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Behind the scenes, the Light forces are focusing on the defeat of the Chimera group. Not much intel about their operations will be given for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say is that the Light forces have established many new bases in the inner solar system, especially in the asteroid belt, on Mars and the Moon and many new motherships of the Light forces are positioned on strategic positions inside the inner solar system. Smaller ships are positioned in vicinity of the Earth, with a current special emphasis on medium Earth orbit (MEO).
It might be interesting to know that MEO is the orbit of GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites. It is also interesting that Russia is shutting down their GPS stations:
There is much »unusual« activity in the space near our planet and mid-level management of the Cabal is being prepared for the reality of existence of extraterrestrial races. These revelations are quite shocking and bizarre for many of them:
There are also some promising developments regarding the QEG overunity device:
On the surface of the planet, the Eastern alliance is working slowly but steadily to create an alternative financial structure to defeat and remove the petrodollar / Illuminazi / military-industrial complex conglomerate: 

More intel will be released when certain operations of the Light forces are completed. 

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Comment by Besimi on June 11, 2014 at 1:33am

Universal Mother Mary - Thank you! june 10, 20914 by Linda Dillon

Universal Mother Mary ~ Thank You!
june 10, 2014

A sweet thank you from our Divine Mother as the Tsunami of Love continues to unfold… “I come to thank you, all of you for heeding my call – for responding to my beckoning to come and be my Love. Not merely to receive my Love but to become, claim and anchor the Love that you are, always have been and always will be.”

Greeting I am Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Tsunami of Love. Yes child, I am not the Mother of the Tsunami – I AM the Tsunami. This is my essence, this is my core. I have always flowed through you – into your heart, into your cells, into your soul. The difference is now I do so with a level of sweetness and gentle force that you cannot deny. There is no room for denial any longer.

First, I come to thank you, all of you for heeding my call – for responding to my beckoning to come and be my Love. Not merely to receive my Love but to become, claim and anchor the Love that you are, always have been and always will be. Do you think there is anything that could create more joy in this mother’s heart? You have created and co-created infinite joy throughout your planet and far beyond by saying yes. Thank you.



Comment by Besimi on June 11, 2014 at 1:17am

Norah - Premium Astrology

Norah - Premium Astrology

Your Weekly Horoscope

Are You Prepared For This Week  


Monday-Wednesday: Neptune goes into retrograde on Monday. This should last until half way through November, so this is a long shift. During this process, you will be able to be more perceptive on many things that may have eluded you in the past. This makes major decision making less complex and may even clean up some messes simply through the process. On Wednesday, Jupiter Sesquiquadrates Neptune. This brings up feeling conflicted when it comes to many decisions. While things also should seem clear due to the retrograde, there is this brief amount of time that things seem off kilter.
Thursday-Friday: On Friday, there will be two shifts that impact all of us heavily. The first is the full moon 22 Sag 06. This will bring in some sad moments. You have been in a great, somewhat flamboyant mood these days and there will be some sort of problem that pops up. Hopefully you are in a great enough mood that you can skip that nonsense. On the same day though, Saturn Trines Chiron. This makes for an interesting shift to the next few days until you adjust. This may have something to do with your health or someone else's in your life.
Saturday-Sunday: While you are still spinning over Saturn's situation, you are also still dealing with the fact that Neptune went into Retrograde. This makes it much easier for you to find clarity once you've adjusted to that lost feeling. Your mind will do some serious expanding over the next couple of days. Your weekend will be spent planning and calculating your not so distant future at the very least. This could really be that fantastic spark that you need. You just need to embrace your creative side. Trust us, everyone has one.
Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
To your future, Norah 
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Comment by Besimi on June 11, 2014 at 1:15am

