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Seeking truth to be Free! - December 25th 2015 ~ 16 posts.

Flowing. ~Creator via Jennifer Farley.

Flowing. The Creator Writings.Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner.DECEMBER 25, 2015. A gentle reminder: now is a good place to be. Nothing of the past crowds you; each new now flows serenely into the next with a future of nows wide open to you. Creator. *Tanks to *URL: ------------------------------ *Please respect all credits.* *This author archives:* *All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. * *No religious or political beli... more »

A Vision for Leadership

*The Vision Alignment Project* *A Vision for Leadership * *This timely Vision comes to us from Michael Beveridge in California. Michael emphasizes that OUR BELIEF MAKES OUR WORLD, and therefore he shares the following .. . * We see our world as a reflection of what we truly are ready for and believe in with utter faith and compassion. We see a world in which those in control of our power centers have the highest of intentions for all on this physical plane: All environments, all creatures, all cultures and societies. We see these powerful and good intentioned leaders in their nativ... more »

Mushaba Platinum Light. ~Nancy Tate.

Mushaba Platinum Light.Through Nancy Tate. *Nancy Tate: Bob and I received a very interesting message today from our dear friend, Anakhanda Mushaba. As I was reading it I felt that there would be something to add to it that would come through me. Here is the original message, and then the addition. * Anakhanda: 12-24-2015 I come to you at this time because I have a bit of news for you. This is the time when all of the chances that the present government of the USA is coming into tender. That is to say that it is being called by invitation to make a change, to present an acce... more »

Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember. ~By S...

Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose & Remember. By Sayer Ji, Green Med Info, Thanks to The Mind Unleashed.December 25, 2015 *.* *Modern science is only beginning to catch up to the wisdom of the ancients: plants possess sentience and a rudimentary form of intelligence.* *Modern science is only beginning to catch up to the wisdom of the ancients: plants possess sentience and a rudimentary form of intelligence. * Plants are far more intelligent and capable than we given them credit. In fact, provocative research from 2010 published in Plant Signaling & Behavior proposes that ... more »

5 Signs You’re A Natural Born Artist. Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like ...

5 Signs You’re A Natural Born Artist. Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It. From Higher Perspective, December 24, 2015. 1. You appreciate art. This is the first sign. Every artist appreciates art! You might experience some trouble expressing yourself artistically though. You might create time to time but you don’t think much of your work. Welcome to being an artist. 2. You are incredibly sensitive to your surroundings. Every artist is keenly aware of the world around them. You’re able to feel joy, pain, and every emotion in between. Artists are true empaths. That sensitivity fuels you... more »

These 9 Things Could Be Sabotaging Your Inner Peace. ~By Aletheia L...

These 9 Things Could Be Sabotaging Your Inner Peace. By Aletheia Luna, Loner Wolf, Thanks to Conscious Life News December 25, 2015. [image: inner-peace] Having a nervous breakdown was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Before reaching the absolute end of my stress threshold, I never thought that finding inner peace – especially for a highly sensitive person prone to anxiety – was possible. In fact, the concept was so alien to me that the words “stillness” and “serenity” weren’t even in my personal dictionary. Peace was a completely foreign concept to me. *Related ... more »

America’s (USA) Wild Bee Populations Are Dwindling at Alarming Rates.

America’s Wild Bee Populations Are Dwindling at Alarming Rates. By Claire Bernish, Anti Media, December 23, 2015 *(**ANTIMEDIA**)**United States —**“It’s clear that pollinators are in trouble,”*cautioned Taylor Ricketts, lead author of a study mapping the decline in pollinator populations by researchers with the University of Vermont, published Monday in *Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences*. Despite Ricketts’ rather restrained statement, the study’s findings clearly indicate the pollinators — specifically, wild bees — aren’t the only ones in trouble. According to t... more »

Full Moon December 25 2015; Let it Go, Watch it Flow. ~By Shannon H...

Full Moon December 25 2015; Let it Go, Watch it Flow. By Shannon Hugman, The Master Shift, December 24, 2015. Credit: *December 25th is a full moon in the sign of Cancer*. Full moon energy can unfold in many ways. Essentially the sun and the moon are in opposite signs. This could lead to “tug-of-war” energy with both sides pulling against each other in opposite directions. However ideally, this energy finds a compromise, meets half way and manifests as two strong pillars that support each other. To get to that place of expansion and support; *we must let... more »

Unified Theory of Everything. by Owen K Waters.

