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Project Blueballs – Fulford, Wilcock & the False Hope Energy Heist

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Comment by CHRISTINA on December 12, 2014 at 6:30pm
Comment by CHRISTINA on December 1, 2014 at 10:48am
esskumar says:

Ben says “As far as the Catholic Church and the British Monarchy are concerned both institutions have done both works of great evil and of great good.”

He seems to imply that if you do some “good”, you get a permit to do some “evil”.

If the pigs in a pigpen could think, they would regard their owners as very benevolent people, who feed them, vaccinate them, treat them in sickness purely out of their good nature. 

That their life is meant for the butcher is carefully hidden from them.

Think of this analogy in relation to the Vatican.

All their tending to the sick, to the poor, to those feeling distress may come from the goodness of their heart OR PERHAPS FROM A DESIRE TO GET AN ASSURED SUPPLY OF SACRIFICIAL VICTIMS.

They present themselves as pro-life, anti-abortion with a lot of mumbo jumbo but that is a sure way of getting inmates for their orphanages to satisfy their pedophile market demand.

The bottom line is: if you tolerate evil, you are part of that evil.

Ben should be very careful that he does not get conned into tolerating “a little evil”.

I cancelled subscription to Ben’s blog when you threw him out from your blog.

I think Ben has somehow changed over time.

Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:17pm

Jean Haines Makes a Statement Concerning Neil Keenan, November 7, 2014

Posted on November 7, 2014by Jean

The author of the recently discovered post that I understand is now going viral, Who Is Neil Keenan? sent me this information privately on September 6, 2014. I was in shock, and so I thanked him and quietly filed it away. Now, I want to publicly thank him for his efforts to reveal the truth about this man. :)

I’ve decided that at last it is time to make a personal statement on this subject, and I hope you will respect my wishes when I say that I do not want to answer any comments on it.

Many hugs to you, friend, Asa.

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

June, 2014

I have watched as Neil Keenan has brutally dragged my name — along with the names of other honest women — through the mud for many months, and I have simply taken the necessary time to recover from the shock of what he callously did to me and to quietly consider my way forward.

Neil got from me almost all of my life savings, close to $300,000. I can document this with receipts and records. While I’m not sure what the future may hold for me, I have decided to trust the Universe. I’m a hard and capable worker and willing to work. I can work in more than one capacity, so I’m going to hope that in the future things will move in my favor and the Universe will provide me with the means to pay my way like everyone else.

You are probably wondering why I’m not going after Neil Keenan in a court of law in order to get my money back. The answer is that I have contemplated it and as a result, I have put all my financial records in a formal form, have backed them up and secured all the emails, Skype messages and Skype recordings in case this possibility develops.

The fact is, however, I have had some excellent legal advice that while providing me several options also suggested to me that Neil Keenan is probably broke and therefore judgment proof. I think this is likely a fact. I would have to hire a lawyer on contingency in Bulgaria where he resides and try to pursue the matter there — a time consuming activity for me from a distance and in a country where I understand criminality is rampant. I’m sure from Neil’s history that he is well-connected with many of that sort and would be delighted to give me a merry chase. At this point in time, I have decided to swallow hard and to forgive Neil on a spiritual level. I leave him to his own karma, which I think we can all see he is now manifesting.

My efforts on my blog right now are quite literally a full time job, and since it is impossible for me to do everything, I prefer to offer my energies to people here. Apparently, in spite of my humanity in falling for Neil’s elegant scam – and others were taken in as well — I’m providing a service that people appreciate, and so I have chosen to spend my time in this way.


Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:16pm

David Wilcock: The Global Collateral Accounts Are Absolutely REAL..

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 11-Nov-2014 12:19:59

In Response To: Ben Fulford Blurb: Signs of Cabal Defeat are Now Obvious But, Expec... (Jordon)


(Wilcock comments on Fulford's new post)

Comment by dwilcock on November 12, 2014 @ 1:55 am

This is exciting news — no doubt.

There are a few things going on in the inside world that Ben didn’t get here.

First of all, the Republican sweep in the Congressional elections. Both parties are compromised at this point. Neither of them are acting in the public interest. In the past the Republicans have done significant harm, including forcing a government shutdown.

They also are the root of the Neocon agenda, which represents the Rockefeller / Israeli faction as opposed to the Rothschild / British Empire faction. Any time one of these factions gets too powerful, the other one rises up against it — and this war is now red-hot. They are using their own resources to destroy each other.

