infinite.
That is what we are seeing.
Honor the seemingly radical changes within your own thinking;
be open and do not dismiss them as nothing.
Many are so afraid to let go of what they have been taught and believed from childhood,
and yet now find themselves being guided to open up to deeper,
different, and a totally new awareness.
This is evolution dear ones. Evolution is not something that happened
eons ago and is finished; you are just beginning.
It has taken mankind this long to get to where it can move into the higher frequencies
already available to many on other planets.
We cannot emphasize enough the importance of letting go of all concepts and beliefs
that are old and stale and no longer resonate with you regardless of any judgements or criticisms
you may receive from those around you still stuck in those same rigid belief systems.
This is one of the purposes of these dramatic weather patterns;
these events serve to remove rigidity and act to force open an entry to the new.
By new we do not mean everything different from the old ways;
families, friends, pets, and the individual choices one enjoys, but we do mean new in terms of
experiencing these things from a level of truth and awareness.
Higher ways of seeing, knowing, and believing are based upon a realization of the Oneness
of all life which then manifests as unconditional love and compassion.
Rigidity, doctrine, structure, and their accompanying rules are no part of the Divine;
these things are man's interpretation of truth based on unevolved concepts and beliefs about truth.
All that is real flows with a loving energy and the gentle movement of peace, love, and light.
Everything carries a frequency, everything is energy.
In the higher realms music, color, sounds, all vibrate with flowing peaceful and beautiful energy.
So much that comes under the heading of music on earth is harsh and not uplifting.
The energy of anything can flow in the high frequencies of light and love
(which is nearer to Source energy), or descend to the lower, slower, and heavier,
which is the story of earth and mankind in their journey toward enlightenment.
You as a people, are now again moving upward after being in very heavy, dense energy.
You are doing a fine job even if it does not seem to be that way.
Once an individual chooses to spiritually evolve, the "train leaves the station".
All of mankind is feeling the new, even though some respond more easily than others.
All of you reading this have chosen to be on earth at this powerful time
and even if you do not realize it, are moving toward the goal.
Never be afraid of any appearances for the truth is that nothing can ever separate you
from your own Divine Selfhood whether on earth or off. Rest in that.
We are the Arcturian Group. 5/30/11

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