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Pleiadians, art and your friend Brandyrox

So this week has been beyond interesting for me. Mostly because I found Wendy Kennedy. Before I move too far ahead I would like to point how interesting it is to me the timing involved when we meet certain spiritual teachers. Before channeling personally, I was already familiar with The Law of One (Ra Material), the Bible, Abraham Hicks, Bashar, but really that was about it.

I have been slow opening up to the idea of doing public channeling since my first unexpected event in December.

Since then I have been pouring over information, new to me from channels I had never heard of and suddenly I was surrounded by a family of people seemingly like me. Since Dec, I have studied the works of Carla Rueckhart and the Channelers handbook, the channeling of Seth (Jane Roberts - Seth Speaks), the channeling of Joseph (Michael Reccia), the channeling of Tobias (Geoff Hoppe), The Film Tuning In...

But I didn't have such a reaction to any material (besides the Ra Material) until I heard the session by Wendy Kennedy on accessing the Akashic_Realm on 3/18/2010.
I think they are my family. As I was listening I created the images below.

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