T*he Divine Dynamics. * *Unified Theory of Everything. by Owen K Waters.* *Divine Dynamics* is the study of Creation. *A Unified Theory of Everything* is a framework that encompasses the nature of life and the universe. The one constant in existence is the consciousness of *Infinite Being*, also known as the Godhead, the Absolute or Tao. Nothing exists beyond Infinite Being. Its consciousness is the sense of awareness present in all people. Infinite Being is essentially passive and unchanging in nature. However, led by a spark of curiosity, Infinite Being decided to form *the Cre... more »

Prepare for Change ~December 25th, 2015.

Prepare for Change New Cobra Interview for December with Rob 2015-12-23 09:38:35-05 read more... This could be the end for Big Oil 2015-12-24 15:05:36-05 Astunning breakthrough in chemical engineering has unleashed a massive supply of fuel… Enough fuel, in fact, to power the entire globe for over 36,000 years. This fuel is so revolutionary, it’s ... Read more... read more... Something Extraordinary Is Happeni... more »

Archangel Gabriel, December 24, 2015. ~ Marlene Swetlishoff.

Message from Archangel Gabriel. Through Marlene Swetlishoff.December 24, 2015. Image Source Beloved Ones, Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as omnipresence. The divine is everywhere present in the created universe and is the creator of all things visible and invisible. This divine presence is all that is; perfect life, intelligence and substance, knowledge and power. The divine is the fullness of being, pure spirit, immutable and always provident, all knowing and all wise. The divine is not limited by space or time and can be in countless places and involved with... more »

Benjamin Fulford December 22, 2015. ~Financial power struggle inten...

Financial power struggle intensifies as IMF head criminally charged immediately after IMF announces reforms.By Benjamin Fulford.December 22, 2015 The International Monetary Fund last week made a big push to position its SDR currency as a replacement for the US dollar. The US Congress finally (after 5 years foot-dragging) approved IMF voting reform, diluting G7 power, after which the organization announced it was doubling its money to 477 billion SDR (US$660 billion) from 238 billion SDR (about $330 billion). Somebody appa... more »

Steve Beckow: Unwrapping the Best Christmas Gift of All.

Unwrapping the Best Christmas Gift of All.By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, December 24, 2015. Photo Credit: Folks who’ve been casting off their core issues for the last three or four years know how constructive this deconstructive process has been. We’ve been wrapped up in all manner of stress patterns, binding the musculature of our bodies. The tightening of those muscles has the effect of pinching off awareness and denying us access to the more refined feelings, like love and joy. The operating instructions for holding that tension in place have ... more »

10 Incredible Ancient Cities That Have Emerged from the Past.

10 Incredible Ancient Cities That Have Emerged from the Past.From Earth We Are One, December 24, 2015. While we agree with many who believe that the story of Atlantis and its mighty empire is one of the most enigmatic tales of the past, it isn’t unique, as there are dozens of other similar tales of different cities, cultures and civilizations that just like Atlantis, disappeared without a trace, beneath oceans, jungles or desert sands. Many cities which were deemed as mythological have proven to be more than that, and have emerged from the past making us wonder just how many si... more »

USA. -Congress Decided we Don’t Deserve to Know Where Meat Comes Fr...

Congress Decided we Don’t Deserve to Know Where Meat Comes From.By Julie Filder, Natural Society, December 22, 2015. [image: meat-market-735-250] The spending bill passed by Congress on Friday repealed the country-of-origin labeling(COOL) regulation that let consumers know where their meat came from. The decision follows a ruling from the World Trade Organization (WTO) that found the labels discriminate against meat raised and slaughtered outside the United States. The WTO permitted Mexico and Canada to impose more than $1 billion in tariffs on U.S. goods in retaliation if the label... more »

Inspiration for the Week ~ Shanta Gabriel.

Inspiration for the Week. By Shanta Gabriel. Happy Holy Days! Even though the Archangels do not take vacations, we are taking time to allow the humans who produce the Inspiration for the Week to have a well-deserved Holiday. Be assured that there are Inspirations of the Week archived on my website if you need to be reminded that you are not alone during this Holy Day season. We wish you a most spectacular Christmas and a blessed New Year's Celebration. May the wider Love of this season fill you with the presence of Angels and open new channels of awakening Light in your heart ... more »

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