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Embodying Our Diamond Avatar Self By Ramona Lappin

Embodying Our Diamond Avatar Self
By Ramona Lappin

As many of us are integrating, merging with, accessing and retrieving our true memories and history records/ Divine Blueprints of our New Diamond Avatar Self, which is now the living Embodiment of our Elohei-Elohim/ Ascended Master/ Guardian identities. I was guided to share some information on this as a background. The GA (Guardian Alliance) in particular is very much stepping forth and present in this now, as we are ready for the final reveal, ascend and shift in realities, quantum style!

Beyond any information previously provided keep tuning into and listening to, and continue to open up your Heart, as it is what unlocks our memories and true history records which are held in our DNA and cellular memory, igniting the new Organic Creatrix Field, that is held by the Original 12/13 Twinflames that are at the Heart and Core of these unfoldments....++@

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