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 Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians.
We are on the cusp of 2012. In many ways,
our estimate is that the energies of 2012 really are here now.
In our estimation the date of October 1st marks the doorway into 2012.
I can say that you as the starseeds are prepared for this energy
and for this transformation.
You have been preparing, and you will continue to prepare to receive
what we call this galactic input of light, this galactic input of energy,
this galactic light frequency that is transformative.
This light frequency is transformative on all levels.
I know that there is now on the Earth, especially among the starseeds,
a greater awareness of the Earth’s relationship to the galaxy.
It has taken a long time for mankind to come to the understanding
that the galaxy and the Earth are interacting with each other.
It is true that from an astronomical perspective, or from the aspect of astronomy,
and nuclear physics, that people, including scientists,
have accepted the fact that the Earth’s energy field interacts with the galaxy.
It is a fact among the scientific world that comets are bringing valuable energies
of life-creating substances from many different places.
And it is an accepted fact that certain types of rays, such as gamma rays
and neutrinos, are sent across galaxies.
It is accepted that your body is composed of chemicals, such as iron,
magnesium and many other chemicals that have their origins in the star systems.
So from a scientific standpoint, it is accepted that you are made
from substances that are galactic.
From a scientific standpoint, it is accepted that the Earth is composed of
many different substances that are coming from all different portions of the galaxy.
But now a new awareness is on the forefront.
This new awareness says that the Earth’s spirituality, the Earth’s consciousness,
is also influenced, and it is also affected by the galaxy.
This new consciousness says that the Earth is interacting with the consciousness
of the galaxy, with the energy of the galaxy and with other dimensional beings,
other extra-solar planetary beings.
And also this new viewpoint says that the energies from the consciousness of the galaxy
and other higher beings of the galaxy can directly influence the Earth.
So, when we look at the energy of 2012, we see a monumental turning point
in the humanity and in humanity’s consciousness.
We see that this alignment with the galactic center is symbolic of this new awareness
of Man’s interaction with the galactic consciousness and with the center of the galaxy.
Not only will Man’s consciousness be affected
but also the consciousness of the methods in society.
This includes the social, the political and the economic factors that will also
be affected by the new energies.
Old patterns in the old systems and the old assumptions of how things are to work
and are supposed to work must shift because the spiritual energy that is coming from
the galactic center is going to affect all aspects of your society as we are entering into 2012.
I see the 2012 energy closely tied with the energy of ascension.
And I, in my teachings, have dedicated the year 2011
as the Year of the Planetary Healer and the Planetary Healing.
And I have described that this concept of the planetary healer is going to be
more broadly accepted throughout the world.
There are people like you who have incarnated onto the Earth at this time to manifest,
to explore and to implement planetary healing.
It is an amazing concept that a starseed can be born and can awaken
and can work towards the planetary healing.
People will accept more and more the term “planetary healer.”
For example, you can say that you are a doctor or you are a construction worker,
or you are a nurse.
Now people will be able to say that “I am a planetary healer.”
They will be proud, and other people will be accepting and will be respectful
towards those people who say and describe themselves as a planetary healer.
You and I both know that we need many planetary healers on the Earth.
We need people to hold the energy of higher consciousness.
We need to hold the energy of higher consciousness.
We need to have planetary healers to hold the idea of the Ascension.
We need to have planetary healers who are working to attract the fifth dimension,
because when we are speaking about the Ascension,
we are speaking about an intersection of one dimension with another.
This intersection can be described metaphorically as two gigantic spheres,
two gigantic balls, and each ball represents a dimension.
These spheres will intersect. It can be described like the top part of one sphere
is going to meet the bottom part of another sphere.
There will be an energy transfer.
I want to clarify that the Ascension will happen for the starseeds.
It will also happen for those who are ascending masters.
The Ascension will also affect the whole planet.
So some people have said, “Well, what will happen if suddenly some group ascends,
and some people notice that these people are missing?
Won’t these people that have stayed behind be shocked? Won’t they be traumatized?
