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Some books help to change our lives. If you value your future then consider the wisdom that shines through the pages of this book. Here are a couple of passages that I hope will make you sit up and think.

"If you take away the shared field of consciousness on Earth, if you take away the darkness, then the soul begins to remember that it itself is Light! If we were to strip away your physical body, if we were to strip away your mental body, if we were to strip away your astral body, what would we be left with? We would be left with consciousness that is embedded within a spark, within Light.
The God that people seek in religion, in churches, in kneeling, in clasping their hands and closing their eyes, and saying, '"Where are you, God?' is within them all the time. It's Light, but they will never realise this until sufficient Light is brought back into this world, and I say back because your world has gone into a decline, and there was a time when there was sufficient Light on Earth for people to know who they were and to live accordingly."
Just click on the picture to learn more about this enlightening book.

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