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The Real Disclosure of the Rx-Files. ~Steve Beckow.


The Real Disclosure of the Rx-Files.

Part 1 /2 (Part 2 below)


“Alien technology being used against us. Not by aliens. Not with aliens. But by a venal conspiracy of men against humanity.” 28:00

“This is not an alien conspiracy. This is a conspiracy of men.” 30:29

“Elaborately-staged abductions [are taking place] in craft using alien technology recovered from downed saucers.” 33:20

Wow. Holy mackerel. What can I say?

To switch into Steven Greer’s language for a moment, exposure of the fact that it wasn’t “alien Greys” who abducted all us humans but terrestrial actors working for the contractors and military of the secret space program dressed as aliens? Oh, yes, and bioengineered robots running around in the background, looking like a grey army? Oh, my, what is being said here?

Well, it isn’t just disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. That’s perhaps 30% of what’s being said here. And that 30% almost everyone who...

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This signifies a time for new beginnings. ~ A Wisdom via Sharon Taphorn.


New Beginnings. 

This signifies a time for new beginnings.

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.

January 31, 2016.

Sometimes we cling to the old or the familiar and see change or the unknown as frightening.  Call upon your angels and guides whenever you feel alone or afraid, when facing new situations, people or projects. Be open to new approaches to life, new opportunities and options that come with releasing the old ways, thoughts and attitudes that are no longer working or supporting your growth. Allow yourself to be stretched and expand your perspective and know that humans learn about themselves and their world through growth, change and new experiences.
Have faith and trust that something new is on the horizon. Hold positive thoughts for yourself and others as you go through the doorway of change. Support each other and make it your aim to have a sense of satisfaction from the completions as you move on to the new that is coming your way, even if...

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CIA Releases Secret UFO Files – Including Spaceships Over Britain In 1962


CIA Releases Secret UFO Files.

Including Spaceships Over Britain In 1962.

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia



 January 31, 2016 




CIA Releases Secret UFO Files – Including Spaceships Over Britain In 1962

It’s the moment UFO fans have been waiting for – the CIA has hand-selected some formerly top-secret files and photos to ‘prove’ extraterrestrials exist.

Sadly for extraterrestrial fans, the files are a bit lacking in alien autopsies and crashed flying saucers – but they’re a fascinating insight into the height of the ‘flying saucer’ era.

The CIA released the files – seemingly to coincide with the new X-Files episodes – provoking disbelief on UFO websites.

One report, entitled, Flying Saucers and dated 1 August 1952, says, ‘Less than 100 reasonably credible reports remain ‘unexplainable’ at this time. It is recommended that CIA surveillance be continued.

‘It is strongly urged, however, that no reports of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public....

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21 Lawmakers Push Veterans Affairs to Allow Medical Marijuana. ~ Christina Sarich.


21 Lawmakers Push Veterans Affairs to Allow Medical Marijuana.

By Christina Sarich, Natural Society

January 31, 2016 


Under a policy expiring on January 31, 2016, Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors are not allowed to discuss medical marijuana treatments to their patients. Twenty-one lawmakers are urging VA doctors to allow medical marijuana to be not only discussed, but sometimes recommended in states where it is legal.

Nineteen Democrats and two Republicans, including Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada, a physician and Army Reserve brigadier general who chairs the House Armed Services personnel panel, want a new policy that “removes barriers that would interfere with the doctor-patient relationship” in states where medical marijuana is legal.

The policy, according to lawmakers, “disincentivizes doctors and patients from being honest with each other.”

Since the policy expires at the end of the month, the lawmakers want to make sure that “veterans’ access to care is not compromised and that doctors and patients are allowed to have honest discussions about treatment options.”...

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Mistakes. ~Creator via Jennifer Farley.



The Creator Writings.

transcribed by Jennifer Farley,

ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner.

January 31, 2016

Yes, you have made mistakes. Some may seem ‘horrible’ and or unforgivable. But, it is very important to remember, my beautiful child, that a mistake is the way your soul learns and retains valuable information. Every single person on your Earth-plane has made at least one. (Smiling)

The very first step to learning from and changing a mistake is forgiveness. Forgive yourself then release the guilt and shame attached to it. This is your opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Acknowledge, release and love yourself for the wonderful thing you are doing for you! 

Tanks to URL:

Please respect all credits.

This author archives:

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 

No religious or political belief is defended here.

Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

More @
Like this! please bookmark. It...

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Hilarion, January 31, 2016 ~Marlene Swetlishoff.


Message from Hilarion.

Through Marlene Swetlishoff.