When they will see that other people have mysteriously disappeared,
maybe they will even think they were abducted by lower vibration aliens.”
I know there have even been some interesting books and movies that carried this concept.
Some described this as “those who have been left behind.”
The people who are left behind in the Ascension are then thought of as to be suffering.
But it is not going to be like this at all, because the Ascension and the interaction
of this ascension light from the fifth dimension, is going to positively
and dramatically affect the whole planet.
There will be an energetic shift that will be experienced.
There will be an energetic shift of magnetic light. There will be a shift of the sky.
There will be a shift in the colors of the Sun.
There will be a shift in the weather patterns.
And there will be things that will happen during this intersection,
of the third and fifth dimensions, that will be very noticeable.
People will agree that the Ascension is an energy that will affect consciousness.
Let me give you one example.
No matter what a person’s energy level is, no matter how low a person’s energy level can be,
it still can be said that many people will see a beautiful sunset
and will be positively affected by the energies of the sunset.
So everybody responds in some way to the sunlight.
Also there are certain types of clouds, and there are certain types of light
that are formed at different times of the day.
For example, at dusk or at sunrise, the light patterns change.
Sometimes these changes are very dramatic.
Sometimes these changes are so beautiful that everyone is taken by the light.
When people see the beautiful variations of light that are possible in sunrise and sunset,
we can say that their consciousness can be affected.
So what I am saying is that the light energy that is manifested on the Earth
actually affects people’s consciousness, especially when there are beautiful shifts.
You will know that the Ascension is occurring,
or is close to occurring, based on light energies.
You will be seeing different patterns of light, different sunsets and different sunrises.
You will be seeing different configurations of light that you have never seen before,
and you will also be seeing shades of colors that are brilliant.
You will see shades of blues, especially, and whites, and some reds and greens.
You will see these colors in such brilliance.
You will comment that you have never noticed such brilliant light frequencies.
Everyone knows that the colors on the fifth dimension are brighter and stronger
and are more striking than on the third dimension.
This is being demonstrated now by many visionary artists who are portraying
fifth-dimensional images with fantastically bright and striking colors.
I am saying that you will all be seeing more of this striking color configuration
as we get closer to the Ascension.
The Ascension is an interaction of the fifth dimension with the third dimension.
The other aspect of this interaction also can be experienced through sound.
There will be new vibrations of sound energy that are coming in 2012.
There will be new manifestations of musical arrangements.
There will be people who will be able to create sound vibrational patterns,
melodies and other aspects of vibrational sound that will raise people’s consciousness
to fifth-dimensional levels.
So, many people who are oriented towards receiving sounds and working with
sound energy will be receiving updated galactic information on how to produce
various sound arrangements.
These new sound arrangements that are coming in 2012
will dramatically affect people in a positive way.
It will dramatically help to raise the vibrational energy so that people can become
more prepared to go into the fifth dimension.
I see this as a very exciting opportunity to experience these new
fifth-dimensional musical arrangements and sound vibrational arrangements.
So this is also a second example of how the energies of 2012
and the galactic alignment will be affecting the planet.
And I can say that these two examples that I gave are two of many other examples,
which indicate that this planet closer to the Ascension.
The lightworkers like yourselves want to hold the intersection
of the dimensions as long as possible.
The intersection of the dimensions is the Ascension.
And when the intersection occurs, then there will be a dramatic calling.
Some have described it as the sounding of Gabriel’s Horn.
The sound will be emitted at a special frequency, and this frequency is so specific.
It is a specific frequency that will immediately align you with the Ascension.
It is a frequency and sound that you have never heard,
yet at the same time when you do hear the sound, you will know exactly what it is,
and you will know exactly how to respond to it.
The reason is because this sound frequency is vibrating with an inner core of energy
that is in your brain and in your genetic codes.
Archangel Metatron has given several lectures about unlocking the Codes of Ascension.
