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~Re-Connecting..Remembering Who We Are ~

Re-Connecting..Remembering Who We Are..
The Mayan Calender..and "Occupy Wall Street"
Posted by  Adi Avatar  on October 15, 2011
In the channels that I have done with Archangel Michael in the last few years,
there has been consistent reference to a new Economic system
as part of the shifts and changes that will be evidence
of the manifestation of the New Earth.
Also, Archangel Michael has pointed to two important dates or "gateways"
in this process of Transformation, the 11/11/11 (11th Novermber 2011)
and the 21/12/12 (21st December 2012).
The first of these two pivotal moments also occurs within days of the 28th October 2011,
which has come to be accepted as the date that concludes the Mayan Calander
according to an influential school of thought.
There is no doubt about it, we are heading towards a "Timegate"
of pivotal importance for the Spiritual and Social evolution of our Planet.
But, unlike most of the "doom and gloomers" out there,
I am not expecting any great disasters, whether financial or literal.
It is my belief that we can pass through these Timegates or Stargates
with the least possible trauma, using the incoming waves of Higher Vibrational energy
to manifest the New Earth Reality of the Fifth Dimension of Light.
The completion of the Mayan Calendar was never meant to be an apocalyptic moment,
it was simply the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.
It is true, that as we live through this last and accelerated cycle and approach the end point,
the energies are indeed intense.
It is also true that we do not really know what will happen to the "waves"
of Cosmic Creative energy once the cycles are complete.
For those who are "Timekeepers" and who ride the "waves",
this is obviously an issue, and one that will only be resolved by those
who have mastered the flows of time and
who know how to "feel" the energies and where they are going.
Time will certainly be very different after the Planet passes through the "Timegate"
of 11/11/11 and then the later gate of 21/12/12.
It is only to be expected that the New Earth of the Fifth Dimension
will experience time in a very different way to the old earth of the Third Dimension.
As we have passed through this "preparation" period for this "Ascension"
into Higher Consciousness and the New Earth Timeline,
we have worked a great deal with the concepts of Re-Connection
and Remembering Who we Are.
We have remembered that we are Divine Light and we have reconnected to
our Multi-Dimensional Self and our Human Angelic Nature.
The Indigo and Crystal Children have helped us to step into this new Reality.
We have learnt that we are stepping into the Heart
and into Love as the center of our Being
and our Reality, and we are learning how to connect once again
with the Higher Aspect of Love - Compassion.
Now, I am going to suggest that what is happening now, with the
"Occupy Wall Street" movement, and the "economic" unrest in Europe,
is a part of the process of "remembering who we are",
and an important transition into a New Economic Reality.
The "Occupy" movement is focussing anger at the greed and exploitation
of the big Banks and Corporations, and the way in which ordinary people
are being pushed into poverty as a small elite get richer and richer.
Hunger and hardship increase, due to price control and inflation,
while all the while there is enough on the Planet to support all who live here.
But, this is the first time that this is being given widespread recognition.
And, for the first time, the aspect of greed and its destructive path of exploitation
is being publically acknowledged.
And what goes with this, is the larger understanding that it doesn't have to be this way.
That there is a better way...Peace and Love.
For the first time, We, as a Collective, are begining to remember that
We are Beings of Love and Peace....
and demanding the freedom to choose to live in Love
and Peace and with Freedom and Abundance.
Of course, those of us who have been doing Spiritual work,
have been saying that for a while...
it has been the constant message of many channels in recent years.
But now, it is moving into the mainstream.
Of course, it is not being reported in the Media to any extent,
but those who can "join the dots" can see that this energy is spreading.
It is the first stirrings of a powerful collective desire to throw off all forms
of slavery and restriction, but especially the economic prison that holds so many.
Many of the people who are entering this movement are focussing their anger
only at the financial system,
but I think we need also look at our collective beliefs
around Money and Spirituality, and the energy of Compassion.
The "Occupy Wall Street" movement has arisen in New York City,
in the heart of the wealthiest country on the Planet.
The USA managed to get to this point through various means,
one of them being the "Puritan" or "Protestant" work ethic.
It must be remembered that the "Founding Fathers" of the USA were Puritans
who were fleeing from religious persecution in Europe,
and so they brought with them their ideas and beliefs.
One of them, in simple form, was that a good Christian worked hard
and was rewarded for this hard work by God in the form of material blessings.
For the Puritans, this went with a simple life, but as time went by
it became associated with the "American Dream"...
anyone can "work hard" and make money.
And for some, it worked...but more recently it has become simply a distortion
that allows banks, corporations and big business to exploit people
in the drive for bigger and bigger profits to enrich the
"one percent" at the expense of the 99 percent.
In truth, the original plan for human life was that all would be provided for
in a "Paradise" Earth, and that "work" was not necessary for survival.
As we reconnect with the Abundance Flows of the Sixth Dimension
and re-learn how to Dream Dance our lives into the Manifestation of Abundance,
"work" will simply seem uneccessary.
Work will be replaced by the meaningful expression of Soul Purpose
in Joy and Fun and with the Flow of Blessings.
Whatever you feelings about this issue, there can be no doubt that
as this philosophy of economics took root in western culture,
it also disconnected People from their Humanity and from Compassion.
The issue of Individual Survival and "making money"
became the most important feature of life on Earth.
I was brought up to believe that the purpose of life was to work to make money,
it was both a purpose and a neccessity.
It always felt wrong to me. It took me a long time to "unlearn" that conditioning
and to really connect with the True Purpose of Life,
which of course has nothing to do with money.
The purpose of Life has to do with Love, Compassion and Experience...
it is about growing in our Capacity to express our Soul and our Light
and to be All that We Are...Loving and Compassionate Beings.
Money is simply a useful means of exchange in the flow of abundance
that is natural to all humans when they are Soul aligned and expressing who they Are.
So, the "Occupy" movement is an exppression of a growing realization
that we have been trapped in a dead end with our Economic system,
and that we have to begin to create something new.
It is a symptom of the Planetary Collective moving towards realization
of a new and sustainable future, and right on time!
The next few years will be intensely focussed on evolving Social
and Economic systems that are Democratic and Sustainable
and that serve the interests of all Beings on the Earth.
The first steps are being taken......
For me, it is significant that New York is the birthplace of this movement.
The 9/11 events in the Wall Street area in 2001 began one of the most
intensive periods of Social, Political and Spiritual transformation in recent history.
Now, ten years later, the Planet is Ready to enter into a new period of Transformation.
But, this time, it will not be traumatic and violent,
for the 11/11/11 energies are about Peace, Love and Renewal.
Archangel Michael has also asked me to be present in New York
for the 11/11/11 Light Code Activations and to receive the Codes of Renewal
at the time of the Stargate.
And so, on the week-end of the 11th, 12th and 13th of November,
I will be working with Lightworkers in New York City.
We will be holding Meditations, Ceremonies and Seminars,
and we invite all who feel called to join us in New York for this Lightwork
with Archangel Michael. Now is the Time.....this is our Moment!

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