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Maintain Inner Peace The Ascended Masters Through Jahn Kassl

Maintain Inner Peace
The Ascended Masters
Through Jahn Kassl

Do not be afraid of the future!

What is dawning now is the great time in which the change becomes visible. The light of truth shows things as they are, and new ways are revealed to mankind. Off the beaten track you build a world as it was unimaginable for you so far. Light pushes upwards and the true being in God becomes the all-determining power.

Until it is so far, the old burdens of mankind will be worked up, removed or redeemed. This phase of change is associated with great challenges. On a spiritual-mental as well as on a physical level, everything will be demanded of you.

When the essence of things is revealed to people, there is great astonishment – in the positive as well as initially still in the negative, because it is necessary to understand what held the old world together inside.

3 Phases

This first phase of revelations is followed in the second step by the phase of the great clearing up. In the course of this, many entities will leave this earth. This is followed by the great cleansing by asking forgiveness and practicing forgiveness....+
Maintain Inner Peace

Seeking truth to be Free! Violet Flame: Heal Body, Mind and Soul.

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