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I am aware of all the attention that this ‘new-age philosophy’ is attracting. Until someone can come forward and provide proof for what is being forecast to happen in the near future, I’m afraid that I must consider this to be subjective and, in my opinion, a trend which has been manufactured in a similar way throughout history.

Is this not just another way for the Establishment to keep abreast with our evolving waves of thought and manipulate the whole thing to keep control of the masses? What exactly is being indicated to suggest these ‘shifts’? There appears to be as many assumptions about forecasted changes as there are people on the globe, and that tells me very little about how we are about to alter as compared to the prophecies of the past. We can’t all be right.

Let’s look at ‘change’ and see what it represents, now that we use this as a 21st Century buzz word so often. As a race, we have witnessed change ever since the wheel and the plough relieved Man from the drudgery of fighting for his survival. Nothing has and never will remain the same. Change is an integral part of our being and way of life.

Modern terms, words and phrases have entered our vocabulary such as ‘consciousness shift’, the year ‘2012’ and ‘Ascension into the fifth dimension’. If we look into antiquity, we may account for many big changes on a parallel to this next predicted ‘shift’. Before the Mayan calendar became popular there was Nostradamus and his hypotheses which, in some areas became manifest. Then we have the historic and biblical characters doing the same thing, all having something which we could turn into reality if we so chose.

The last change, where hardly anyone batted an eyelid, involved the introduction of the Internet. It crept in so slowly that we barely noticed. Had it been forecasted the way things are with ‘2012’ it may have been a different story – hallelujah, it came to pass, praise be the Internet. I apologize if some think I’m making a mockery out of this. I’m simply trying to put things into perspective. I know there will be those who will claim that they know what is going to happen because they have seen or felt it somehow. To be honest I’m not even arguing against this. There is no doubt that folk are beginning to ask more questions, and maybe that is the key. Could this be the catalyst that will force things to change within society and move us out of the control of the Establishment?

When Emperor Constantine, in 312AD, granted the newly-formed Christian Church legal status to acquire and commercially transfer property for monetary gain, a whole new mindset was born. The scribes and priests of the day were given carte blanche to change history in the name of a new world order. Old customs and cultural habits were replaced with doctrinal reforms and empowered by armies that grew with every conquest. And so the military and ecclesiastic hierarchy formed a liaison that would spread its order far and wide. Very little has changed since.

Change was forced on humanity with the extermination of those who would not conform. Direct descendants, students and followers of this regime would move through rivers of blood in their quest to see that dogma and creed would replace truth, and the god-given right of every soul to express itself would be denied. This is the world we recognize today where a handful of misguided souls pull the strings of every government of virtually every nation.

Conditioning becomes the order of the day delicately disguising the imposition where so-called guidance is handed to us to point the way to prosperity and progress. The part of our nature which desires to share is that which the present-day regime intends to keep in chains. Personal responsibility is frowned upon whereby governments and organisations exist that can do the thinking for us. Profit and greed becomes the driving force and we see the results of their efforts materialise through the chaos of a deteriorating world.

This was a major turning point in our history – just another ‘shift’. Before that, Man somehow had always managed to maintain his level of power because the bartering system of exchange allowed it. When the likes of Constantine came upon us, the bartering symbols changed into monetary ones and the currency signs of the day would ‘till-ring’ (ka-ching, ka-ching) in the eyes of those who chose to implant fear to gain control.

Probably the biggest change to society in recent memory was the Industrial Revolution. However, from the beginning it was the established body of individuals who made sure that every invention or technological innovation danced to their tune. Keep the religions of the world in power and the rest would be easy to control. Breed a religion and you breed the fear that feeds it.

Now we have the introduction of the Nano world where the simple atom can be manipulated and through quantum math the molecular structure of almost anything can be altered or used. It’s frightening, but it’s true. This is another form of change. The math is king and for those who use it for their selfish needs now have the ability to wipe us out. They do it already through the virus chain and there are plans afoot to integrate every society ostensibly in the name of protection against terrorism. The only real terrorist on this planet is the Establishment and if they manage to integrate us as planned, they will kill those who resist as history once more repeats itself.

If there is to be any change in the offing, the responsibility lies with us to make it so and not wait for some divine intervention. At the moment we still have the most powerful tool on the planet and that is the Internet. There is not one nation on this earth where the ordinary man, woman and child do not want peace and harmony. It is the bankers and industrialists of this world who are the real terrorists and they must be relieved of their power before it is too late. One of their next plans of attack is to control the Internet. Don’t let them take this away from us.

Change is within our power to control. If we leave it to others, the legacy that will be left will be in the form of an inscription on our headstones.

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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on June 29, 2009 at 9:02pm
Good post! Thank you
Comment by tranceman on June 28, 2009 at 6:34pm
right on brother.
Comment by JEN on June 28, 2009 at 5:13pm
good read. Thank you!
Comment by Gerd Ambranovic on June 28, 2009 at 2:09pm
Thats' right!!Good thoughts

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