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Gemini New Moon: June 1, 2011 by B. Hand Clow
 31 May 2011 - 2:49pm | 
lucie Channeler:
Barbara Hand Clow
The New Moon in Gemini has arrived!
It's time to quicken and share the great innovations we seeded during the Spring Equinox.
As we approach this activating moment, our plates are so full this spring!
This is because the Universal Underworld (hereinafter "Universal") is rapidly leading us into Unity Consciousness,
since the Days and Nights of the Universal are only eighteen days long.
The planetary positions during this New Moon show how we can take advantage of this amazing force.
During the previous two months with the Aries and Taurus lunar cycles, five (often six) luminaries were in Aries,
the strongest activator of the twelve signs.
This phase grandly exploded reality on the very day of the New Moon on April 3 when Mars (ruled by Aries)
joined with Uranus newly arrived in Aries.
Now, this Gemini New Moon is a solar eclipse, so connections with cosmic levels are very strong,
causing many to access higher states of consciousness.
Contact with multidimensional realms will increase through the June 15 lunar eclipse,
which is in close alignment with the Galactic Center.
Expect many joyful and creative moments
amidst really crazy and intense time accelerations; just surrender and flow.
The many planets in Aries were perfect for seeding and germinating the Universal's evolutionary agenda
during the first two Days and Nights. Wow! It is undeniably happening.
Now we are in the sprouting phase of Day Three (May 20-June 6), which already is fulfilling its promise.
There are three eclipses during Day Three and Night Three (June 7-24);
the final solar eclipse is July 1 during Day Four (June 25-July 12).
These eclipses will open our minds and feelings to cosmic knowledge.
This Day Three sprouting process can be thought of as a period in which each person-from
king/president to simple worker-gets his or her ducks in a row.
Most of you have been experiencing astonishing and perplexing events.
As for the world, even major media commentators frequently say they can't believe how much is going on right now.
Things are going so fast that the news is quite unfiltered, since even the global elite can't keep up with events.
The majority of humankind knows what's going on in the world because of instantaneous global media;
for example, the heart opening reports on floods and tornadoes, and the major political shifts in the Middle East.
I am very grateful for this visual and audio panorama, yet tracking all these events is exceedingly difficult.
Observing the world intelligently as it flows by so rapidly is forcing many people to see that
the Omega Point-Nine Underworlds culminating simultaneously in an evolutionary orgasm-is converging.
I begin with a brief summary of three major themes that were seeded since March 9,
when Day One of the Universal opened.
Then I track them as they develop during the first two Days and Nights,
and we can see them dramatically sprouting in Day Three.
The weather-quakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, and volcanoes-has been very challenging so far in the Universal,
but including them just adds too much detail.
The weather expresses the feelings of all living things, and for humans it is part of our emotional barometer;
it can be ecstatic, depressed, or evil (just like us).
So notice how you feel during local weather and global weather events.
Regarding events seeded during Day One, I am tracking: the global crisis over nuclear power
that started with the Japanese quake/tsunami;
the struggle for freedom in the Middle East, the 'Arab Spring';
and the global debt crash and deflation that is collapsing the structures of the National, Planetary,
and Galactic Underworlds, making new space for sustainable ways of life.
During Day Two (April 14-May 1 "germination"), the seriousness of the damage to the Fukushima reactors was revealed:
Japanese engineers feared partial meltdown.
In the widening radiation zone, evacuations increased in communities destroyed by the quakes and tsunami.
The bodies of relatives will never be found in these nuclear ghost towns.
Also during Day Two, Germany and many other countries announced cutbacks of nuclear power plants.
During Night Two (May 2-19 "reaction"), the situation in Japan continued to worsen, and engineers zeroed in
on other plants that should be closed.
Under heavy pressure from an anti-nuclear public,
Germany announced it would phase out nuclear power entirely by 2023,
an excellent example of the midline taking the lead in the Universal transformations.
By the end of Night Two, Japanese engineers said Fukushima 2 is in radical meltdown,
since sea radiation exceeded the allowable limit by 6500 times.
The meltdown has not been adequately reported in American media (General Electric owns NBC, for example),
since this ugly mess might cause the American public to ask questions about the safety of nuclear power.
On the last day of Night Two, the Union of Concerned Scientists released a memo (written years ago)
by the whistleblower nuclear engineer, Anthony Sarrack, to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
It said the venting systems of these GE plants are vulnerable to
"the very accidents-including earthquakes-that they were built to address."
The Fukushima venting system that failed exists in similar plants designed by
GE in the US (New York Times, May 19, 2011.)
Tracking the Arab Spring is much more complex with countries passing around poker chips
based on the economic needs of their societies, religious agendas, and politics.
For example, some countries in the Middle East are oil producers, such as Saudi Arabia,
and some are oil users, such as Egypt, so this differential is a big problem.