January 31-February 7, 2016

Beloved Ones,

Upon you, Beloved Ones, rest the strength and stability of your world. You are the adventurers stepping into the unknown and bravely experiencing every moment of it. As you do this you are setting the template of the new Earth reality. As more of you take up this mantle, your Light and the Light in the world grows exponentially. We have said this many times before but it bears repeating often, for it is easy to forget as the affairs of the world around you catch you in their dramas, of which there are many. Repeat to yourselves often that you ARE the Light and that is your true identity.

The world you live on is very rich and there are enough resources for all but there are those who feel that only they must be in control of all of it. This is going to rapidly change as we venture further into the...

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From Ground Zero to Infinity and Beyond! ~Wendy Sue Noah.


From Ground Zero to Infinity and Beyond!

By Wendy Sue Noah 

(Contributor for the Culture of Awareness)

January 31, 2016 


For ten years, I belonged to a religious cult. The group centered around a man whom I first took to be a spiritual master, but who turned out to be extremely abusive, manipulative and controlling. And with him, I had five children.

By the time I’d met this man (when I was thirty), I was already quite successful. But something always seemed to be missing. And this man, a man of powerful presence who sensed my vulnerability, came along at just the right place and time, offering me just what I wanted: the chance for something deeper. And I jumped at it.

Ten years and five babies later, after a slow self-awakening in which I came to question – and then to no longer accept – his abusive treatment of me and my children, this so-called “spiritual master” threw me out on the...

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Embracing Your Power. ~ by Eliza Ayres.


Blue Dragon Journal.


Embracing Your Power.

 by Eliza Ayres.

January 31, 2016

Eliza: Embracing Your Power

As a woman growing up into a male-dominated world, it has been an “interesting” process of discerning “who do I believe?” In the end, I’ve come down to the conclusion that you need to learn to trust your inner guide, your intuition, despite the fact that it often leads you in directions that can frighten and intimidate the “nice little woman” inside.

As women, we have been taught to take a second, usually lesser place than males, even if we have managed to “make it” in the “real world”… which isn’t real at all. A woman who becomes like a man in the business world or any other male-dominated institution including the church, often has to do so at the cost of her femininity. I am not talking about the social niceties here, like wearing good clothing, exhibiting fine manners or swearing like a teamster.

It takes great strength...

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Krishnamurti Quotes: Be Ruthlessly Free of Society Psychologically


Be Ruthlessly Free of Society Psychologically.


Krishnamurti Quotes.

 J. Krishnamurti Online

January 30, 2016



As long as you are acquisitive, envious, ambitious, seeking power, position, prestige, society approves of it; and on that you base your action. That action is considered respectable, moral. But it is not moral at all.

Power in any form is evil: the power of the husband over the wife or the wife over the husband, the power of the politicians.

The more tyrannical, the more bigoted, the more religious the power, the more evil it is. That is a fact, a provable, observable fact, but society approves of it. You all worship the man in power, and you base your action on that power.

So, if you observe that your action is based on acquisitiveness of power, on the desire to succeed, on the desire to be somebody in this rotten world, then facing the fact will bring about a totally different action, and that is...

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Mayan Messages: 10 Keys to Ascension


10 Keys to Ascension

Mayan Messages via Theresa Crabtree,  

Mayan Messages, January 30, 2016 


In one sense, you are already perfect and pure, but in another sense, there is much you wish to experience, thus you have temporarily separated yourself from Source.

Know that you are truly not separate, for within you resides the Oneness of Source. You have chosen individuation, just for a time. In the Earth Realm, it was decided that this feeling of separation would be allowed to exist.

Many of you sense that time is near its end and are thus propelling yourselves forward at a speed that is unrecorded in the history of the universe. To best ensure your success in these endeavors while embodied in human form, consider the following.

Rest when you are tired.

Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Laugh often.

Enjoy life.

Choose jobs that give you joy.

Be respectful of the...

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Prepare for Change ~ 2016/01/31


Prepare for Change

The Alien Disclosure Agenda: Who Is in Charge?
2016-01-30 08:58:13-05

The Alien Disclosure Agenda: Who Is in Charge? The X-Files opened a can of worms. It sounded good, and looked too good to be true and when something seems too good to be ... Read more...

Language of Love Meditation
2016-01-30 23:29:02-05

MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015 By untwine on Language of Love Meditation There is a flow of divine love energy that is naturally flowing through all things in creation. This flow is made ... Read more...

Implants Clearing Protocol
2016-01-31 00:13:37-05

By Freddy Ground Crew I will present here a very effective protocol that i have created to support all of the Light Forces in the process of the implants removal, i have created ... Read more...

Return of the Feminine : What Does it Mean ?
2016-01-31 00:57:42-05

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2015 By untwine on Return of the Feminine : What Does it...

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Manifesto of the Awakened: We Are Aware!. ~Zen Gardner.


Manifesto of the Awakened: We Are Aware!