Wake up Call - June 09,2014

Wake up Call

By Nancy Tate

Dear ones, we are so enthralled with the times these days and so enamored of all that is being told to us. It is a matter of us being told and all that is in the works coming to fruition. Or is it; is it that simple or that complex? Are we waiting with baited breath that which we are told is coming? Or are we saying to ourselves that it is in our world now and that we are enjoying every moment of our lives?
There are those who say that there is only one way to look at it, and that is that it is not physically in our lives, after all we have been told saying that it is, then why should we listen any more to what they say? Well, I say that there is more to the action than applies to the physicality that we have created. There is also that moment of manifestation that is awaiting enough support that says yes, it is here with us now, and we are so enjoyng it!
Is that what we are creating in our disbelief, or our impatience for what we have been told is here? Is that the way we bring to our lives that which we desire and intend? How about seeing this all as the ships in the harbor? How many of you know what I mean by the ships in the harbor? I first heard about it about 15-20 years ago as I was opening up to the real person I am. 
The story goes that there were ships that came into the harbor off the shores of where some natives lived who had not seen much of other people. Their elders knew about the other life on the planet, and they knew that there were other things in this world that their natives had not heard of, much less seen. As the ships stayed in the harbor, the natives saw them as huge boulders, for that is what they knew. They wondered why they suddenly were there, and figured it must have been something that rose up from the ocean floor. 
The elders knew different for they saw them as the ships that they were. They talked with the natives, and soon some of them saw them as ships. Those natives talked with some of the others and eventually the others saw it as well. As this progressed more of the natives saw that they were ships. After the majority of the natives saw the truth of the ships, then suddenly all of them saw that they were ships.
This is an example of what is with us now, and has been since time began. It continues as I speak. As long as we see the way life is on this earth, then that is the way it will continue to look like and be. For those on this earth will still see it to be and believe it is. How many of us have been given untold amounts of money, so much that we feel we could never spend it all in our lives? How many of us have not had to scrape and save for us to be able to live within our means and barely get by? Has this not been a way of life for so many of us on this planet?
Now imagine how it would be if we suddenly were handed a huge amount of money by which to give ourselves all that we desire and more, for the rest of our lives. How many of us can relate to that in a way that tells us that it is for real? We may want to, but do we really believe it when we hear it? Is there a part of us that is saying, “Oh sure, someday we will have a million dollars to do what we want with,” and then feel the feeling of, ‘No way!’, on a level that feels like reality?
Perhaps it is time to get beyond the idea of boulders in the harbor and see the ships as what they are. They are there to give us the opportunity to see more of this world that we have created. It is there to extend our feelings of knowing and believing in ourselves to be able to have a life that is more in keeping with the abundance that we are destined for, in so many ways. Could it be that first having the huge sums of money that we are being told we will have, will take us to a stage in our evolvement where we will be able to experience our lives in a way that tells us that we don’t have to have money in order to be happy, at peace and able to do anything that we desire? Is maybe the world of unrestricted money the middle ground to us being able to relate to the idea that we don’t need anything outside of ourselves in order to create that which we intend and desire for our lives?
I feel that in order for the money to come to us we have to be happy about the abundance that we have right now. Feel this truth of abundance and the joy of it in all that we do. The more we approach this whole subject with joy, peace and love, the closer we will come to manifesting it without any encumbrances upon it. Play the game to the fullest. Get beyond the empty table that you so desperately want to have food on. See the food there and know that it is a matter of you doing more than wanting it. Know that as you are inspired to go forth and manifest it, it will come to you in a way that is created through your knowing and love for yourself and all of life.
I’m not saying this only because I read it in some book, or messages. I can say this because I have experienced it. I am still in the process of experiencing it, of creating it in my life on the levels that can bring what I desire and intend into my life. I too have brought doubt and disbelief to certain stories. But I realize that in order for what I am told to come to fruition I must let go of it not being here. I must know that it already is here; it is up to the circumstances that we all create to bring it into our physicality. It is important to not set ourselves up for disappointment, for that is adding to and supporting the fear energy. Go in joy, peace and love through life and that is what we will manifest.
We are the creators in our lives. We see the ships in the harbor and they bring to us the treasures that we call for. All is well, and we are rejoicing in every moment.
I see abundance for you all!
Much Love, Nancy Tate
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The Prepare For Change Newsletter - 09/06/2014

