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RED DRAGON FAMILY : The Pope would love you all to join him in The Sacrifice of the Mass(es) Posted by HATTER on January 2, 2015

RED DRAGON FAMILY : The Pope would love you all to join him in The Sacrifice of the Mass(es) Posted by HATTER on January 2, 2015





The Pope would love you all to join him in

The Sacrifice of the Mass(es) in view of

his holiness and host



The Ambassador called Ron this afternoon all excited. A fiery Phoenix cloud formation that appeared over Beijing just before Christmas during the time his message was being recorded with rock. The elders took this is another sign that 555 would overtake 666. Bear in mind that the Ambassador’s symbol is the phoenix. In addition, the Pope’s New Year message was about ending war and stopping slavery. Of course most of humanity would like to see this come to pass, since it is our vision is much as it is the Ambassador’s. Gwen Caldwell, a Native American from South Dakota, join the Ambassador and Ron in the conversation.



Just for Clarification, Rose has repeatedly said (and I totally agree) that the ENTIRE MONEY SYSTEM and the Job System was put in place by LILLITH (a/k/a Queen Elizabeth -same being) to ENSLAVE and Control us. In case you don’t know Queen Lizzie owns about 90% of the world’s property. That means that Anyone (Cobra, Fulford, Drake, Wilcock, etc) promising Freedom for the Masses by any kind of “Financial Reset” is knowingly or unknowingly supporting the Matrix Slave Lords. Earlier in my Journey ( before I came across Rose and thoroughly studying her info) I initially bought into the RV, Reset and even to a degree Cobra’s version of “The Event” but I now know these are all still tied into The Matrix and will NEVER result in any freedom for us. The Matrix Slave Lords dangle these “carrots” before our desperate eyes because they know we will most likely latch onto any shred of hope for an improved life situation. They are nothing but Empty Promises and Smokescreens. So what is the answer? You have to make your OWN WAY in this mine field. Do not rely on their system to help you! Use your gifts and talents, listen to your inner guidance and USE and BELIEVE in your INCREDIBLE POWERS OF MANIFESTATION! Much Love to you all. This is the Year We Transcend the Matrix (whether we physically leave or not)!






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Comment by Besimi on January 4, 2015 at 11:46pm

Ukraine: Radiation Levels Are 16.8x Higher Than Permitted -- What's Going On?

Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Sunday, 4-Jan-2015 04:03:15

UK officials are denying reports of a radioactive leak at one of the largest European nuclear power plants – the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.

LifeNews has published what it claims is a leaked report by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The permissible level of radiation at the plant, according to the measurements, was above the norm by 16 times.

RT is attempting to verify the report. An energy ministry official has told RT:

“The plant works normally, there have been no accidents.”

However, the leaked news that there is in fact a compromise to the plant has not been refuted. Documents from LifeNews appear to detail purposefully misleading information meant to be given to the public about the incident.

The documents addressed to the head of the regional emergency services state that radiation levels were 16.8 times higher than the legally permitted norm.

Unit 6 of the Ukrainian plant has been shut down, according to the leaked report. The plant’s statement says that it continues to run and that all is operating as normal.

While the truth regarding this incident remains to be hashed out – it smacks of the reaction TEPCO gave the world just after the Fukushima incident.

This past Sunday, one reactor at the plant was automatically shut down after a glitch was detected, becoming the second halt in operations in recent weeks.

The plant’s website said that this reactor was running at 40 percent of nominal power, adding that radiation levels detected at the site were 8-12 microroentgens an hour.

The reactor was running at 40 percent of nominal power, the plant’s official website said, adding that radiation at the facility being at the level of. The website later reported that the Unit 6 problem was corrected and that the plant was back up and running.

In November, Zaporozhye’s Nuclear Unit 3 was switched off for almost a week, and was only made public five days later when Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk revealed it during the first meeting of his new Cabinet.

Zaporozhye is the fifth largest nuclear plant in the world. 

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Comment by Besimi on January 3, 2015 at 2:53am





CERN could “kill us all ……

A super colider.  A  giant generater.  Creating a magnetic field 100,000 times stronger  than the earth’s magnetic field.  Opening portals to other dimentions.

The word desperation comes to mind……….they have to be at the peak of panic mode.

Think they are maybe trying to create an escape route since they have been cut off

Or summon more evil to battle here

Trying to run……… Create a new portal for escape……hmmmmmm.


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