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Today I just woke up feeling so good :) I do not know why but it don't matter... I better just take andvantage of this good day instead... really really not very often that I feel like this tbh... But That's going to change!

Yesterday and the day before almost all day I've had this small headeache just within my forehead on one very special spot, It hasn't been very annoying and I've handeled it very well..
I thought that it could have something to be with what all that I've learned at late..
maybe.. or maybe it's just headeache ;)

Two days ago I got this great appearance of revealing within my head... I just understood some things that were already so obvious to me... It was like the fog or the mess in my head being cleared up.. and I could see my path... I knew what must be done.. I knew what I wanted to do... it was like the onlocking of a new door for me...

I am going to step into this door and continue my search within myself...

Just wanted to let ya nice folks now!

Peace and respect to you all!


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Comment by MerKaBa on January 9, 2009 at 12:24pm
I have experienced this headache as well, especially during some meditations. The thought came that the brain is tissue and it will grow and develop as we use more and more of it in ways we have not used it before. So I like the headache. It makes me feel like my brain is increasing and developing for the times that are upon us. This journey inside is exciting and beautiful. Please share as you journey in...
Comment by torz on January 9, 2009 at 9:28am
David Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So have I and it comes in waves over days and weeks....
I had one at xmas and the other day i too had a weird pain on the right hand side of my head like a sharp pain...
And all of a sudden i just .... understand.... like you said the fog has gone....
WOW.... coool

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