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The Arcturians, You are Emerging as the Beautiful Butterflies that you Are...!!

The Arcturians, You are Emerging as the Beautiful Butterflies that you Are... 

 2 June 2011  Channeler: Ray Dawn
Hello to you, We are the Arcturians.
We come to speak with you in this way and at this time to bring Peace.
To bring feelings of peace to your hearts and wonderment.

For here we are at a cusp of unfolding of your hearts focus.
This moment is so very powerful for all is with you as you emerge..
As time is collapsing into the moment,
we ask you to come into this moment with awareness of who you are,
for you are peace, you are solace, you are comfort and you are safety..
Allow all that is to be who you are, in this moment,
and awaken to all the gifts you have had tucked away..
This moment is different from any other for the awakening of all matter is at hand!
Yes and all that is, is here to meet you in this moment and together we come into Unity…
Now is the time to remember all the gifts you have brought with you
to allow this love to pour forth upon the Earth,
as this globe is turning, all is coming unto the Unity that has been spoken of
for thousands of years…
Await no longer and begin to emerge from your cocoon.
Witness the shift in the air, notice the opening of a flower,
for all is timed perfectly and yes you have a part in the timing,
for it is within your very soul, timed perfectly..
So can you allow yourself to be in honest trust of the universe, of your power,
of the glory of being alive to witness this changing of the tide?
We ask all of you to remember your gifts, for all of you have so many,
they are easy to reclaim.
All it takes is this moment of awareness, of allowing time to soften..
Allow your true nature to be easy upon you, struggle not for what might have been,
come back to this moment and awaken the souls gifts that are here for each of you,
right now, right here…
This time upon the earth is the Great Unravel,
and all has pointed to these occurrences for you have the pieces of the puzzle,
it is time to put them together and remember where you came from,
who you are, it is all stored within you, each of you!
So it is easy, the child knows, do you?
Yes the child knows the wonderment of being present, of being alive, right here, right now.
They just know, they are not filled with the struggle of being alive, of conditions.

Be like the child and lift yourselves up to smell the breeze,
slow down into the moment and awaken there, there in the Heart is the truth…

All time is now, not tomorrow, make use of the moment by relaxing into it,
by allowing the natural flow of life to take care of you,
trust that life will bring you what you need and be easy, be in enjoyment of it All…
As all that is, is coming forth here, remembering here within you,
all that is needed is peace in the moment.
All that is asked is forgiveness of what might have been.
When you feel you cannot go forth, let go into now …
Peace is coming to the Earth, from deep within each of you it awakens,
it opens more and more into your presence, and you feel it there, more and more each day.

Allow this transition to unity to be peaceful, all are needed, no one is left out,
for love pours forth to everyone to bring each of you the greatest gift, to each of your hearts,
it opens there and allows you to remember All…

As the clock is ever ticking, we ask you to relax and let go into this moment for the moment
will be expanding into longer and longer moments of clarity for you, of love and peace.
It is shifting the tide in your favor, to bring up liftments for all…
Remember that all the struggles are a part of the larger plan,
are a part of this grand experiment in love and lack of..
Yes the time is now to come home unto yourself.

As you do we meet you there to expand your presence to meet you in grace..
The time is now, let go and allow this transition to be in peace for it is in your power
to do so, now…
We are the Arcturians and bring you solace, bring you comfort, for it is who you are,
the Peacemakers.
You are anointed in this; it is time to make it so..
We leave you with a softness, a gentleness that is yours to claim for it is your true nature,
forget the stories you have been sold and know the power is within you
to change this system into the light,
it is done, it is here and all is returning to it’s rightful glory…
Time keeps on ticking and as it does,
you are emerging as the beautiful butterflies that you are…
In truth,
We thank you….

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Comment by Claude on June 3, 2011 at 6:57am

Hello Besimi:)

Yeah...Love this one as well..!

The Arcturians are Very Advanced Civilization.

Much Love To You Soulful Friend.!


Comment by Besimi on June 3, 2011 at 1:14am

thanks Claude :) ....Loved this one.'s good to hear from Arcturians indeed. :):):)   ...Much Love to You Dear Great friend.  NAMASTE.

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