This process of unlocking the Codes of Ascension is a key part
for the preparation of the Ascension and also for your ascension experience.
The human body is genetically programmed to ascend.
We have studied other planetary systems.
Not all living beings, not all forms of life that are in the category of Man,
have the Codes of Ascension in their genetic structures or in the genetic cell structures.
The human system has the genetic Codes for Ascension.
It is interesting when you look at some of the theories of alien abductions
and the theories of how the genetic codes and the genetic structures of humans
have been manipulated by other planetary beings.
This is to say that other alien species have visited the Earth.
These other beings have even intermingled with the humans.
This was even described in the Old Testament.
These beings that were intermingling were called “Nefilim”, or those who are falling.
Nefilim can also be interpreted as those who are from higher areas
and came down onto this planet.
The important thing to remember is that the intermingling did not remove
the Codes of Ascension from Man.
Yes, there has been intermingling with such beings as the Nefilim.
Yes, there are aliens who want to take the genetic material from Man.
They want to use the genetic material from Man with the hopes of being able to ascend.
It is true there are fourth-dimensional beings that have come to the Earth.
They have studied Man and have understood that Man has this particular
vibrational energy that allows Man to ascend.
This ascension ability is a special ability.
I can describe to you the Earth, and I can describe to you many lower vibration energies
and events on the Earth. I can describe to you many wars.
I can describe to you many atrocities.
We can focus on many of the negative things that are happening on Earth now
and how this contributes to a darkness on the planet. I do not deny this reality.
But I also believe that it is important that everyone understand that the mankind,
or the Adam species, possesses this rare ability to unlock the Codes of Ascension.
The Adam species has within its genetic structure the ability and the genetic ability to ascend.
This ability is coveted by other beings. It is a desirable ability.
Other species in the galaxy have perceived this ability in Man,
and they have seen that mankind is a special being.
They have tried, unsuccessfully, to integrate that genetic structure
into their being so they can ascend.
Why would these other beings, whom I called alien beings, want to ascend?
The reason is because they see ascension as the key to eternal life.
They understand that ascension is a proven method for escaping death.
It is true, because when you ascend to the fifth dimension,
you go into another time; you go into another reality.
You go into a reality that is not linear. It is not based on space and time.
It is not based on the beginning and the end. It is not based on birth and death.
It is not based on duality. But it is totally based on love and spirituality.
The fifth dimension is totally based on a spiritual vibration of light frequency
that transcends all duality and all polarizations.
Mankind has the genetic codes to experience and go to that reality.
Other alien beings are jealous of this ability.
Those other alien beings want that ability.
You might say, “Well why can’t they have that ability?
Why can’t these beings ascend themselves?”
That is a subject that I will be looking at, at a later date.
I only want to say that there are several other higher beings in the galaxy
that have ascended and also have the genetic codes that allow for the Ascension.
One of those beings is from the Pleiades.
The Pleiadians are human, they are from the Adam species.
They have been fortunate to unlock their genetic codes
and to be able to experience the Ascension.
We, the Arcturians, have also ascended.
We also have within us the genetic structure, the genetic codes,
the genetic ability, to ascend.
Remember that the genetic Codes of Ascension allow a huge burst of energy
to occur in your electromagnetic energy field.
It takes a tremendous amount of energy to ascend.
It takes a tremendous amount of energy to go from one dimension to the next.
Ascension allows you to surpass and transcend the Earth’s incarnational cycle.
We always have been talking about the preparation for the Ascension.
The preparation means that you are working on yourself to hold this ascension energy,
to receive this energy, and to open up to this energy.
When the energy comes to you, you can use it and focus it specifically for the Ascension.
When the ascension energy and the burst of energy occurs,
you do not want to go to sleep; you do not want to lose your consciousness.
It is exactly the opposite. You want to keep your consciousness.
You want to be able to direct this energy.
It is important to focus your consciousness into fifth-dimensional activities.
The 2012 doorway is already allowing some light from the fifth dimension
to seep into the third dimension.
