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Integrating Your Multidimensionality By Ailia Mira

Integrating Your Multidimensionality
By Ailia Mira

Even though there is evidence in our world, of how completely living forms can change, it’s truly hard to imagine and fathom all that is happening within us through ascension. But we can often feel into what is happening, by orienting within and centering in the heart.

Be open to the possibility that you are being adapted to live in higher consciousness. That your body itself is evolving to accomodate higher frequency energy and consciousness. That the planet itself and all life here are mutating, evolving into next level expression.

Know, too, that your Spirit, the vastness of your being can guide you perfectly, flawlessly amidst all these changes. Take time to go within and cultivate a clear connection with Spirit, and if it feels right to you, express your willingness to be led from within and to participate willingly in all of this.

Many adjustments and adaptations must be made, in order for our vaster Self...+

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