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(Today, Janet’s Devatas come in very quietly – calmly, without their characteristic laughter, and on an even deeper level).

Devatas: “Yes we’re here. And as you know we’re on a very different level as we speak to you this evening.

The field of Consciousness which surrounds you and indeed, surrounds your Solar System and what you call your third dimension, is being gently and definitely Changed.

The Being-ness That You Are is now starting to respond to the Changes in frequencies and vibrations of which we have spoken to you before. Remembering as we say this, that this is the Nature of All thing-ness.

Yet, the Nature of Consciousness which is behind the Nature of all thing-ness, is that of Being-ness which is now starting to Awaken within the human field, let us put it this way.

It is not we would say, a nuts and bolts situation. It is far more delicate and in the Real sense, Transcendent to the nature that you have been used to perceiving as your 3rd dimension.

The Being-ness of which we speak now, is in one sense Lifting your whole dimension. And as we say that, it is difficult for you to understand. For how does one Lift a whole dimension which for you within your perception of your 3rd dimension and your five sensualities, appears to be your Universe, and for that matter, your Cosmos?

And yet we tell you this is possible.

The Fields which are Changing Allow for the Representation of a New and Different Reality.

As this occurs, so the more subtler aspects of your Consciousness start to palpate and in doing so, vibrate to a different Reality. It is not as if one ends and another begins – it is a Dawning process. It is a Process of, as we say, Becoming-ness. Becoming-ness of Being.

And the Being is the important factor as we speak.

As we speak to you, so you are automatically Lifted into Higher Fields of Perception, as you are used to lifting your consciousness. And you can Know and you can Feel and indeed Experience, the Open-ness of Consciousness which is that of which we speak also.

As you do so, automatically your perception is Vast. Remember always that you are not a small bonded separate individual, but you are a Vast Being-ness – the True Is-ness of Being-ness.

And the Being-ness when it is unclouded by the distorted perceptions of the 3rd dimension, is set Free in such a manner that it Becomes in a sense, we would say – Divine - the Divinity of the species.

This is quite a statement we know. Yet when we speak of the Divinity of the species, it is the ability for the Inclusivity – the One-ness – the Knowingness – and the Becoming-ness in the Belonging-ness if you will, of that state of Awareness which has Transcended that which was known before.

It is like, drops of crystals – a shower of Diamond Light – that as the droplets fall, and Intermingle and Contact the individual consciousness, using those terminologies in your 3rd dimension, then automatically a Clarity occurs.

It is like putting wine into water. It is not that the water itself in fact changes – a coloration occurs and a different flavour comes into the water, does it not. And likewise, in a sense, this Becoming-ness ‘Flavours’ the Consciousness of the species.

It flavours if you will, the Perception of a New Dimension.

For does not the water, when the wine enters, become of a different colour and of a different taste, yet retaining itself as water.

Likewise, you retain in one sense, that which you have been - but you are Changed into That which you have Become – and are Becoming in your Being-ness Now –in the Full-ness Now – of those Immense capacities, a very powerful and exceptionally unusual species.

It is difficult again for we are dealing here in Consciousness, and it may sound to the average individual, a fairy story, let us use that terminology. Yet, this is no fairy story. It is a True Becoming. It is the Opening – it is That which you were meant to Be. It is That which You Are Now Becoming.

You are Unbounded Consciousness and you have in that Unbounded-ness, in the One-ness, the ability to Know and in that Knowing-ness, to Be wherever you so choose, Consciously to Be.

The Choice is yours as well, for there will be those who do not wish to move from their structured, so called reality. And so it will take time, in another sense, for them to Awaken. Yet they shall Awaken – for there is no thing that cannot Awaken ultimately.

And it is Happening Now – it is already Happening Now on your planet. And it has been happening for many years. Yet it was in the One-ness - it was within the individual – but Now it is Becoming the Mass.

As this occurs, there is a disturbance in the frequency and in the vibration and in the Knowingness - and there is a feeling within, let us say, the depth or the heart of mankind, that a Change must come about.

Your species looks at this point as if it is doomed to gloom and doom eternally. Yet it is Not the Real. It is just let us say, the ‘play’ that is going on – as the Real Change starts to occur.

We have said to you many, many, many times, that you shall reach the ‘bottom of the barrel’ and in doing so, all the flotsam and the jetsam must be cleansed, must come to the surface and be cleaned. Then once more, the pure water is put into the barrel and you have a Purity. But this cannot occur without the Change – and the Change is That of which We speak.