So part of the preparation is to focus on fifth-dimensional light,
fifth-dimensional activities and to anchor
and hold the fifth-dimensional energies into the Earth.
This includes holding the fifth-dimensional energies into the physical structure of the Earth.
It includes holding the energy into the social and political structures of the Earth,
and the economic structures of the Earth.
It includes holding the fifth-dimensional energy into the spiritual and,
if possible, religious structures on the Earth.
It includes holding the fifth-dimensional energies into relationships
and into the energies that are called the soul psychology issues.
In other words, the fifth-dimensional energies can begin to permeate
all aspects of life for the starseeds,
and the planetary healing really focuses
on bringing that fifth-dimensional light into the planet.
So when you look at the new spiritual technologies for the Earth,
then you will look at new ways that we are suggesting the fifth-dimensional energy
can be downloaded and held into the actual physical structure of the Earth.
The energy of the fifth dimension is an etheric spiritual energy,
but it is also a real energy.
You do not have the ability now to see spiritual energy,
but some of you can see the electromagnetic energy fields around the human body.
Some of you can read auras.
When a person is in a certain frequency, on a certain vibration,
or on a certain level of consciousness, then their frequency, their aura,
changes and becomes brighter and also holds more light.
The Earth needs to have more fifth-dimensional light.
To help with this process, we began the planetary healing process
by creating the etheric crystals.
The idea of the etheric crystals is based on a simple idea.
Crystals hold energy. Crystals hold light.
Crystals are able to hold energy and light from different dimensions.
This is a fantastic discovery.
And many people now are using this information to do powerful crystal healing.
I am referring also to some of these concepts
that have been described with the crystal skulls and with the emergence of
ancient crystals that are now being found and used throughout the planet.
These ancient skulls are examples of the crystals that are holding energies
even from the times of Lemuria and from the times of Atlantis.
There were powerful spiritual healers from those ancient cultures who programmed crystals.
These crystals were programmed to be used in a future time
when the Ascension was going to be closer.
That is to say that some of the ancient Grandmothers and Grandfathers knew
that there would be this time where ancient energies of higher spiritual vibration
could be brought forth to the planet.
They knew that there would be people like you who would be open to exploring
and finding this ancient crystal energy.
An etheric crystal is a vibrational crystal that is in two dimensions.
The etheric crystal is vibrating from the fifth dimension,
but it has certain properties that allow it to reside in a place in the Earth.
You can hold thoughts and vibrational energy from another dimension.
You can feel, many of you, my presence. You can feel my energy.
You can feel the Arcturian energy. Yet the Arcturian energy is fifth dimensional.
Yet you are able to hold and you are able to process and integrate
with a fifth-dimensional consciousness.
We step down our consciousness somewhat so that
you can more easily integrate our vibrational energy with you.
The Earth also is interacting with fifth-dimensional energy.
The Earth can also hold special etheric crystal energy.
And so we have begun to download these 12 etheric crystals.
The etheric crystals are part of the ascension energy because the crystals
are able to hold a tremendous amount of energy coming from the fifth dimension.
It takes a tremendously powerful vessel to hold the energy of ascension on the Earth.
When the Ascension occurs, the energy of the Ascension
must be held in the Earth momentarily.
The energy of ascension must be downloaded and held in place
even if it is for a fraction of a second. So the 12 etheric crystals have many functions,
but one of the most powerful functions of the 12 etheric crystals
is to hold the light of ascension.
Another function of the etheric crystals is to hold planetary light
that can be transferred to other etheric crystals.
The etheric crystals also have a powerful ability to send fifth-dimensional light
to the Arcturian starseeds.
The etheric crystals can be used as amplifiers for healing experiences.
The Planetary Cities of Light are also set up to hold etheric fifth-dimensional energy
because we need to spread the opportunities for accessibility throughout the planet.
So we have begun the project called Planetary Cities of Light.
The Planetary Cities of Light are devoted to holding fifth-dimensional energy
and holding fifth-dimensional light.