The story is no longer that simple, either, because of the Alliance, which is separate from either group but has elements within both working for a greater good.

The Alliance has a new pope in place who is radically altering the Vatican, and as Ben documented here, the British government is increasingly being transformed by the Alliance, because they don’t want to go down with the obviously-sinking ship.

So, as much as left-leaning people were upset by the midterms and saw it as a defeat, I see it just the opposite. The people who voted Republican did not support Republicans, necessarily — Congress has been down around 11 to 16 percent approval. They did this out of futility — the idea that “anything is better than this.”

However, from that sense of futility also comes the deep conviction that this is the “last chance” for the Republicans to do something different. If they repeat the behaviors they have done before, which they very likely will, then it will anger everyone. Most importantly, it will spur the Alliance to finally take action on a far more direct level than they have so far.

It does appear that things have to “hit bottom” before they have any hopes of getting better. We can fully expect that the Republicans will want to play with their new gun very soon, and government shutdown will be the ammo they test-fire. They will get everyone really, really pissed off in the process.

The other big thing I didn’t see here is what the insider has been leaking. This showed up on November 6th:

“A gentleman of my acquaintance told me today, privately and not on the phone or the Internet, that if the new Republican-controlled Congress threatens Putin, he will respond by dumping, at once, Russia’s holdings of US Treasury notes in the amount of 118 millions.

“What I learned from another contact is that the Russians have discussed this with the Chinese, who hold 1,269 billions in the same notes. The Chinese, I am told, did not wish to dump their holdings but the Russians pointed out that if Russia dumped theirs, the market would drop swiftly and the Chinese would be holding relatively worthless paper. The Chinese have tentatively agreed but very reluctantly.

“And I know from two German contacts that the Deutsche Bank has printed up a large number of new Mark notes for domestic use when the inevitable collapse of both the dollar and euro are manifest.

“I do love to send these little comments out because of the disbelief they cause. And I have the chance to laugh later, believe me.”

This comment shows that things are definitely reaching a critical mass. It’s not likely to just keep on lumbering along at the gradual speed we are seeing now. We are definitely in a transitional phase.

There are also a series of articles coming out, all of a sudden, on the Nazi penetration of the USG. Then at the same time we have the new Nicki Minaj video very blatantly using Nazi imagery. This is going to be in the new article I write this week.

Regarding the situation with Neil Keenan, I do not believe he is a con artist. We were all following the story of his upcoming lawsuit with great interest here on Fulford’s blog in 2011, and then it actually did appear, and was highly intricate.

Associates of mine contacted his attorney William Mulligan and there is no doubt that this was a very real and very expensive lawsuit to produce. Ben also was personally involved in some of what happened.

Neil then contacted me and sent me an enormous amount of hard, provable data. This includes a wealth of documents I did not release, due to their sensitivity, as well as a staggering number of photographs of bonds, bond boxes and bond chests of all different sorts.

The Global Collateral Accounts are absolutely real. The bunkers are absolutely real. The gold stored in them is absolutely real. The bonds are real. All of this was independently verified to me by not one, not two, but multiple other insiders. The Joseph Riad case released more images of them.

I have met and spoken with people who have been in the bunkers and described the staggering, staggering amounts of gold in them. These people had described to me, privately, what the bonds looked like, which I had not published, BEFORE Neil sent the pics. By the time I saw them I already knew what to expect.

Since this whole story is indeed real, there are plenty of cases where people get access to these bonds and then attempt to sell them to others at a profit. As I documented in Financial Tyranny, the USG very quietly tries to buy the bonds back, and real criminal penalties occur.

The Italy case was also very significant, because bonds that looked exactly like what Neil sent photographs of were seized at the border and taken very seriously. It is all too easy to write off this whole case as if it is all fraudulent, but there is such a huge variety of data — including the very well-documented atrocities involved in the initial theft of this gold on such a massive scale — that the burden of proof has been satisfied.

There have been plenty of Internet scams that have come and gone, dating all the way back to the 1990s, where someone says the Fed is going to be wiped out and that if you buy into whatever they’ve got, you will make spectacular amounts of money. One of these rings went to federal court in 2000 and 13 people were convicted.

I have been told, breathlessly, about imminent payouts and sent emails to “Get In Now” ever since 1998. Not one of them has ever worked.

