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Seeking truth to be Free! - December 26th 2015 ~ 9 posts.

This could be the end for Big Oil.

Money Morning Disclaimer.*This could be the end for Big Oil.* A stunning breakthrough in chemical engineering has unleashed a massive supply of fuel... Enough fuel, in fact, to power the entire globe for over 36,000 years. *This fuel is so revolutionary*, it's poised to decimate Big Oil's obscene profits, make OPEC obsolete, and hand the United States 100% energy independence. In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense just invested $7 billion in a single day... Apple, Google, and Facebook are spending billions racing to implement this technology. And billionaires like Bill Gates ... more »

Q & A with Cobra December 15, 2015.

Q & A with CobraDecember 15, 2015 Posted by Ryan Marchand on Dec 22, 2015 in Cobra Interviews, Prepare for Change [image: twin-jet-nebula-1024x576] MERRY CHRISTMAS Dear Promise and Cobra Family*This month will be Transcript only*. The reason is I wanted to clarify some misunderstandings from the text that I had in the interview. This morning Cobra and I did just that. I have redacted certain things from my original intro and from the interview. I appologize for posting early and then taking this down as Cobra was forthright about his views and answers to me. We both do not w... more »

Court Finds Monsanto Responsible for Poisoning French Farmer. ~Eart...

Court Finds Monsanto Responsible for Poisoning French Farmer. From Earth We Are One, December 24, 2015. The court of appeals in Lyon, France, has discovered agribusiness giant Monsanto blameworthy of harming a man named Paul François. François is a rancher who asserted that he endured a huge number of ailments, including headaches, memory loss, neurological issues and stammering, after he inadvertently breathed in Monsanto’s herbicide, Lasso. François utilized Lasso for more than 15 years, and in 2004 unintentionally breathed in the product. After the occurrence, the farmer star...more »

How To Use LOVE to Dramatically and Quickly Improve Conditions on O...

How To Use LOVE to Dramatically and Quickly Improve Conditions on Our Planet. From Conscious Life News, December 26, 2015. Iain McNay interview with Dr. Amit Goswami. This video is an interview with Dr. Amit Goswami, who is the author of many books that bridge science and spirituality including “*How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization: A Few People Can Change Human Evolution.”* (For an overview of Quantum Activism, see the article “*Become a Quantum Activist* .”) In this video, Dr. Goswami provides a solution to permanently rewire the brain circuits of the collective for LOV... more »

6 Ways To Open Your Life Up To Cosmic Energy. ~By Anna Hunt.

6 Ways To Open Your Life Up To Cosmic Energy. By Anna Hunt, *WakingTimes*, Thanks to 26, 2015. [image: 6 Ways To Open Your Life Up To Cosmic Energy] As mainstream science starts to more-openly recognize the effectiveness of practices such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and so forth, more of us are learning that we are energetic beings, who must consider how other energies affect our well-being. As believed from an early age by Taoist Masters in China, and later proven by quantum physics, we are all connected; even through the outer reaches of space and time,... more »

Vibrate The Cosmos – Your Thoughts n Intentions Can Create Your Pat...

Vibrate The Cosmos. Your Thoughts *and* Intentions Can Create Your Path. By Leona Henryson, Collective Evolution, December 26, 2015. [image: cosmos vibrations] We are such slaves to our 5 senses. And it always takes science to ultimately demonstrate that what we do perceive with our sense is, in fact, not true. And it will be science that will show the masses what many of us already know – that our thoughts have energy and vibrate, just like everything else. When they are aligned with the order and perfection of Universal Mind, the sky is literally the limit of what we can attract ... more »

Bodhisattvas. ~Steve Beckow.

Bodhisattvas. By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, December 26, 2015. I was asked the other day why I don’t lay aside what I’m up to and concentrate on my enlightenment. And I replied that I had a mission to fulfill this lifetime and wasn’t going to accept the invitation. Not yet. Another lifetime perhaps. For me at least, this lifetime is not a race to get across the finish line. It’s about helping anyone else who needs the assistance to get across the finish line. Like you, I have a soul contract and a mission that arises out of it. You remember the paralympics and the b... more »

Golden Age of Gaia: Merry Christmas, Everyone. ~Steve Beckow,

Golden Age of Gaia: Merry Christmas, Everyone. By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, December 26, 2015 Sent by Wes Annac. *Note from Wes Annac: I know I’m a day late on posting this, but it’s a great piece about Jesus that I think some of you would appreciate. * A Merry Christmas to all readers of the Golden Age of Gaia from all of us here. This has been a wild and bone-rattling ride we’ve been on, hanging on by the skin of our teeth and keeping the faith while we wait and wait for the main events. You’re still here and we’re still here. And we’re not going anywhere. I ... more »

Video: The TRUTH About Christmas, Holidays, and Giving. ~Anthony Gu...

Video: The TRUTH About Christmas, Holidays, and Giving. By Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society, December 26, 2015. *Have you ever wished that every day could be like Christmas, with everyone enjoying the ‘Christmas spirit’ all year-round?* Why is it that we use the holiday season as a reason for being especially giving and cheerful, when in fact this is the way we should strive to be every single day? In this video, I break down the truth about Christmas and all holidays, *explaining how the holiday spirit should extend to all 365 days of the year.* *Tanks to* URL: ;more »

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