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" It is not that the world is not ready for you..but are you ready for this world to come"...

How can we accept beings...different races and species..that are not from this world and do not resemble us as humans.
How can we accept those whos forms are not like ours.
How can we expect ourselves to accept beings from else where..when we cannot accept our own kind of human race here on earth.
We are racist..bias..discriminative and hypercritical.

Has anyone thought about how will we react when the time comes for them to appear..?

My advice is..take a good look at ourselves..take of the shield which is our skin...then look at others without their skin..
what do you see...?

We all live on this planet..we eat food..we breathe the same air..we share the same emotions as others...
Be it good ..or be it bad...we are all the same.

The whole meaning of ascension is not only moving on into a better world...another dimension..but to become One with ourselves and our race of human beings.
We are beings..we have come from far away places and dimensions to experience physically the 3rd dimension we have come to call home.

Life is an illusion..we need to accept this..for what we imagine..manifest...strive for in our lives is our reality.
We are in a grand play...we are the actors..
We need to accept our roles in the unfolding light sequence.
The ending will all depend on our maturity as a whole race.

We need to accept ourselves for what we truly are.
No matter what we look matter what our individual beliefs matter what place we come it light ..or be it dark.
For the dark is necessary to bring us to the light..
Do you understand..?.

To acknowledge we are all one..
Will take us home..

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