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Devatas: “You were speaking a little earlier on this evening about the orbs and what you call your spaceships which you see in the skies over your planet at this time.

Indeed, it is interesting from the point of view of what is more or less happening to your consciousness. Your Consciousness as you know, is Opening - and in Opening, it implies does it not, that your awareness expands. So, is it not a normal perception under those circumstances, that you start to perceive things which in the past you were incapable of seeing.

Now what you term your orbs are one thing, but what you see in the sky as being fleets of space ships, are indeed Not, in fact space-ships - but they are a product of a higher level.

Now as you expand your Awareness, so Reality – Higher Realities – Impinge. And the nature of Higher Realities are a little different to your 3rd dimension.

In your 3rd dimension, you see do you not flocks of birds in your sky, and you say how beautiful they are as they fly by. And to a degree, you may almost say that your orbs in the sense of a flock of orbs, are not so different from a flock of birds.

We do not, when we say this, imply that they are birds, for they are not, but they are of a Higher Light Nature and in a sense, they are Being-ness.

Yet what you must start to understand is that life within the levels of the Higher dimensions, does not necessitate taking on physicality.

Therefore what you see as ‘flocks of orbs’, are indeed, flocks of, let us say, Being-ness which does indeed belong to that level, to that dimension, as a natural state.

On your level, on your 3rd dimensional level, you live as it were, within the atmospherics surrounding your planet which blocks your awareness to a higher reality.

Once your so called space-ships or rockets, or whatever you wish to call them, go beyond the pull of gravity and move out into spaciousness, then in the Clarity which is that Spaciousness, you will see that around the earth, there are different levels of density, let us call it that.

As these levels of density are traversed, so gradually a Clarity comes into being.

Now in relation to higher dimensions, this is a little different process. It is not that you move out beyond the levels of your atmospherics, but that you move into Higher – Lighter states of Perception, where you do not necessitate a physical body but have in that sense, a Light vehicle.

Now again, you speak in terms of your astral realms where you have an astral body do you not. And in those realms as well, there are in a sense, Beings who do not necessitate even an astral body, but are also moving more and more towards just being Light frequencies.

Now when you see a flock of orbs, then we could tell you that in a sense, it is a One-ness. In the same sense that you may see a flock of birds, it is a flock of birds. But if you watch your flocks of birds, do you not see that they behave many times as One – in that they turn at the same moment, and they wheel, and they are guided by the one in front who acts as the brain or the guide of the flock.

Now with your orbs, when you see hundreds upon hundreds of them in the sky, they are in a sense rather like this. It is not many as you perceive, still remember perceiving with a third dimensional point of view - but it is a Oneness which is literally moving through its own dimension and your perception now, allows you to perceive this in fits and starts.

Remember, what you do perceive as three-dimensional beings at this point in your time, is, in a sense, geared for the 3rd dimension. So you are hampered in another sense, in understanding the nature of a higher dimension.

You will see, with the rationalization of a 3rd dimensional mental body and yet, you have to now start to think in different terms. You have to start to recognize and to realize that there are different points of view – literally speaking.

As the mind Opens into the ability to Know and Perceive these dimensions, then it will be no more strange for you to perceive, we would say, a flock of orbs, any more than on your level, it is to perceive a flock of birds.

There is a difference which again is difficult to explain whilst you are encased within the 3rd dimension, with that mentality. And that is, that although the orbs are, as we say, in a sense, a Oneness – they still have the capacity in that Oneness, to act in a sense, separately.

Now what we mean by this, is you may see, ‘a flock of orbs’, and yet at the same time, you will say that some of them appear to move differently, they move in different directions. But again watch your flocks of birds and you will see likewise, some of them move in different directions. But they come back – they will come back to the Oneness of the flock. And the same will apply when you see your ‘flock of orbs’.

Now, there are orbs and there are other orbs. And you perceive individual orbs do you not, which as far as your perception allows you, you do not see an interconnection with other orbs, you perceive just a single orb. This is correct. You will perceive an orb in different colours. You will perceive an orb with different patterns. You will also see orbs with different densities, vibrations, frequencies.

We have said to you in the past that an orb will give you an indication of its intelligence, because it does indeed have a type of intelligence which you do not understand. But it does have a type of intelligence and this is perceptible by the density of its light- the frequency and the brightness and the colour.

The colours belong to different levels and the highest are in fact the brightest.

Now you have if you did but know it, orbs within you. This is a little difficult to explain to you other than perhaps in Tibetan terminology in relation to what you may term your chakra systems.

Within each chakra you have to a degree, vibrational colours. And as you well know, according to your evolvement, to your capacities, these colours are lighter or darker, are they not.

But you also have within each chakra system - a seed - a seed consciousness and this seed consciousness is the Eternal Seed Consciousness which moves to the level of your causal body at death.

As these seeds move forwards then they themselves may be construed as orbs. So yes, it is possible in another sense that one may say, that an orb as such, could be connected to the transition of a human being.