To the Few Whom This Concerns:
Re: The deliberate subjugation of our people and planet
While you continue to hypocritically blame humanity for the dire plight of our world, we hereby put you on notice that we are well aware that it is you, the financial, corporate, military, scientific and governmental agents and, most of all, the dark shadow forces behind you, that we know full well comprise and empower the destructive global power grid, that are responsible for our current engineered crises and overall social condition.
You’ve brought us and our planet to the precipice. If you do not cease and desist, what is soon to come will be blood on your hands, cause untold suffering, and all for naught as far as your designs are concerned. You too will shrivel up in the dustbin of history as just...

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What’s the Plan? ~Dreama Vance.


What’s the Plan?


by Dreama Vance

Darren Hardy is a motivational speaker that I heard at a convention. He had a PowerPoint slide with two side-by-side images. On one side was a slovenly dressed, middle-aged, overweight man in front of a clunker of a car, in front of a run-down house. On the other side was a picture of a well-groomed, trim man with a beautiful woman and two smiling children in front of a sleek car in front of a beautiful house and landscaped lawn. His question was, “Where do you want to be?”

I always laugh when I think about this picture because it is such a visual image and is applicable to just about everything in life. Indeed, his message in his presentation was that it is what you do everyday that determines where you will be in five, ten or twenty years. But first, you have to have a plan.

Everything starts with a plan. Do you want to...

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Any Situation Can Be an Opportunity for Celebration. ~A Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel


Any Situation Can Be an Opportunity for Celebration.

A message from Archangel Gabriel.

Through Shanta Gabriel.

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel offers suggestions that expand the perception of challenging situations in our lives.

The Gabriel Message Card for this week

All situations are opportunities for the Divine Light to shine through you
as times of celebration, not fear.
Shanta GabrielOften when I come into a situation that is unknown or unfamiliar, I notice that my first impulse is to feel fearful. This does seem to be a fairly common response to the unknown aspects of life. It takes consciously slowing down on my part, taking that deep breath and remembering what my intention is.

Prayers for Divine Light to flow through me and any situation or relationship I am involved with sets the energy I...

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Dr. Steven Greer: We Own the Light of Disclosure. ~Therese Zumi


Dr. Steven Greer: 

We Own the Light of Disclosure.


Dr. Steven Greer: We Own the Light of Disclosure

I don’t usually have time to watch videos any more, or listen to audiotapes, etc. So when a friend said I completely and absolutely needed to listen to Steven Greer’s four-hour presentation on how the secret government operates, I groaned.

But I stuck it through and oh my, I’m glad I did. Every individual should watch it, I think.

It’s four hours because Steven wanted to have, in one place, the complete story in case anything ever happened to him.

Let me give some of those individual details.

To begin with, Steven explains that the whole space effort is being run by “a hybridized entity. It’s part government – unacknowledged projects, deep black, transnational security state – and three-quarters corporate. The action is in the corporate sector.” 1:41:00.

“Keep in mind...

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Lavoy Finicum Murdered in Cold Blood by FBI. ~Therese Zumi.


Lavoy Finicum Murdered in Cold Blood by FBI.

by Therese Zumi Sumner

January 30, 2016.

Lavoy Finicum Murdered in Cold Blood by FBI

This man was gunned down while standing with his hands in the air by the FBI. I urge you to watch this video and the part at the end 3 mins 30 seconds where Lavoy himself recently answered questions and explained how if / when the authorities arrived he would never point a gun at anyone who was not pointing a gun at him…..

Lavoy Finicum Murdered in Cold Blood by FBI

First Hand Eye Witness of Shooting

The second video is an eye witness report from Victoria Sharp. Official story says 3 shots were fired in this incident – she says over 100 shots were fired.

James Gilliland has made this comment re this second video:
“ This was an assassination attempt just like Waco to cover up the dirty dealings of politicians. The truth will all surface and those...

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The Event is a Present Day Approach to the Ancient Global Shift. ~ Dane Arr.


The Event is a Present Day Approach to the Ancient Global Shift.

by Dane Arr

January 30, 2016 



Higher Density Particles are Flooding the Solar System and Earth is about to Shift to a Higher Frequency State of Consciousnes. It will be the Prophesied Victory of the Light!

The Event is a present day approach to the Shift predicted in ancient texts of all religions. For thousands of years, prophets and sages have connected to the Universal consciousness and learned of the time when all humanity would experience cosmic consciousness. This is the time when the natural energies of our planet and solar system would raise and all life would experience a higher awareness of our connectedness and relationship to the creator.

The solar system moved above the galactic plane in 2012 and on this side there is a much higher density space filled with very energetic particles, and the galactic center is currently sending waves of energy toward us as well. These...

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Nine Veils on Every Human Soul. ~by Dane Arr. -- A. True Ott.


Nine Veils on Every Human Soul.

by Dane Arr.