You are so used to your structures on your earth plane and if you look, most of your structures have been fear-based. Yet, you have felt secure within those structures, not realizing that they were not the Real. And so you built castles in the air. Then you built your bank accounts, and your big houses, and you stored your wealth etc. and so forth.

None of this is of any necessity come the future. And as you move into this New Awareness, then gradually you Will Perceive an Ability which in fact, you always had but which you had forgotten. And that is the Creativity which you in fact, Have and Are.

You Shall be able to Create All that Is necessary. You shall be able virtually, in a very short period of time, be Able to Manifest a Reality which no longer has the same ideals and principles as your previous 3rd dimensional reality. They are no longer of any use.

We say again, that when you dream at night, in that dream you create do you not, you create your fantasies. Well where does the creativity for that dream come from? You cannot do this in your waking conscious state – unless of course you are artistically gifted, then you paint great pictures or create great music.

But within every one of you, there is a Greater Capacity for Creativity than you have ever imagined. For it Is Your Nature to be Creative. You are part of the Creator – therefore it is in your Nature is it not, to be Creative.

And as we talk to you of the Change – of the Refinement of Consciousness, then it automatically follows, that the Creativity becomes more and more apparent.

Ultimately, your world Becomes your Creation in the Real sense of that. And it can be a Truly Beautiful world – and it should be a Beautiful world when it is based on the right principles. And when it is based on sharing and caring, and Co-Creating one with another, for the betterment of the whole. This Shall Be - because it is a part of You.

You see yourselves separate, you see yourselves separate from each other, separate from the animals, separate from the land, separate from the sky and the seas. And yet we tell you, you are none of this.

You Are All of This. Could you be anything other when you Recognise the Creativity! Every thing that you have Created for your enjoyment, you have Created. You have Created your world, your own world, each and every one of you.

However, when the Consciousness now Opens to the Unitive level, how much Greater will you Know your Creativity. How much Grander, how much more Empowered shall it be !

And so we speak to you of something which Becomes Divine.

And that is your Progress. It is the Progress of All. There is No-Two -, there is No other - there can be No Other.

Whatever you speak of in your physical terminology, you see as dualistic. And that is where the fear comes in. That is also where the prison of your mind has been. And when the bars are Open, and when the Consciousness – the True You, flies free from that 3rd dimensional prison, then you Shall Know That of which we speak, without a doubt.

It is Glorious – it is What It Is.

Remember we said to you ‘You are Awakening from the chrysalis state’ and in another sense - You are Lifting into the Christed State. For what is the Heart of the Christos in That sense, other than the Universal Man! And this is what humanity shall Grow to – to Awaken Within – and Know Its Own Divinity.

It is indeed a Grand Journey.

Do not think that you are other than that of which we speak. For it is true that you have been indoctrinated to believe so. But as you Lift and as you Return – and as the Light Enlightens your Awareness – your Consciousness, and as you Arise in That Universal One-ness, then it is indeed True that You Are That of which we speak - And You Shall Know.

And in the depth of your heart-of-hearts, within, deeply within, all that you have been shown, and molded to believe – Within - there is the Knowing. And that is the Glory In Which – and To Which you will Return.

On your physical level you are near or nearing your time of Christmas. And it is a religious structure, a religious timing, and you speak of the Christ and the birth of the Christ.

What we are speaking to you of is not religious. Because within this Divine Level of which we speak, all religions, throughout all ages, all belief systems have pointed to this Awakening.

And this Awakening is That of Which we speak. It is not tied to one belief system of another, or any. But it is the Opening – and it is The Becoming – and the Knowing.

And We Bless You – for We Know and We Feel and We See this Grandeur that Is to Come.

It Shall come sooner rather than later and you Shall Know. So whatever one sees upon your 3rd dimension, as dark as it may appear, as threatening as it may feel, and as fearful as it may be made out to be, we ask you to Lift and to let-go and to move into This Awareness. For as you do so, all else is discarded. And it Is a Blest Reality.

And We Bless you In That.

Transcribed by

Geraldine Camilleri


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Comment by Dana on December 5, 2008 at 7:57pm
Truly a divine message. Wow what energy streaming into me... and I hope to many many others. Beautiful JF... Thank you :)

love & joy
Comment by R.L on December 5, 2008 at 7:41pm

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