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Debra Oakland is a Courage Advocate, writer and "Joy-Full Experiencer." Debra became a Courage Advocate through the loss of so many family members over a six year period.

Debra lost her 21-year-old son Wade, her unborn baby girl in the eighth month of pregnancy, both brothers to AIDS, and her father to prostate cancer. The loss of other  friends occurred during this time as well. She could have given up, but instead she asked herself what each of them would have wanted for her.

She knew deep in her heart the answer was to live a life of courage, to encourage others, and to be happy. Debra says she has become a better person for knowing them and a stronger, more courageous person in their absence. She chooses to love and honour each one and carries them in her heart as a precious gift.

So who is better qualified to discuss the subject of Integrity than she? The following version, followed by Mike O'Hare's supporting article tries to describe a very personal concept which tries to unravel who we are.

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