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Activating Humanity's Prosperity Code




We are Opening 44 Portals of Light in the Global Financial Sector


"As an awakened group consciousness, it's a proven fact that we are a major  
economic catalyst for the multitude. We are now ready to demonstrate this truth."
 Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation 


Call to Service


During the final phase of the Prosperity Plan and with the supporting rays of the Solstice Sun, we are being summoned into active service.


This next undertaking is crucial to catalyzing greater positive shifts in the global economy as we set into momentum the world prosperity encodement, in accordance with the unfolding Divine Plan.    


We are offering ourselves up as conduits for a world transmission purposed to saturate Humanity's higher mental body with illumined understanding.  


To maximize the potency of this seeding, we are opening portals of light at 44 of the most influential financial entities of the world.


This is an immense activation occurring through the Unity Consciousness Matrix and its grid of light.


All is free. Help us get everyone else on board!




Rise People of Goodwill  


Take Action

It is through cohesive and unifying group activity, such as this Solstice Transmission, that the Universal Light Intelligence is grounding the perfected crystalline patterns of the new global economy.

We are boldly demonstrating the invincible power of a unified group with singular purpose.

As one voice, we are take our mighty commands deep into the realms of invocation to inaugurate the era of the "right use of money" for an entire planet and its evolving race. When we invoke, we give permission for Divine Intervention to come in and act for the greater good of all.


Now is the time for us to wield this power in response to the overwhelming appearance of world need. From Unity Consciousness, we are assisting the masses to shift into new perceptions of humanitarianism, equality and prosperity for all.


Rise people of goodwill! VICTORY IS OURS!



The Goal: Seeding the Realized Outcome


The primary goal of this world transmission is to anchor some of the necessary energetic foundations upon which the new global economy will be realized.


Rather than spending our precious moments calling out all that is in distortion regarding the world's money game, we are instead placing our focus upon seeding the 5th dimensional templates into the planetary Crystalline Grid while merging with the higher consciousness of all Humanity to support smooth economic transition.



Transmitting to the Global Elite


We are also transmitting to the top 44 financial controllers and global elite of our planet.  Our intention with the "List of 44" is to initiate a mass domino affect in all other financial related entities throughout the world.


Each of us will project our consciousness to one financial building or entity. From deep compassion and neutralized awareness, we will then serve as a human channel to transmit the unity codes plus help open a portals of light.


We will all do this together with a group of transmitters at each of these 44 locations thereby creating an impenetrable and cohered matrix of divine intent.


All transmitters are required to come to this event in the fullness of love and compassion towards the ruling global elite. Polarized attitudes and charged emotions will naturally void your transmission.






Opening 44 Portals of Light in the Global Financial Sector  






Please select one of these locations that will be your personal portal of light location and indicate this on the registration form.  


Please conduct further research so that you know your chosen entity very well.


List of 44 Controllers of World Finance    


 See the descriptions of these locations 


The following groups, organizations and entities have been carefully selected as they represent a huge conglomerate of the global super powers that are greatly influencing and even controlling the world economy.     

We have done our best to provide the most diverse cross-section of the financial elite in order to catalyze a positive mass shift in the use of money in our world. 


Our intention with the "List of 44" is to initiate a mass domino affect in all other financial related entities throughout the world.   





1.   New York Stock Exchange

2.   The NASDAQ Stock Market

3.   Tokyo Stock Exchange 4.   Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) 5.   Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

6.   Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) 
7.   Intercontinental Exchange 8.   London's Financial District
9.   U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 
10. China's Financial District 11. International Monetary Fund 12. The Federal Reserve

13. U.S. Department of the Treasury 

14. Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation 15. BlackRock Inc. 16. World Trade Organization 17. India Ministry of Finance 18. The Vatican

19. The United Nations 20. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

21.  The Pentagon 22. Business Roundtable 

23. Trilateral Commission

24. Club of Rome 25. Council on Foreign Relations

26. Chatham House - The Royal Institute for International Affairs

27. World Bank

28. Bank of International Settlements (BIS)  
29. European Central Bank

30. Goldman Sachs Group

31. JP Morgan Chase 32. N M Rothschild & Sons 33. Bank of America 34. Wells Fargo 35. Citigroup Inc. 36. Central Bank of the Russian Federation

37. Central Bank of Brazil

38.  Exxon Mobil

39. Royal Dutch Shell

40. Saudi Aramco  

41. Walton Enterprises - Wal-Mart Stores

42. Brazil's Financial District (Paulista Avenue)

43. Central American Bank for Economic Integration

44. Buenos Aires Financial District   




Remember, beloved Avatars... 
It is through cohesive and unifying group activity that the Universal Light  
Intelligence is grounding the perfected crystalline patterns of the new world economy.


The poised and confident body of Unity Consciousness is a planetary redeemer.









© Children of the Sun Foundation. You have permission to share our free public information through any medium as long as it is offered at no cost, it is not altered, and the proper credit is given to the Foundation.

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Comment by Besimi on June 9, 2014 at 1:12am


Mercury went retrograde yesterday! Are you ready?

 Mercury by Simeon Solomon

It has been interesting over the years that I have studied astrology, to watch how the opinions and attitudes toward Mercury retrograde have changed.


In my early years of study the only information I encountered was dreadful!


The general consensus was to hide under the covers and do nothing until Mercury returns to forward motion.


The idea was that everything would go wrong! Your communications would get you in trouble, every thing mechanical would break down, everyone would be late to every event, and life would simply be a disaster for three weeks!


Thank goodness we have moved beyond that type of thinking.


Each Mercury retrograde brings a different story depending on the sign it occurs in and the Aspects it makes to other planets during it’s backwards romp! It also impacts each person differently, depending on how it is impacting their personal horoscope.


If you have your chart and enough understanding of it to see where this Mercury retrograde is occurring (between 24° Gemini and 3° Cancer), you will know where your life will be impacted.


Even if you don’t have that information I would encourage you to be curious about what Mercury retrograde means for you.


For years I’ve been teaching people to think of Mercury retrograde as a time to slow down and catch up.


Our lives move so quickly! In our hurry we don’t always do the best job we are capable of. While Mercury is retrograde we are offered the opportunity to complete what has been left undone and revise the projects that were completed in haste.


Years ago I discovered that if I stick very closely to projects and plans that have already been started I can get a great deal accomplished during Mercury retrograde. If I take these times to redo my website, revise the book I’ve been working on, re-imagine the plans I’ve already set in motion; amazing amounts of work can be accomplished!



Let’s take a look at the broader picture of this particular Mercury Retrograde.


If you know your own chart, this information will be useful in understanding where and how you are personally being impacted by this cycle.
    On May 20 Mercury entered its shadow, meaning that during the course of this retrograde Mercury will go back to the position it was at on May 20th, 24° Gemini.
    On June 7 the actual retrograde begins at 3° Cancer. Mercury will retrograde back to 24° Gemini.
    On July 1 Mercury will turn direct; it will take until July 15 for Mercury to move ahead of the point it was when it began its retrograde.



 A common issue during Mercury Retrograde is the need to recommit to what is most important in our lives, including our most significant relationships.

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