Neil MacFarquhar of the New York Times reported on May 27, 2011,
"Saudi Arabia is flexing its financial and diplomatic might across the Middle East
in a wide-ranging bid to contain the tide of change, shield fellow monarchs from popular discontent,
and avert the overthrow of any more leaders struggling to contain turbulent republics."
The nature of the game in the Middle East changed radically when Day Seven
of the Galactic Underworld opened in early November 2010. Revolt first hit Tunisia (right on the midline),
ignited next in Egypt, and then the US and NATO got drawn into a tribal war in Libya.
When Night Two (reaction) opened on May 2,
the American Navy Seals' swat team murdered Osama Bin Laden
in Pakistan without Pakistan's permission for entry.
On the very last day of Night Two (May 19), the controller of Middle Eastern master switches-Israel-was in the limelight.
Obama gave his Middle East speech on May 19, and he focused on the changes in Tunisia and Egypt,
then ended by saying Israel must negotiate with the Palestinians based on the borders that existed before the 1967 War.
[The impetus for the Israeli part of Obama's speech was actually a ploy to block the Palestinians
from getting a vote to create their own state at the United Nations in September.]
Then on May 21, Netanyahu rebuked Obama in public after a two-hour private meeting at the White House,
yet "his on-camera critique of the American president also caused some splintering among Jewish Americans."
(Wall Street Journal, May 21-22, 2011). For example, on May 29,
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman said on CNN's "GPS with Fareed Zakaria"
that Netanyahu should have done exactly the opposite.
He should have said, "Yes, we will do that."
On May 25, Netanyahu had addressed a joint session of Congress saying Israel will talk peace
only if the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas,
repudiates Hamas and explicitly accepts Israel as the Jewish State, a deal breaker for Abbas. Meanwhile,
as Netanyahu was addressing Congress, Obama waltzed off to Buckingham Palace for dinner with the Royals,
and a speech to the British Parliament the following day! On May 28, during the midpoint of Day Three,
Egypt opened the border to Gaza for humanitarian purposes in spite of strong Israeli and American objections.
If you have any doubts about time acceleration,
these cascading events should convince you that Calleman's Mayan Calendar hypothesis is revelatory.
Once Day Three commenced, the global game board was transparent,
and we will see these themes developing through the remaining Days and Nights to October 28, 2011.
Regardless of the impetus or intentions of the game masters, the lion got out of his cage.
It was clear by the end of Night Two that the Arab Spring is going to totally transform the Middle East one way or another.
This is why I'm keeping a close eye on the Arab/Israeli conflict during Day Three.
These struggles have held the Middle East in a time lock since 1948,
when Israel was made a Jewish state within Palestinian territory.
The source of the original conflict comes from religions derived from Abraham the Patriarch.
These religions, invented by the priests and kings of the 5,125-year National Underworld,
are used by the powers-that-be to divide and conquer the people.
They are sourced in scriptures used as the basis of Judeo-Christian-Islamic history.
Meanwhile, more believers are resisting this inherent domination and divisiveness
because they want to live as respectful sisters and brothers sharing life in the Middle East.
Amidst this tense and grand struggle, beware of being incited to violence over any
National Underworld dogma of the patriarchal religions.
 Instead, seek freedom and justice for all the people.
Lastly, the financial crisis just builds and builds as all the participants try to avoid the inevitable.
The world economies-the fruits of the National, Planetary,
and Galactic Underworlds-are deflating and crashing because they are hierarchical and pit the strong against the weak.
The most visible struggle is in the Euro Zone with Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland,
where there are attempts to balance the strong economies with the weak, but the situation is very tense.
Watching Obama cavorting with the Royals in England, where the euro was not adopted,
I wondered if they were planning (behind closed doors) to save the dollar and the pound at the expense of the euro.
Meanwhile, the United States is deeper in debt than any of the countries in the Euro Zone,
yet so far has managed to avoid a reckoning because of its size and power.
In the beginning of Day Two, Standard & Poor's warned that it will lower its rating on US treasury bills
unless the US controls its debts. Expect some kind of tightening and reckoning for the US during Night Three.
If there is substantial dollar weakening, then the US could default during Night Five (August 18-Sept. 4 "destruction").
As for individuals, do anything you can to get out of debt.
Pay off your credit cards, sell your stocks and bonds to pay your mortgage,
go down to one car if you have to. Notice who got hurt in 2007/08: people who were deeply in debt.
I intend to follow the deep change processes that were seeded during Day One
all the way through the Universal to October 28, 2011, when we will find ourselves living in a very different world.
My purpose is to progressively describe this great field shift-the Omega Point-and then to apply astrology
as a tool to make it easier to adjust and be more productive.
As we look at the Gemini New Moon, even though eclipses bring cosmic potential down to Earth
and open multidimensional planes, this New Moon has easier astrological dynamics.