It is not simple to be able to explain this for we are trying to bring down, let us say, the higher knowledge.

You expect things to be as your good books tell you. Indeed there is much truth in what you have read and studied and know. And yet, there are deeper Truths which change with the levels of perception - which are the levels of dimension. And what is black and white on one level, has many shades of grey, let us say, within other levels.

So it is not a simple matter to be able to put into your mental bodies the information of That which is not as yet perceptible.

It does not mean that you will not know but it does mean it is difficult for you to, let us say to put in simple terminology, swallow.

When you are told that you Create your own world, when you are told that ‘as you think – so you are’, when you are told that ‘you Belong to a holographic Universe’, you are told at the same time that you Create every thing – and indeed you do.

Now, look at it from the point of view of perhaps from the Holographic point of view, and if we said to you, that your 3rd dimension can be changed in a twinkling of an eye, you would look in amazement.

And yet let us try to run something by you consciously speaking. What if the Creator of the Holographic mind and Universe - which is You, decided to play a different program, to put in let us say, a different chip – a different picture. Immediately everything that Is – that you know – that you are – would change would it not, within a moment.

And your holographic reality has a thousand more dimensions added to it. It is You – it is not you. You have created this – you have not created this. And yet, this is what, to a degree, is occurring.

As the different paradigms Impinge on your awareness, onto your perception, then indeed that Holographic reality is being modulated, let us put it in these terms.

You were given an analogy recently of the human race being like computers – in the sense of your circuitry and the way your brain works, and the way your body works. Hardware and software - and to a degree that was not totally wrong.

Yet if we talk to you in terms of your Holographic Spiritual Reality, even that now may well be Transcended – for those who are capable of let us say, going to the Core – going back into the Source – going back into the Awareness of the True – of the Lovingness – of the Real - and At-Oneing in the Nature of Spiritual Reality – with a capital R.

So from there, as the thought reaches out, the thought Creates your Holographic Existence does it not.

And that is from where and to where your evolvement, let us call it that, comes and is headed back to.

The games that you play throughout the myriad levels of experience of lifetimes, of knowingness, are all part and parcel of this of which we speak. It is a vast game. And it is games within games, for want of a better word.

So when we speak to you this evening of the Change in Consciousness and Perception, when you perceive these orbs, all that is happening in Reality, is the modulation of that holographic universe which You Are.

We would ask you not to be afraid. We would ask you to be aware and to learn and evolve through these happenings. For as you do so, you come more and more to know in Truth, your own Grander and Greater Beingness.

There is much now that can be learnt, and you shall see soon in your near future, many wondrous things occurring and especially within your skies.

You were told many years ago that there would be signs in the skies. Like you had your corn circles in your fields in England, likewise, you were told then, you shall see in the Sky these happenings occurring.

And indeed, we would say, if you look at your orbs, are they not indeed circles in the sky to a degree.

So do not worry, do not put fear in place of love. For as you already have discovered, in Loving Communion, with these, let us call them, ‘Orb-Beings’, you bring them to you.

And the more that you are able to Open in Loving Communion, the more you will know.

(Here the level deepens considerably). “The Bodhisattva Kuan-Shih-Yin. You have known Kuan-Yin as Great Compassion – the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion have you not.

In your western parlance, your Bodhisattvas may be linked to Angelic Beingness. And indeed, in the past there has always been the Angelic kingdoms around your earth and upon your earth, if you did but know.

They are guiding principles.

The children that come in now, who are Open in Evolvement to be able to Commune and to Know the depth of consciousness from which they come, are part and parcel of these Angelic kingdoms.

You see children arriving in your dimension. Yet if you knew it, what is truly there are Beings of Great Evolvement and capacities and Awareness and Light.

And these children as you call them, come to your earth with that Frequency, that they may Help and Heal and Guide the futures of mankind.

Remember that we see outside of what you call life and death. We see the history and the story of creation and we Know the Vastness of the Consciousness and the levels of Consciousness that these children bear.

And as they come now, they bring with them everything that is needed in many ways, in many lands - to Heal both mankind and the earth.

We could tell you also in a strange way, that your orbs work similarly – to also help to Uplift and earth in different ways. And in the same way as the corn-circles in the fields of England likewise.

There is an interconnection. Your earth is precious and moving into a frequency now that it has never experienced previously.

Humanity likewise is being primed and there is in your terms, only a short period of time before many things shall Change.

So when you speak of these little children, Know that at the same time, they are Linked to a Vastness of Purpose which is to Help, as we said, mankind and the earth Evolve.

They shall become servants to the world. And in Truth, this is the Bodhisattvic energy and the Angelic wish.

Transcribed by

Geraldine Camilleri


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Comment by Maitaki on December 16, 2008 at 2:54pm
Thak you Juan for posting this.
It is realy very interesting and wonderful.....
I have many experiencies with orbs in the last weeks.....
I have some photos uploaded in the Orbs Group.
I think you sould post this there.......

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