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I submit for consideration the writings of Robert Anthony, Ph.D., from the article "The Secret of Doing Without Doing" at
The one line that resonates the most for me is "It is not your action that makes things happen, it is your intent."
The word "Intent" seems to be THE keyword among the writing of those seeking ascension, enlightenment, etc. as of late. The word came into my mind earlier this year to describe part of my own focus on the journey/path that I am trying to understand for myself. I can’t recall if I had read something about intent before I first used it in my own internal and external discussions, but, regardless, it seems that a large group of people seeking similar understanding have started to use it regularly, so it makes sense to me that it must be part of some larger realization that is currently sweeping across the planet.
A close "friend" of mine (probably more accurately a "soulmate coworker") is constantly telling me that I am not "moving"; that I am standing still, stagnant, unmoving. That I am not doing enough to learn from past experiences, that I am not concentrating on doing enough in current relationships, that I am not working on building future relationships, that I am not pursuing better employment aggressively enough, that I am not using my heart enough.
Progress is Very important to me. But so are creating a foundation of Logic and Order upon which to anchor that Progress (or, to seem less "stationary", a launch pad to depart from). Going spinning off on every tangent of "feeling" that I might experience is not what/who I am. It might work for some, but Chance/Fate are not something I choose to risk as the only methods of getting where I need to be. And Chaos is ever-present, Especially on this planet, to distract even the strongest, most focused of wills from a correct Life Path. So I chose a more Orderly Path, and recommend this to others, not as the Only way to seek Enlightenment/Purpose, but as another method, another option, to use.
I have said before that Earth is like the "Wild West" for souls; a frontier of untamed, uncontrolled emotions/feelings/experiences. There are the occasional sidewalks, forts and cities where Order exists, but between these are the muddy, dusty, ramshackle, lawless towns where anything goes…where Humanity, uncontrolled, seethes. Survival consumes the majority of Experience in these places. There may be some shining hearts, but there is also nothing to enforce the control of dark hearts. Free will is the mantra held above all other beliefs, and in the name of Experience it is mandated as the only path to Ascension. I do not agree with this, and I have seen firsthand how detrimental and ruining it can be. When you see an angel cry because the cannot feel the Love right in front of them that is flowing towards them, how can you say that this "human experience" is Good? The "Human Condition" is far closer to a disease than a cure, and it must be fought as would anything detrimental to the welfare of a race and its souls. The idea of Lightworkers address this "battle" to some extent, but I warn all not to become myopic towards the use of Love, ESPECIALLY Unconditional Love, as the Only path to Ascension. There Are Other Methods. Remember This, for even if you do not believe me, even if I am wrong, the important of understanding ALL data, ALL sides (Dark and Light), ALL ranges of Will, is truly the only way that all beings will find the correct Path for themselves.
So, look deep inside yourself, past all the feelings, emotions, distractions and hardships of the mundane world, and strive to exist in the Real World; the one where the supernatural is natural; the paranormal is normal. This is Really the Universe we love in, and it is where you will begin to find Answers. This is where Intent can be used to achieve a wondrous existence. Be cautioned against wasting time on those beings who hide Solutions from you in the name of Growth. Seek all the knowledge and data you can, and use the filter of Positive, Orderly and Good Progress to formulate your soul's Duty, and to remember your soul's Mission.

I Am With You.

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