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It may indeed be possible to transcribe a whole host of different data with the ensuring "awakened souls".
Who are aware of other dimensional realities.
This shift has been 'engineered " to co-incide with the flood of "new" energies.. (you will feel the full impact of these which are bombarding your planetary bodies at a rate unprecendented before the final release from matter.)

It is anticapated that you will feel the full impact of these forces at the time of the"greatest need" for your planets evolution.
Great prestigeous leaps able to project ( propell) you through space and time at an unprecendented rate also.
Be aware that all preparations are in order so that this momentous occasion be re-corded for its "life changing" in its effect.

We will all with One One universally One...through this momentous occurance.
You may wish to record this time for posterity.
As in former days when your forefathers did decree.

Wonders of the starry sight for all to untold is the Majesty .
What a journey it has been!
We salute you and welcome you home..
In the light of the celestial sun
Now new adventures await those who dwell in Unity....

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