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This meditation occurred at Between 7:30 am and 8:07am today 5-16-2010

Process: I attempted to access the main branch of the Akashic library in the central sun. I imagined that I was in a library with large white pillars and glass or fine crystal windows floor to ceiling. It was all filling with fantastic light. At first I tried to imagine it mentally only and I heard "you were crippled ear. It was you who lost your ear" and I wrote it down on the paper. But then something instinctual happened. I closed my eyes again and this time when I looked through my minds eye I actually spoke aloud as if a small bookeeper came up to me to ask if I needed assistance, I said yes, I am looking for information on a past life, for you know. And I meagerly swiped my hands down from face to sternum, this being... I imagined the little man nod and walk away, then in an instant I was holding a black bound leather book. When the book opened it I could see only the darkest shades of red and black. I scribbled with my hands (in real time present what I was seeing in my minds eye) writing the following lines:
Life 1: much brutality
violent people high in sexual energy
hungry for life
thirsty for blood, they drank blood, male energy

Then I asked if I could see the most recent life before this one and this is what I received:
much sadness
she is in the higher realms, upper echelon
very bright, over achiever
she saw such anguish
she is seeing so much brutality and pain on earth
why why why
She must know why?!?! why!?!
she must see it for herself
so I am here
Toumblesd* humbled
*actual spelling was used though it felt close to tumbled
The crippled ear thing relates to a story from my grandfathers side of the family, the greek side where I was told that our family name was Kousefdakis meaning "crippled ear" and the story being that a great grandfather was in battle where another man cut off his ear.

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