The Planetary Cities of Light are designated areas that will be promoting
fifth-dimensional energies, which include the Ascension.
And you the starseeds have responded overwhelmingly positively to
the Planetary Cities of Light process.
We have, through your great work, designated and activated over 50 Planetary Cities
of Light throughout the world. This is an amazing response.
As more starseeds hear of this process and of this work,
they will want to develop and work with you.
And I see that you are creating the foundations now for the fifth-dimensional work.
Maybe it is difficult in the beginning to set up the structure, to find the people,
to do the fifth-dimensional activations.
This fifth-dimensional activation includes going around the cities
and forming a light frequency of protection.
It includes being able to download fifth-dimensional energies.
It includes downloading fifth-dimensional energies from other planetary cities,
because these Planetary Cities of Light
are also interacting with other Planetary Cities of Light.
Now at this time we have designated six Planetary Cities of Light
that are new Planetary Cities of Light.
And I, Juliano, am conveying my blessings and activation energy for:
•Shangri-la (Xangri-lá) in Brazil
•Twin Falls, Idaho in the United States
•Altos Mirandinos, part of Caracas, in Venezuela
•Quilpué in Chile

•Montserrat in Spain
•Bahia Blanca in Argentina

I ask that all of you at this moment keep the names of these cities
in your consciousness and send them the light of activation from your Third Eye.
We will go into meditation now as you, with me, will project the light and energy
to these beautiful cities and to the beautiful lightworkers who are working with them.
I will repeat the names of the cities again:
•Shangri-la (Xangri-lá) in Brazil
•Twin Falls, Idaho in the United States
•Altos Mirandinos, part of Caracas, in Venezuela
•Quilpué in Chile

•Montserrat in Spain
•Bahia Blanca in Argentina

We will go into meditation for a short time as I am sending the light from the
fifth dimension to each of these cities.
Let the 12 Etheric Crystals rise up from the planet Earth,
and let the network of Planetary Cities of Light be activated to accept six
new Planetary Cities of Light.
And let all of the Planetary Cities of Light also receive this activation
so that each person who is working in this Planetary Cities of Light receive the energy
and the support spiritually and physically to complete this beautiful planetary work.
Now, as promised, I will ask Archangel Metatron to speak to you for a few minutes.
I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians.
Shalom, Shalom, Shalom. Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron.
It is a fulfillment of your mission to create sacred and holy places on the planet.
The Planetary Cities of Light are sacred.
You are working to make many sacred places.
You are working to make many holy places. The Ascension is a sacred moment.
Please remember that your working to create sacred places
is creating an energy that interacts with sacred time.
It is true that there is not the time and the place as there is on the third dimension.
The fifth dimension has time and space differently.
I want you to understand though, that when you are creating sacred places,
you are also helping to create sacred times.
Now you are creating places that can download higher sacred light.
We call this sacred light Aur Ha Kadosh, Light of Holiness.
Receive Planetary Cities of Light; receive your new Planetary Cities of Light.
Holy Light. Aur Ha Kadosh. Aur Ha Kadosh. Aur Ha Kadosh.
Let the Light of Holiness reach these Planetary Cities of Light.
Let the Light of Holiness reach each of you.
Let this Holy Light be a light of protection, be a light of activation,
be a light of interaction so that you can interact more freely with the fifth dimension.
Re Fa Na La. Re Fa Na La. Heal now.
For healing means being able to interact on the deepest level with this Holy Light,
with this fifth-dimensional light. Aur Ha Kadosh. Holy Light.
The light of this ascension is such a holy light. It is such a sacred light.
The timing of the light of ascension will be perfect.
The Ascension will be perfect. With deep love I send my blessings to each of you.
This is Archangel Metatron. Baruch Hashem. Blessed is God. Adonai.
He is one. You through the Ascension will experience a unity unlike any unity
you have ever experienced on the third dimension. Good Day.
 17 October 2011
  Channeler: David Miller

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