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Channeling from Devatas, "Solar DNA"

Channeled by Janet Trevisan on 12-15-2008


Devatas: “Yes we’re here. Indeed it is a joyful evening to be with you. For the Nature of Joy is to be Up-lifted is it not, and so We Up-lift you with our frequencies so that you may join us as Oneness. Oneness in itself is the Nature of Joy if you did but know it, and you pass Beyond into the Nature of Total Joy – Utter Unconditioned Love – and that is really the True story of Who and What You Are.

We See that when you read your books and when you watch your television sets, there is around you very, very negative energies, negative vibrations which tend to bring forth negative news does it not. And indeed in your time-spheres, there appears to be much which is causing discontent, worry and upset.

And yet we must tell you now to be Brave. And when we say to be Brave – we mean to Lift to the Nature of the Real and to See the Illusion that is.

Remember that when the mind is Freed, when the mind is Still in its own True Nature, it can look, so to say, through the illusion which it presents for your experiences.

You are Unbounded Joy – You are Unconditioned Love as we have just said. And there is in Reality, no reason why you should not be constantly in this state of perception.

It is strange is it not, that you choose to look in the other direction. Looking in the other direction of course means that the habitual mind is held within the egoic sway and within the 3rd dimensional perception which willy-nilly causes you to experience, what you term, life, with a small l.

When you are capable of Lifting the consciousness into the True – into the Nature of that Which Is – then the Transcendence of those realms naturally occurs.

And so we tell you to Lift in your Awareness and not to be pulled in as it were. As difficult as this may appear - but it is only appearance, do not be pulled into the habitual play of the lower mind.

You should understand as we say this, that the Nature of Mind is Vast and in its Vastness, there are as the good book has said, many mansions – many dimensions.

And at the same time, as you start to Perceive so to say, within the egoic personality structures, the Higher Mind is also capable of existing and experiencing within many dimensions. And it does automatically, although you are constantly unaware of this.

It has the parallel universes as you call them, and the inner dimensions and it has its own vast Galactic experiences. This is all part and parcel of Who and What you Are. Remembering as we say this, that you only use at this time in your incarnation, about 3% of your DNA structures.

When you recognize that the 97% is dormant more or less, then you recognize that you have a hidden potentiality and you have a latent awareness of all those dimensions. You are Vast. You have in the normal state of mind, in the normal 3rd dimensional perception, very little awareness of this. And yet, it is becoming gradually more apparent to the masses, this that we speak of.

And your scientists also now are starting to come to the realization, as you have said so many times before Janet, that the so called junk DNA, is indeed, anything but junk DNA.

It is a very exciting time is it not.

You must recognize also the different energetics that are at play, as we have said many times in past dictations, around your planet earth.

We have told you that the Si-rian energies have Impinged upon your earth and upon your Solar System and indeed through the Sun – your S U N. The radiational frequencies have started to Uplift both the planet and human awareness. The radiatory awareness from the Sun Impinges on your DNA, it Impinges on the evolution of you as a species.

Everything is Interconnected as we have said so many times before, and when you understand this, then you can see how wheels do indeed work within wheels and that the Upgrading of the species and for that matter, everything else upon your planet and Solar System et all, is gradually being Lifted.

The Radiatory Energetics which come via your Cosmos from as you know, the Centre of your galaxies, through your Sun systems, through your central Sun, through your Si-rian Sun and through your Solar Logoic Sun - your Sun itself, Impinge upon the earth and right through to the very core structures of the cells within your body, and for that matter, within all cells upon the planet.

You know well through your sciences that your DNA is only very, very, very slightly different to other animals and vegetation and things upon your earth. And yet everything is so carefully graded and is so carefully being Up-Graded.

As the Awakening of Consciousness now starts to Expand, so the Solar energetics start to Awaken within the DNA of humanity. And as this occurs, so the Widening of Consciousness likewise occurs.

And you find now, as you have experienced, the feeling of time speeding and you see the gap so to say, between those who are already responding to the Solar energetics and those who are still in a lunar body, let us call it that, for there is indeed a gap so to say, at this point.

But for those who are responding and whose DNA is indeed Awakening, then gradually the Re-Awakening of the subtler strands of the DNA start to take place. As they do so, so you become a multi-stranded individual.

The multi-stranded-ness of the DNA of the subtler and higher levels, which give you Access to your Vast and Cosmic Nature of which we have spoken, gives you the Understanding and the Overview and the Interconnectedness of all that is.

You are indeed a very special species of Being-ness. And you will in the near future become more and more Aware. As we told you recently regarding the perception changing, as you start to see your orbs appearing, this is the Upgrading of the Consciousness starting to manifest through the sensory perceptions, through the touch, the taste, the sight, the smell and the hearing.

Beyond these senses are of course, your more subtle senses and within the subtle sense of, let us say, the ability to hear within finer frequencies, to See within finer and higher levels, and to Know, brings you into the higher levels of also, the sense of smell, which as you know, brings you back into the Nature of what is called ‘Beautification’ and this ultimately, brings you back into the Nature of the Joy and the Bliss-full-ness of which we speak.

It is a wonderful cycle is it not and a very exciting adventure.

Remember also, that as all this is occurring on multi-dimensional levels, your DNA is in fact actually working.

You see yourselves, we would say almost, carved in stone but you are not indeed that solidified. You are rather at this time, more like water – fluidic – and starting to Expand and Become now, the first Quenching Nature of the Real.

As you do so, so your Realities Impinge within other realities and vice-versa and you start to See and you start to Know things which have been in the past, unavailable to your perception.

And so yes, it makes sense then, that as this occurs so much more is added to the Awareness.

You will start soon to take your place amongst Higher levels of Being-ness. And as you do so, and as you Grow into your True Spiritual Adulthood, with the capacities that that calls forth, then you will start to take your Rightful places in your Cosmic Adventures.

So We Bless you for this and we tell you that there is indeed nothing that you need fear.

You have indeed at some point or another, Created every thing to experience through. And as you have been told so many times before in so many different ways, it is not what appears but how you handle it that matters.

We Bless you.

Transcribed by

Geraldine Camilleri

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Comment by CrystalClear2313 on December 26, 2008 at 10:33pm
Wow.... pretty good channel!!!

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