What has happened with Neil does not follow the pattern of a con artist looking to scam people. I have interacted with him dozens of times in private conversation. Never once did he ask me for a single dollar. Nor has he created any type of storyline for his audience, saying that if you send him money you will profit from the defeat of the Cabal later on.

Neil has not responded yet to Jean’s accusations. I feel that he has a right to make his own statements before I say anything else. He has spent most of his time in Indonesia, as is proven by his videos, and has also been bringing needed witnesses in and paying for everything. If he did borrow money from her, I do believe he intends to pay it back.

My policy has always been not to attack anyone who is working towards the same goals we all hope to achieve. If I had given someone money and felt cheated by them, I would not publicize it, regardless of what I felt of their character. Making negative statements of any kind about people on the internet has the almost invariable effect of backfiring and causing damage to the person who did it.

Jean has fought valiantly for truth and justice, as has Neil. She also did this without any type of donation or payment model in place for her services. I therefore encourage you to help her out if you have enjoyed her site, since she obviously is hurting.

It does appear that Neil is working on some very, very big stuff, and this is the main reason why he has gone silent for the time being.

None of this epic battle for freedom has been predictable, but it certainly has been interesting. I had another dream this morning, which I haven’t even finished writing up yet, suggesting the Cabal is nearing an epic defeat. And I have rebuilt my strength, am making great progress on doing my own videos, and have much more to share in the coming days.

- David Wilcock

Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:15pm

Published on Nov 19, 2014

This is a report to provide the transparency about the news reporting platform called The Critical Post - Chicago subsequent to the publishing of a broadcast called The Goldwater Report, of an opinion indictment of one Mr. Neil Francis Keenan, who we have found through material witnesses, and who have made themselves known to us, may have and certainly has the appearance of, given the information available on the web and through first-hand witnesses, a man who has perpetrated an information and material fraud, all of which was facilitated by the celebrity of one Mr. David Wilcock centered around a broadcast which aired on George Noory's Coast To Coast AM Radio Show on May 11th, 2012, which is produced by Premier Networks. It should be noted that there is no disclaimer by Premier Networks that we have found which states that Coast To Coast AM is "strictly" an entertainment show. Therefore, Premier Networks, as well as, David Wilcock, should also be held to account as accessories to this very probable fraud.

Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:14pm

Published on Nov 17, 2014

This is an editorial about the uncovering of a fraud which in part was helped to occur because of the credibility lent to the subject matter by the celebrity of David Wilcock on George Noory’s show produced by Premier Networks called Coast To Coast AM. The fraud that has occurred since that point in time by one, Mr. Neil Keenan is now said to be in the amount of greater than 300,000 US dollars and has been perpetrated upon several individuals by Mr. Keenan which in part has been enabled by David Wilcock lending the aire of credibility through his statements about the veracity of Mr. Keenan’s character and claims, which Mr. Wilcock said he verified by certain un-nameable sources as being true and correct.

Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:12pm

Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself?

Posted on August 29, 2014by Jean

Posted on April 29, 2014

Deus Nexus: In the continuing soap opera that is Benjamin Fulford’s posted spat with some of his readers, Fulford continues to stretch his credibility and what’s left of his readership by demonstrating his unwavering support for the Vatican and the British monarchy, digging the hole even deeper.

Fulford continues to attack Kevin Annet without provocation. His argument is ludicrous, as the below-the-line exchange demonstrates. Why would Kevin Annet, who is a Canadian minister, take on the American political power structure?


Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:12pm

Vatican Claims Power Over All Governments

Posted by CHRISTINA on October 8, 2012 at 4:49am in General exchange of information and articles

Popes claiming to be god on earth:


Comment by CHRISTINA on November 21, 2014 at 3:09pm


Posted on November 9, 2014

Also, from a previous comment that Christina made on the subject of whether or not Putin is still a freemason: 

Why does the Russian t.v. then shows programs on the attempts to form one World Government?
Why are the interviews with David Wilcock broadcast?
Why are programs on extraterrastials shown, and did Putin phone Obama and ask him if he was going to tell the world or Putin himself?
Why did Edgar Cayce say that Russia would become beacons of hope for the world and would bring real freedom?
Why is it said that Israel and the U.S. have made contracts with the greys and Putin with the tall whites; this is to say benevolent E.T.s, on condition he will not support war?
It all does not suit whatever is mentioned above.


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