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“It has Begun, The War Is Over or IT is Over.”

Special Report, October 12, 2011
Posted By: Mr.Ed
Dear Arcturians,
Please help me to understand my visions upon awakening this morning.

 First I saw a huge Portal, which I will try to explain now.
The middle of the Portal had a bright pink opening, with some energy coming out of it.
The portal was a perfect circle with many colors radiating around the outside.
Then I hear something like, It has begun, the war is over or IT is over.

Then I saw people coming out of the top of something.
It had a lid like the opening to a submarine and they had some kind of space suits
or deep-sea diving suits on.
I saw the first people of whom I knew would be many,
and they had huge smiles on their faces and were all extremely happy.

My first impression upon seeing this image was that the ones,
who were in the underground cities that the Illuminati created and had disappeared
when the caves were destroyed were now coming to the surface
for the first time in decades.
I sensed that these people were coming up from deep underground
and seeing the natural light of day for the first time in ages.

I feel like the “war” that is over is one that most people didn’t even know was being fought.
Dearest Suzille,
Yes, we did send you a message this morning for you to release to your readers
and to put at the end of your next newsletter.
The “cleaning up” of the dark’s ones errors is nearly complete
and will be finished in time for the myriad Portal openings on 11.11.11.

These Portal openings will, of course, only be perceived by those who
have volunteered to “see” them, and will perceived by each person
according to their personal inclination.
Because of the vast variety of inhabitants on Earth, it must always be this way.
Furthermore, the cetaceans will be very instrumental in the Portal opening
over the great oceans and vast waterways.

The opening of these Portals will not be frightening in the least for
they resonate to the mid-fourth dimension and travel into the fifth.
Therefore, only those who have recovered their multidimensional perceptions
will even know they are there.
We send this message to you so that you can dispense it
via your communication systems.
that you saw this morning.
(I have picture at the top of this message.)

Your impression about the people coming up from the ground was partially correct
in that a large group of those who were once living in the dark ones’
underground caves/cities have recently escaped.
It was a huge covert mission that everyone has been working on for quite some time now.
Once, these people feel safe enough, and once enough people can tolerate
the information that they will share, they will tell their story.
This will likely be after the opening of the many Portals, as the flash
of extremely high frequency light and love coming IN through these Portal
will serve to awaken many who still sleep.

These Portals could not be opened before because their high frequency
will immensely amplify the thoughts, emotions and multidimensional abilities
of those who are able to perceive them.
On the other hand, they will also amplify the fear and anger of those
who do not want to give up a reality in which they could have
power and control over others.
It is for this later reason
that we have delayed the opening of these Portals until next month.
Finally, there is enough Light and Love to balance the fear
that has been projected by the dark ones and accepted by the lost ones.

Some of our Lightworkers and members of the Planetary Ascension Team
will be able to perceive and travel the inward movement of the opened Portals.
On the other hand, those who are not yet prepared for that experience
will gain the benefit of the expanded frequency of light and love
streaming OUT from the opened Portals.
Of course, many of this group will not even know what is happening,
but that is “business as usual” for them.
Those who cling tightly to the old ways of reality will soon be jarred
from their complacency, but this will only happen in a loving manner.
Conversely, many will be instantly activated into a
higher frequency expression of themselves and not even know why.

As you have now assumed, those coming up form the bowels of the earth
are not just the ones in the caves.
Either after the Portals have opened and closed, or during the opening,
many of the members of Inner Earth have volunteered to leave the safety
of their higher fourth to fifth dimensional reality and lower their resonance
in order to visit the surface of Gaia.
If you tune in, you will feel their preparation now.
They are to be the forerunners of our Disclosure and Landing,
as they are Earth members just like the “top-siders.”
You can see in your vision how happy they will be to meet their human family again.
You thought of deep-sea divers because they will have to gradually adjust
to your environment and will likely have to wear special suits until they have adapted.

As you are hearing now, these events will symbolize the splitting of the worlds b
etween those who are ready to perceive the Truth and those who are not.
These perceptions are all at a frequency rate of the mid to upper fourth dimension
and even onto the threshold of the fifth dimensions.
It is for this reason, that we have asked you to take as many as possible
through the process of going through our Arcturian Corridor.

As we have said, for most of the members of your reality,
the Portals will open out into your physical reality to share their gift of
multidimensional light and unconditional love.
In order to travel into and through the Portals, you will need to totally surrender
to your Multidimensional SELF who can easily find the inward passage
and remember the fine art of Portal travel.
One of the many secrets that has been kept from the masses is that your military
has been using Stargates, human made Portals, for decades.
Furthermore, one of the many patents that will soon be released is the small
Transportation Portals that will end the burden of travel
and make every destination just a few minutes away.

Some that may read this information will view it all impossible.
Fortunately, those ones will not be frightened by these events as their attachment
to the old and their fear of the new will restrain their consciousness to a level
in which they will not be able to perceive these events.
We remind you all that the fifth dimension is not some “place” far away or high above.
Fifth dimensional New Earth is right HERE—NOW,
but it resonates to a frequency that cannot by perceived by third dimensional perceptions.
We urge you all to trust your “imagination”
and believe in the messages from your “dreams”,
for dreams are your fourth dimensional experiences
and your imagination is your fifth dimensional thought.

As you awaken to and travel through the many Portals,
allow yourself to remember everything that you have learned through out the process
of your awakening and listen with your High Heart.
Allow the information to come in through your Crown,
perceive it with your opened Third Eye
and understand the meaning of your perceptions within your High Heart.
In this manner, you are protected from any phenomena,
which may frighten you and lower your resonance.
Within the safety of this protection, you can “stay the course” of your experience
with unconditional love and blissful joy.

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