The Prepare For Change

Dear PFC Family,
There have finally been some long promised changes made to PFC website with some of the promised new pages finished and others on the way. I have now stepped down from being the main liaison from the PFC council for our website administrator Charles. I do this so I can focus on my own personal website. I have been the main person serving PFC in this role for almost a year and I am happy to have others now step into this position on PFC. New Age Biscuit the Co-chair of the ESG team has been tasked and is very capable taking over the lead in this position to work with the website admin. I am confident he will do a great job when working in tune with the PFC Admin. 
We have posted this page with the help of Charles our PFC Admin: The Worldwide Facebook Page is now fully functional awaiting your recommendations under the "Participate" button on home page. To see this page please go here: The "Ideas of Change in Action' page is also soon to be ready for world wide networking and interactive networking with your submissions to contribute here: This page is still under construction & will be completed within the week. Please keep updated for these further changes. Look for our "Important Documents for Change" Page to be finished this week with specially selected documents, essays, and writings. These special articles that will be selected to help even the newest person to the awakening process get a clear understanding of what is transpiring on our planet at this time. 
I will continue to support PFC website and make my regular posts and coordinate worldwide actions via this Newsletter PFC Leadership Transmission to the world PFC family. I always will remain available to serve and support my fellow PFC team members. 
Hope Girl is on a free energy QEG worldwide tour and mission fulfillment to bring a free energy device to the world and must take a leave of absence from PFC technology leadership. We need those of you interested volunteers to contact me at  or contact  to begin the interview process.  I will be helping to screen the New Technology Group PFC Team Leader / Volunteer. The technology group does not have a full time leader and we are asking that the worldwide PFC and Cobra network to step up and volunteer for this service. You will be asked to write bi-weekly and be available for conference calls once a week. You will be expected to lead the Technology team and to be available to make contributions via Wordpress posts, blogs, and loving actions to organize the worldwide technology team into a viable network. 
As Technology co-chair you will be encouraged to write bi-weekly newsletters. You can expect the T-shirt designs and accompanying donation button that is being reviewed & setup by the PFC Admin & Nova Biscotti. There is also talk of some great and coming theme changes, site functionality, & user friendly focus for our contributors & volunteers for PFC. Please stay tuned for some benevolent updates & functionality to our wonderful website. 
Victory to the Light  Warm Regards PFC Leadership Rob Potter
Greetings from Judi from the PFC Media Group,
Irene is traveling so I am writing the newsletter today. Today is June 8 and I have some interesting news to share with you. There is an area of land in Hawaii at Kalapana, that I have personally witnessed several ufo's or lightships zigzagging across the Sky in an erratic manner, then vanishing in an instant. On one occasion I was hiking with three friends to view the flowing lava and we all stopped as one such lightship appeared and hovered over the ocean right in front of us. We were spellbound and sat down to meditate and commune with this craft. It remained for about twenty minutes and we felt telepathic communication and communicated back our welcoming energies, love, and desire to meet, then it suddenly darted from side to side a few times before lifting high in the Sky and then vanished. Last week I read a news report that this area of land in Kalapana on the Big Island, will be dedicated as a Star Visitor Sanctuary and I am flying there to participate in the dedication ceremony. I am looking forward to sharing it all with you.
Here are two youtube videos about this event:
I will be creating a new episode of ground crew newsflash whilst in Hawaii and interviewing people from the Hawaii Sustainability Conference and the dedication for Hawaii Star Visitors Sanctuary.
As always, remember...keep your eyes to the skies.
Warmest Aloha wishes, Judi Amber Chase
Prepare For Change, 2170 Gulf Shore Blvd. N., Naples, FL 34102, USA 

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Comment by Besimi on June 11, 2014 at 1:12am

Ben Fulford (June 10 2014) ~ Emergency Meetings Of Western Elite Fail To Break Financial Deadlock, US Implosion Now Looms ( Warning graphic image )

“What [Van Duyn] does not seem to realize is that secrecy was needed for them to rule and without it, they will lose power. Rule by murder, bribery and brainwashing needs secrecy or else it will invite rebellion.” ~B. Fulford

The emergency G7 plus Russia (but not G8) meeting last week has left the corporate government of the United States isolated from Europe and on the brink of bankruptcy. This French Government video of US corporate lackey Barack Obama meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly shows Obama asking for something and being denied.

It now clear to everybody who is paying attention that the United States is bankrupt and is being kept on life support by fraud (eg. tiny Belgium buying all those Treasuries) and by the ongoing rape of Japan. This situation is untenable and the formal declaration of the bankruptcy of the United States of America Corporation is coming soon, according to Japanese government sources.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia last week suddenly cancelled long planned meetings with US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, IMF head Christine Lagarde and World Bank head Jim Yong Kim, even though Australia is scheduled to host the G20 summit in November. Does Abbot think these US corporate government institutions will not last until then?

The declaration of bankruptcy of the US corporate government would also mark the end of a 2000 year project by the Roman Empire to create a worldwide fascist dictatorship or New World Order, multiple sources agree.

The Nazi/Zionist response to their looming defeat is to threaten to unleash over 10,000 “blonde Al Qaeda,” terrorists on Europe and the US.

The ongoing mercenary attacks in the Ukraine and the recently manufactured China/Vietnam crisis are other snarls of this dying Nazi Zionist beast.

There is also obviously something very unusual going on with the IMF, with Director Christine Lagarde asking in public if she has to “get on her knees and beg.” Ostensibly, the begging is about mistaken IMF predictions for the UK economy but the real reason is that the IMF is bankrupt, MI5 sources say.

That is also why Lagarde talked publicly last week about moving the IMF to China. The IMF may be shopping for a new sugar daddy but China has better options than to finance an institution with as dismal a track record as that of the IMF.

Last week was also notable in that the hitherto secretive Bilderberg Group publicly came out and said they wanted to overthrow the current two party system of government in the United States.

William Van Duyn, a person who managed to stay under the radar until now, has now made public the opening speech he made at the recent Bilderberg meeting in Denmark.

