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Upon thinking about the information now after thinking about a little more I feel inclined to include more information that is coming through now.

When I think of the first life information it makes some sense to me in that and this might sound really ridiculous, but I was a gynormous Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan in my late teen early twenty years, my specific fascination being with the Spike character, to such degree it propelled me into the graphic arts to compete with other nerdy Spiketts making tribute banners and avatars for one another in creative appreciation for the show we all loved to love. The idea of literally drinking blood with this body is disgusting, but when imagining another beings desire to do that, I am not disgusted, simply intrigued but more sympathetic, what a painful thing it would be for someone who felt the connection to all that is yet is physically compelled to take the life of another. Inner turmoil and conflict that could last lifetimes. I am so sad just thinking about it now. strange and irrational huh, none the less, it is what comes out.

To the crippled ear life I can say that I have drawn a picture of that event but when I went to write the blog twice I miss typed the story my grandfather told me, the story I included in my original blog, but the miss type was that the man crippled ear cut his own ear off in defense or defiance, neither of which to my logical mind makes any sense. So I decided to include the story I had heard repeatedly growing up instead.

To the third life I can say that This woman was bathes in light and seems as if she had fallen a great distance. I felt when the information was being pulled through that she was very light and very bright and to the right if that makes any sense.

She was very certainly a she though any man would give her their ear in an instant for she was so clear as a bell, so resonant that any being would fancy a chat with her. Wise, eager to help. I perceive her environment as bright light, columns and streams of it. You can sort of jump into currents to travel to places, between places, there are many paths of light that have been worn over time from others who have traveled. You know how to get there you just must let yourself see it in your minds eye. She see the currents are pulling more people in a certain direction.

This is her job, to monitor the flow of some of these channels. important work. difficult and sometimes very, there is no word, it is across between stern and sad and compassionate and decisive and discernment. In other words, to play the balance of power verses guidance, she must take a myriad of variables into consideration. I can imagine her from a very high perspective watching currents of colored light flowing over a massive circuit board the size of 10 lane freeways criss crossing in every direction.

SUDDENLY IT RAINS. And I am reminded of my reoccurring dream i had when I was a kid.
It was of three images repeating like flashing one after the other:

one was a white house with flowers in the front yard, purple and blue ones, but it wasn't a happy house but it sure looked happy enough on the outside. I only ever could see it from the street, never from the inside only this lame cleche of a house.

Second image is of enormous, very powerful metal pistons, a whole set of them. They are pounding the rhythms fiercely and mechanically, cold hard, empty and persistent.

The third one I don't recall exactly only that I know there were three. The only thing I can guess is that it had to do with numbers because I have a vivid memory of going into the kitchen as a young child and seeing large sesame street like numbers, thick colorful numbers as real as day dancing on the cabinets and they scared the living daylights out of me.

I think her job might be a duty/honor/privilege to guard the flow. She takes it very seriously. I also have this image when I think of her that there is an eye very high on the wall of eyes and hers is near the top with her friends around her governing together. We are about to turn our collective gaze in a new direction and she and they will be leading/coordinating/guiding/guarding it isn't like we are the boss but we are the guardians. we guard.

She saw the flare of energy rising up on earth. Things were shifting. From her perspective all her lives past were incorporated fully so she could easily recall any pic of useful data at any second, the memories of her past experiences with nuclear power and explosions so when earth people had that power and the interest in that planet went up she turned her attention like the others upon her sphere.
Well that is what I was got but then got distracted by the world her on earth again.. Ill talk to you soon

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Comment by brandy rox on May 17, 2010 at 11:12pm
All I can say is I felt as I normally do in meditation, and that I fully trusted that whatever I received without judgement, however imaginary it may seem, i was going to trust what I was getting. Was I in deep meditation before I asked what? To connect to library? I simply cleared my mind and field of any immediate concerns or information and relaxed. I know that I am connected when I feel it and when I close my eyes sometimes I see a single eye.

Then I pay attention to the sensations or feelings in my body. While still paying very close attention to my vibration and how it feels, I then set the intention which for this meditation was to travel to the central library to gain information about my previous lives.

What is the difference between imagination and "readings"? We use our own individual imaginations as filters or symbol generators so we can, in our own way, communicate the messages holding more than words can contain from that other place; the "other side" if you will.

I don't know really what you mean by "deep mediation" for if you go too deep, you may find yourself asleep.
Once your mind is clear of constant, incessant thoughts, once you are heart centered, leading and learning with your heart, you needn't be concerned as much with technique as you are creator beings and therefor can invent your own unique technique for contacting source. I can teach you what has helped me, but in the end you must find your own way.

I think perhaps the best help I can give you is lighten up. However you do it is how you do it. If you can't seem to stay on one thought for like 60 secs, then start from there. Start wherever you are. Though "reading" other people, tuning in to the higher realms, all it really takes is the will to pay attention to that energy stream that you are creating by your attention to it and not all the other things that are happening around you all the time. In other words, you must make that experience the central event in your attention at the time you are making that intention. You must silence your thoughts long enough to want to hear whatever it is that could be being sent your way.

I could go on, if you need more help lemme know.

If you do want me to see what I get for you, I can, but not just to appease myself. It should bring you some benefit, should serve a purpose.

And your feelings/beliefs around the experience will color the results.
Comment by Vaddix on May 17, 2010 at 10:18pm
I read the post before this one. Did you get to an alpha state first? were you in deep meditation before you asked?

I have adhd so i have real trouble getting into a meditation state, and a have a really vivid overactive imagination so i cant really tell the diference between it and an actual vision of a past life.
Comment by brandy rox on May 17, 2010 at 2:47am
Aloha Vadix, check out the blog I posted before this one... about the first experience. I listened to the pleiadian collective through Wendy kennedy on the Akashic record. So I just asked really and then I wrote down what I was getting no matter how i felt about it or thought about it. It took a about 15 to 20 min before all the information was received. I was typing as I was getting things.
Comment by Vaddix on May 17, 2010 at 1:40am
how did you achieve a past life regression? I did the 3 part one on youtube brad suggested. i got some very cool imagery. None of the human. cant tell if my imagination is playing tricks or it really was a past life regression.

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