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The Critical Post - Chicago's Interview With "Charlie" NOC About Wilcock Keenan Fraud Part One

Other important background material here: The alternative news reporting and broadcasting community must clean up...

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Comment by CHRISTINA on December 12, 2014 at 6:21pm

Published on Dec 9, 2014

Other important background material here:…

The alternative news reporting and broadcasting community must clean up it’s act.

The broadcast submission regarding the subject of the Wilcock – Keenan Internet Fraud Feedback Loop featured here is Part One which is an interview with “Charly” (cover name for anonymity at present) who is a former ‘non-official-cover’ individual, or NOC agent of the American government who was based in Europe for a number of years that was an expert investigator who specialized in detecting fraud regarding high value financial instruments. These kinds of actual real instruments are used to fund various types of banks and other financial activities of government operations, as well as businesses.

Much of this world is unknown to the public. This gives the viewer the background material necessary to consider as we expose how frauds like this occur and reveal how this fraud which has already occurred upon many folks, who were innocently duped into giving Neil Francis Keenan funds for his fraudulent activity regarding a story he has foisted upon a gullible public. He was aided by the celebrity of David Wilcock who certified him as being credible on Wilcock’s website which the author, Wilcock, linked to another story about an alleged government coup being perpetuated high up within the eschelons of the CIA and the military which aired on the date of 11 May 2012 over the airwaves on Premier Network’s Coast To Coast AM hosted by George Noory.

The beginning of the story as far as the public is concerned started with David Wilcock being interviewed by Noory. The purpose of the show was a veiled operation of book selling by way of a fantastic story being told by Wilcock which never materialized but did sell some books for the badly sourced author.

To understand how the monetary system actually works in it’s present state of confusion and as part of the background information which helps the viewer understand the confusion revolving around international fraud, such as the one being cited here, please see our “Interview With Bill Still” at this link…

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