January 29, 2016 

By A. True Ott, PhD

The 9 Veils Placed On Every Human Soul

Nearly a decade ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine named Don Harkins authored a wonderfully thought-provoking piece entitled “Slavery and the eight veils. Prior to Harkins’ untimely death, we discussed this “Eight-veils theory” for literally hours together – and in the end, Don asked me to write a piece about this for his newspaper, “The Idaho Observer.” He did this, because I had shared much of my research with Don, and we together came to the conclusion that in reality, there were actually NINE veils placed on the human soul (i.e. intelligence), and that spiritual progression and thus a full knowledge of TRUTH would require the piercing of these Nine Veils.

I joked with Don that this topic would take an entire edition of The Idaho Observer, and then it would only scratch the surface. That was one...

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Break Your Fears and Not Your Heart ~Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff.


Break Your Fears and Not Your Heart.


via Gloria Wendroff,

January 30, 2016



God said:

You may have become comfortable with wrenching your heart, squeezing it, making your heart break. You may think that heartbreak is the lay of the land. You may think that broken-hearted is the only way to go. So much in life seems to have been taken from you, wrested from you, obliterated from you. There is even word for your suffering in romantic novels and in the world, and the word is drama. You perform in a tragedy.

Must you think this way about your presence in the world I made for you and gave to you?

Is it tragedy that your friends rise to Heaven in the everyday world, and you are left to miss them and want them back with you and find it very hard to get over having been left behind. It is too terrible for you to contemplate ahead of...

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We ARE here! ~by Eliza Ayres.


Blue Dragon Journal.





We ARE here!

by Eliza Ayres.

 January 31, 2016




Eliza: We ARE here!

When I feel or listen within, I’ll often hear this phrase from my Team, “We are here!” For me, it has been a source of comfort, a way to tune into the channels that I listen to… which has nothing to do with 3D radio reception.

This phrase is beginning to take on greater meaning for all light workers, especially those who are passing through the portal NOW, from 3D/4D to 5D. My interpretation of this portal is that when we fully emerge on the other side, our multi-dimensional Selves will be fully anchored HERE, within our consciousness. We will no longer be human. We will be fully our true nature, although still passing in appearance as human beings for the time being…

I AM a Galactic Emissary and Scribe. In my various articles written over a three-year period, I have shared...

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Return of the Feminine : What Does it Mean ?


Return of the Feminine: 

What Does it Mean ?

by Dane Arr

January 30, 2016 

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2015  

Return of the Feminine : What Does it Mean ?

There has been a lot of talk, for good reasons, about the return of true feminine energy on this planet.

What does it mean ? This is an important question because for millenia, humans have been programmed a lot about this. In fact, this very question is at the core of the whole slavery construct of this planet, it’s the cornerstone on which the whole matrix was built, which allows it to stay in place.

The dark have spent a whole lot of efforts distorting and attacking this in so many various ways, that the programming goes much much deeper than most people expect, even those who are awake to a certain degree. So, we won’t generate much progress for our liberation by just skimming over this question quickly.

We know...

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Implants Clearing Protocol ~by Dane Arr, Freddy Ground


Implants Clearing Protocol

by Dane Arr

January 30, 2016 


By Freddy Ground Crew 

I will present here a very effective protocol that i have created to support all of the Light Forces in the process of the implants removal, i have created it using my intuition, rational mind, knowledge and connection with my soul combined.

It is important to specify that by doing this protocol/visualization once, the implants will not be removed but by doing it regurarly, we will greatly support the current Light Forces operations aimed at removing those implants permanently. It is also important to specify that we are talking here about etheric/plasmatic implants and not physical ones; as Cobra explained in one of his first posts back in June 2012, physical implants are not an issue anymore:

“There were also physical implants. The physical implants were very popular in Atlantis but were discontinued after the fall of Atlantis happened. There was an attempt to reintroduce physical implants after the World War...

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The Alien Disclosure Agenda: Who Is in Charge? ~ Therese Zumi.



The Alien Disclosure Agenda: Who Is in Charge?

by Therese Zumi Sumner.

January 30, 2016 

The X-Files opened a can of worms.

It sounded good, and looked too good to be true and when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

I arrived home from work at 10 pm last night to a couple of messages stating the CIA has suddenly declassified hundreds of UFO documents. How very interesting.

A little background for those who need it:

We’re told by researcher/whistleblower David Wilcock that there is a race on to see who will bring us disclosure of the Galactics first; the good guys (the Galactics or benevolent ETs) or the bad guys. (see next paragraph)

The benevolent ETs gave the Military Industrial Complex/Secret Space Program/Illuminati/reptilians/cabal an ultimatum: that they had better tell us about the aliens pretty darn quick, or THEY were going to do it. That’s the last thing the miscreants want.

They wanted to do it themselves because it...

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