As I mentioned in the beginning, the many planets in Aries have made the previous two months
very stressful and speedy because Aries just will have its own way;
Aries pushes everything into gear and then charges ahead.
Maybe that is the kind of energy we needed at the beginning of the Universal Underworld,
but I will admit I'm ready for a breather!
The New Moon in 11 Gemini encourages us to lighten up and have a little fun,
especially creative and intellectual fun; Gemini loves variety in all ways.
This Gemini New Moon exactly trines harmonic Saturn in Libra,
a delightful aspect for getting some hard jobs done and better comprehending how the National
and Planetary Underworld structures are breaking down.
Saturn turns direct June 12, when demands for structural change intensify,
and of course this will help move things along in the world.
This New Moon is an excellent time to identify how your reality is shifting,
and to assess what changes you need to make in light of it.
This is why I took such pains to summarize the major change processes in the collective.
I encourage you to do the same with any critical personal or collective shifts.
One might wonder, what does nuclear power or Middle Eastern struggles have to do with me,
even though everybody knows that "money matters".
Well, the nuclear power crisis is going to force everyone on the planet to realize they must become sustainable-
put as much back into Earth as they take.
Constant warfare is generated by the religious fairytales that people base their lives upon
because they've been taught that these stories are the basis of their culture.
Well, this pattern is dissolving because evolution and planetary sustainability are the basis of human culture.
Intriguingly, Neptune/Chiron in Pisces squares the New Moon,
which hints we need to wake up from the fogged dream that we can have anything we want.
The ecologist/priest, Thomas Berry, called this dream,
Wonderland, a world in which people use Earth for their personal desires.
The square from Neptune/Chiron is a warning that the illusion cannot go on forever,
and then Chiron is close to Neptune,
which means we can heal ourselves by waking up from this infantile Disney-like dream.
Mercury in 28 Taurus closely squares Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, which can enable us to wake up from Wonderland,
but only if we penetrate the fog.
For example, research the real truth about the nuclear crisis in Japan, since the media is being very irresponsible.
Or, consider observing events in the Middle East without a religious bias.
For example, when you hear Obama say we are Israel's strongest supporters because
"we have shared values," substitute, "we worship the same God."
Mercury in Taurus is slow and plodding, yet deep and very thorough.
Mercury in Taurus allows us to master large and broad fields of information; we see how details fit together.
For example, regarding the religions of Abraham,
they all have a human covenant with God to use Earth, which has resulted in plundering our planet.
At this New Moon, Uranus in Aries awakens Mercury's creativity by sextiling Mercury.
Mercury forms a little Taurus group with Venus and Mars, which offers thoughtfulness between men and women.
Venus and Mars together in Taurus means many feel vital and renewed this spring;
we're pleased with our bodies and minds. Venus close to Mars in Taurus celebrates spring,
and these aspects in Taurus will help the Arab Spring to advance.
The keyword for this receptive and grounding combination is determination!
Jupiter in 29 Aries goes into Taurus on June 4, right after this eclipse.
Jupiter's shift into Taurus will ground and deepen the attainments that are coming with Mercury, Venus,
and Mars in Taurus.
Jupiter sextiling Neptune/Chiron is a very favorable aspect for imagination and healing.
During this intense time acceleration, the planets in Taurus encourage stabilization, grounding,
and growth within the new patterns while the old world falls away.
We each need all the help we can get. For me, the hideous destruction from the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri,
was like a second Universal apocalypse bringing back the mind-boggling destruction in Japan.
Seeing the ruin of people's homes, vehicles, roads, bridges, and families is just overwhelming.
Much of this havoc is an expression of a continual T-square this spring: Uranus in 4 Aries (intense chaos)
is in a wide opposition to Saturn in 11 Libra (new structural balance),
and they are pulled into a stronger bond by the T-square from Pluto in 7 Capricorn (complete transformation of reality).
Uranus will soon retrograde in early July, Saturn is going direct June 12, and Pluto turned retrograde April 9.
These planetary changes of direction energize this T-square, which aims to completely restructure our world.
As I reported before, there will be seven squares between Pluto and Uranus during 2012-2015,
a recurrent powerhouse that will structure the new world that is coming.
This T-square influence lasts a month or so, so we will see more elements of what is to come.
Lastly, the asteroid Ceres in 23 Pisces (not indicated in the chart)
is exactly T-squaring the lunar nodes in 23 Sagittarius/Gemini, a really compelling aspect.
Ceres is the grain goddess,
which means she goes way back into Neolithic times when our species first began to break the soil and cultivate food.
Now we are coming to an end of using Earth's resources without giving back, and Ceres' square
to the lunar nodes means this issue will emerge during this lunation.
So, how does your garden grow?
We can compare notes when I share the Summer Solstice reading with you in June.

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