In this speech, Van Duyn says it was his ancestors who “made sure the Eye is on the [U.S.] dollar bill.” This is the eye that has NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM or New World Order written under it. He also said “No president, no king, no dictator, nor prime minister dares to criticize my name nor the Bilderbergers, and they know they are the puppets of the powerful Illuminati working from behind the scenes.” This was followed later by “The subject of this Bilderberg meeting is the One World Government.”

Van Duyn concluded that from now own Bilderberg would rule in public and “control every movement within any government…create the rules…decide about nations policy.”

What he does not seem to realize is that secrecy was needed for them to rule and without it, they will lose power. Rule by murder, bribery and brainwashing needs secrecy or else it will invite rebellion.

The very fact they have gone public shows we are seeing the sort of rare information that only comes out at moments of regime change. For example, around the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, insiders revealed such things as the plans to turn the EU into the new Soviet Union, while ordinary Russians learned bad things they had never heard about their heroes Stalin, Lenin etc.

Another sign that it is not business as usual is that the European Central Bank has decided to start using negative interest rates. This means that if you keep money in the bank, it will start to vanish. The idea is to stimulate the economy by forcing people to spend their money instead of keeping in the bank. Also, to prevent people from just hoarding cash instead having their money in automatically shrinking accounts, the banks have begun to limit how much cash people can remove from their bank accounts. This unprecedented move is a public admission of economic desperation in the EU.

In the meantime, indications the Europeans are trying to overthrow the US Nazi regime have become visible on many levels. Most notably, the governments of Europe have now stopped using the US dollar to pay for their Russian or Middle Eastern gas and oil imports. If the largest economic bloc in the world is moving away from the petro-dollar, then the Federal Reserve Board petro-dollar is doomed.

It was also painfully obvious that nobody was going along anymore with Nazi/Zionist lies that Putin had invaded the Ukraine. Instead, the Germans and French have been working with the Russians to put down the Nazionist mercenary armies fighting in the Ukraine.

The Nazionist forces are not going down without a fight. They have compelled their Japanese slave colony to send troops into the Ukraine, according to Japanese Defense Ministry sources. There is also an article in the Japanese language version of the Russian Government Ria Novosti News Service confirming this claim.

The Japanese troops were sent there to put pressure on Russia to agree to a G7 plan for a new financial system, according to a Japan based CIA source.

The Russians are pushing instead to strengthen the BRICS mechanism and say technical preparation for a BRICS bank are well under way. The fact that Argentina is now talking about joining the BRICS alliance is very interesting because this is where Pope Francis hails from, meaning the Vatican could be switching to the BRICS side.

There is also a lot of unreported or under-reported activity going on in Africa. While the Zionist media has been pumping up a publicity campaign around supposed kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria, they have been censoring news of real massacres related to the illuminati plan to promote fights between Muslims and Christians in order to create a one world religion.

This gruesome photograph below was censored by U-tube, face book and Zionist media organizations. I post it because ignoring evil is the same as accepting it.

“This is a brutal example of how far the struggle between Muslims and Catholics in Nigeria has reached…and where are the International Human Rights Organizations? Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference!” said Father Juan Carlos Martos, on behalf of the Missionari Clarettiani, via del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Rome, Italy.

The question the world should be asking is what is the US military doing in Africa if they cannot stop such massacres? Are they instead somehow involved? Where are the pentagon white hats? Why is everybody silent?

These are the sort of Satanic incidents the White Dragon Society is determined to banish from this earth.

In Asia, meanwhile, the pentagon is trying to woo North Korea into joining with South Korea and Japan and pay protection money “to keep China in its place,” a Japanese military intelligence source said.

The planned visit by puppet Prime Minister Abe of Japan to North Korea will result in 34 “kidnap victims” (in reality mostly Japanese agents working for North Korea) to be returned in exchange for generous Japanese financial aid, according to a North Korean source. This is a preliminary to a campaign to turn North Korea into a friend instead of a boogey man for the Japanese, the sources agreed.

Another sign that some big event is expected in the Korean peninsula is the fact that North and South Korea are building a joint railroad network with Russia. This is a clear indication that all three countries expect the Korean peninsula to unify in the foreseeable future.

Construction of a tunnel linking South Korea to Japan has also already begun, according to Japanese government sources. This will mean it will be possible to take a train from Tokyo to London. In addition, goods can be shipped from Europe to Korea and Japan three times faster once the rail link is constructed, according to Russia Today.

The recent and ongoing dispute between Vietnam and China over an oil rig in disputed waters is being used by pentagon to ensure Asian countries keep it financed even if the US corporate government goes bankrupt, according to a pentagon source. It is better to feed than fight a big dog.

 Source  June 9 2014

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