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OK, while I could and others have written volumes about the subject below, I am putting keys to document primarily to offer the title of this post as an easy (and catchy?) synopsis of what we all need to be working towards at this point in Humanity's existence. So, to be brief, I will comment on "The Secret", The Shift, and Intent.

The Secret
The easiest way I can think to describe "The Secret", by Rhonda Byrne, is to call it a new New Age secular work. To quote the Wikipedia entry, "The tenet of the book is that an individual's focused positive thinking can result in life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, happiness and more." I suggest that all of you watch "What The Bleep Do We Know", is as much of its length as possible, as it is an excellent visual illustration of the various scientific/spiritual aspects that I would categorize as the base principle of The Secret; namely, the effects of our positive (or negative) influences on the quantum Universe on ourselves and the world around us.

The Shift
The most common use of this term refers to the potentially drastic geological and/or spiritual changes that are predicted by the Mayan calendar's ending to take place around Dec. 2012. While there is also an astronomical correspondence to the Mayan calendar (Earth passing through an area of charged particles in our galaxy known as the Photon Belt), theories as to what, if anything, is going to happen on any level are extremely varied. Could it be the geological cataclysm that the 2012 movie is going to portray? Will we go through a global leap in the spiritual/psychic/vibrational makeup of the Human Race, as those who seek Enlightenment and Ascension portray? Or, will aliens come to introduce us to the Galactic neighborhood? I think something will happen, and it could be a little or a lot of many things. Read everything you can and discern the data and beliefs that will serve your positive life path the best.

This is one of the those catchwords all over Enlightenment and Ascension discussions these days. Basically, it gets back to what The Secret is "selling"; namely, that the mindset that you approach Reality with will affect everything in that Reality. If you want to be Lightworking, Humanity-progressing, saint of a being in this incarnation, you will benefit yourself and the rest of Humanity in this life and potentially other lives. If you want to be a capitalistic*, controlling, manipulating, hedonistic S (or D) OB, then, you will most likely end up in the cosmic recycling bin, to live your next life worse off than you were (whether you knew it or not) in this one. So, whether you chose Love, Peace, Order, Logic, etc. as your mantra to contribute something to the 3rd dimensional existence you are in right now, make sure you have, and know, what your Intent is for yourself and others, and do all that you can to affect the Earth and Reality in the best possible way.

I hope I have given some pause for thought, whether to agree with or not.

May You Fare Well.

* I am compelled to add a footnote of honesty about this sentence. Everyone that knows me knows I have a great (if not Star Trek Ferengi-like) affinity for capitalism in many forms. I will admit this freely. I feel my Intent is to use the pursuit of material acquisitions to physically and spiritually build the foundations for a better Humanity.

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Comment by Besimi on August 23, 2009 at 2:27am
Great post Mark :):):) ..and thanks for your honesty footnote.'s really appreciated.
As soon as we get to use some hidden technologies already in place,all the materials will soon be
abundant here . Mother Earth can provide enough for us ,if we but learn to share and take care of her.
---However ,when it comes to the intent wich is the most important, I've been writing this for quite some time:
Keep That Focused Intent On The New Paradigm,Imagining The Highest And The Best Good For All Concerned
, ...A Free And Independant Humanity ,Yet Living Togather Happily In Love,Equality And Abundance. ...Love :).

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