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Dear Friends, family, everyone I love or even who I don’t know yet, I ask that you read this with an open mind to and in respect of all I have studied and researched in my life up till now. Please just read the whole thing and make up your own mind from inside yourself.

We are in the end times of the world as we have known it, as pointed to by the mayan calendar, ancient prophecies of indigenous cultures like the Hopi, the Incas, the Kogi, the Aborigines, the Druids among many others, and now verified by the world’s leading scientists and teachers. As you know, the way of decadent consumerism and me-first culture can no longer be supported; business as usual is on its way out. Scientifically (if you do some research you will see what strange new things are happening in our galaxy) and historically (the impending collapse of our civilization as we know it,), we are about to go into a cataclysmic somersault. We are heading fast towards the portal into a new and far-reaching evolutionary jump up the ladder.

This should not instil fear, but underline the critical importance of the choice we make, personally and collectively, in each moment: are we acting towards ourself and others in love or reproach, towards the Light of Oneness or the darkness of fear and separation, are we going forward into the new unknown adventure with trust or are we clinging onto the old stagnant familiar? Please believe me when I say we are going to be increasingly challenged in the next few years TO EMPHATICALLY EXERCISE OUR CHOICE. We do not have to become activists, fighting angrily against this and that because that gives energy to what we are fighting. All that is required is choosing how to respond to the moment in our own sphere of influence, and being that: in other words treating ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours and strangers, the earth, to the solution we offer. For instance, whatever upsets you, choose to focus on the solution that comes from your heart, in your life, to your life. If we come together in this way, it is promised to be a magical time of co-creation into the new. We will transform the psychological indoctrination of enemy and scarcity and abuse and survival-fear into LOVE, One Heart, One Mind, our differences a wonderful contribution to the tapestry of creative expression. We will see how powerful is the collective focus of positive vision and thought.

As money decreases, DON’T FEAR, come together with those around you, surprise yourself how beautiful and creative we can be in this new adventure. Start preparing your abundance pantry of dreams now, so you can be an aquarian water-bearer in whatever way is your speciality. We are co-creators. We manifest what we focus on. Let’s focus on sharing, on love, on light, on creating a new world of beauty and abundance beyond our wildest dreams! I am speaking for myself too: we all have to go beyond whatever our own particular fears are and learn a whole new way of creating that is based on a new premise of love and trust. The new universal language is telepathy: imagining what we want to create as vividly as if it’s real, and projecting that image from our being out into the world; embracing and transforming whatever comes back with that ever-evolving image. And we have to do it within the context of ALL THAT IS: that we are ONE with everything living and with the Source from where we all arise. Let’s do it, what ya say?

And my last word is, don’t fear Death either. Death is just shedding an old skin. There is love and light waiting for us there; deep down we all know this. We chose to be here now knowing this. We will all meet again and celebrate, whatever happens. Let's live now like it's the most important time of our life!


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Comment by Siril0 on July 24, 2009 at 12:24pm
All merging already: I agree
Merci belle Ange
I wish us a fantastic Here & Now
In love & gratitude
Comment by caro on January 1, 2009 at 10:14am
Hahaha, I just want to add, thank you, it was a good lesson and gift for me, must admit a momentary ego reaction of ownership went through me and was able to be released... A gift that it has become free! No self no problem Thanks Torz

Comment by caro on January 1, 2009 at 9:56am
Me I wrote it, at least I do remember spending quite a long while breathing it onto the page. But I am a bit confused now, maybe we are all merging already, maybe we all wrote it...

Comment by torz on January 1, 2009 at 6:46am
hahahah I saw this too from another forum and posted it on the main forum here, and i still like it..... I wonder who wrote it originally...

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