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Height: No limit.
Build: Anything resembling human.
Age: Between 18 to 100+.
Gender: Who cares?
Race: As long as it’s human.
Endearing features: Preferably retaining at least two of the five senses (any two will do).

This person has no axe to grind, no agenda to impose, no goods to sell and no attitude to vent on others. There is time on this person’s hands and a willingness to help and serve our fellow man; therefore it will be a labour of love.

As a consequence of possessing these wonderful attributes, he or she has already discovered some of the secrets that the universe has bestowed. By possessing some of the above qualities, this person is more than willing to share the knowledge gained from being gifted with so much awareness.

If you are this person, or you think you may know who it can be, then insight will have already been gained into the special message of The Meadow novel and its potential to benefit the fast-growing consciousness of the world.

The Meadow is about to be published and we are looking forward to finding someone who can come on board and help this story to reach its potential readers.

Do you have direct contact with film makers? It has been said by many that The Meadow will make an awesome movie.
Do you know anyone with significant impact in the world of entertainment?
Do you know any respected book reviewers who would like to read our novel and give us their opinion?
Do you know anyone of influence to help take this novel and its important message to the masses?
If that person is you – please contact us on this network by replying to this page!

We are all one. We are irreversibly interconnected and we are all on the same journey. This is a central message in The Meadow and thus we look forward to meeting everyone who can help promote it to the people.

Mike O'Hare and Elfreda Pretorius

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Comment by Ullan on June 22, 2009 at 3:55pm
Did someone call?

Mind you, if this is merely to find someone to promote this novel and not to talk about the inherent lightness of being, please do not call.

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